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Quick responses:

1- We were playing base move as 30 in the playtest, so I'm glad we were playing it wrong.

2- The fact that you can use a ranged weapon in melee (which is pretty much true) doesn't change the fact that they got rid of ranged fighting. Ranged combat lasts one turn, tops.

-3 Fuzzypaws: that's the way to do it, IMHO. You're not moving for two seconds, then fighting for two seconds, then something else for two seconds, you're really just doing one thing which totals 6 seconds. You can simultaneously move and fight, but you can't simultaneously move and...move. There's already a penalty for attacking twice, why not moving twice? Now that I think about it, why not have a penalty for doing anything twice? Is there something about trying to stab somebody a second time that makes it harder than casting two different spells?

Let's say that it was -5 feet for your 2nd move and -10 feet on your third, each minimum 5 feet. Combine that with mid-encumberance: speed of 20/15, +5 for unencumbered people, -5 for heavily encumbered people (which only makes much of a difference if you're not using the encumberance rules). Now we're down to 45 feet for a triple move.

I think the second fight in the demo I played would have been much more challenging.

Just played the playtest, and there's one aspect I'm unhappy with- movement.

The "normal" battlemat is about 150 feet long by 90 feet wide, in game terms. You can go the entire width of the map in one round, and the length in less than two. This the normal walking speed, not using sprinting or some other special case.

There's a number of issues caused by this. One is that ranged attacks aren't terribly useful, since their melee targets will catch them almost immediately. It also makes the concept of mounted combat silly. Reaction attacks, straight-line rules, and other hindrances are limited, so field control isn't really a possibility for most characters and monsters.

The scale is fine, having people move 15 feet in one second, while in combat, while in armor, while on a battlefield is not only unworkable in game terms, it's unrealistic in real life. For me, at least, it made the battles uninteresting.

I did like a number of the other ideas, but that one is a dealbreaker for me. Sorry.