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Rafkin wrote:
Urman wrote:

I do like the limit on company sizes. 10-50 people is big enough to do something, but small enough to know everybody. Settlement leadership can focus on managing companies, not individuals.
I didn't read that as a limit. I hope there isn't a 50 person limit on company size. I see no reason to do that.

I agree, and I hope that it isn't a hard limit. I wouldn't mind if it was a soft limit, such that over 50 members you begin to get reduced Influence gains from newer members. I understand why such a limit might need to be introduced. Without it you will see groups like the Goons come in and build up massive collections of Influence. But completely shutting down any pre-existing group that is made up of more than 50 members seems shortsighted. Unless companies can band together and share communication lines without being sponsored by a settlement, that is.