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I understand that concentration was rolled into spellcraft for just that reason, what I'm saying is that, yes, they should keep that, but it would be nice to have a skill that represented the martial half of concentration, and meditative focus, without having to attach it to spellcasting, especially since Tome of Battle is a pretty popular book with it's introduction of diversity to melee classes (Pathfinder is giving this a good shot in my opinion. Fighter still seems somewhat bland, but is improved.)

Recently, my playgroup has adopted the Pathfinder system. I like the system as a whole, and love what has been done with skills, but I suggest a few changes based on playtest experience:

Roll Swim and Climb into a single skill: These skills still seem useless, especially since all the other 'useless' skills have been packaged, like jump and balance, or decipher script and forgery. We've named the new skill Athletics.

Concentration isn't fully covered. I like that concentration has been rolled into spellcraft, but this presents a problem. The diamond mind school out of ToB uses concentration in a lot of things that spellcraft doesn't suit. We've created a new skill, called Focus, that rolls this martial half of concentration together with the Autohypnosis skill from XPH. Base it off CON, or INT, depending on balance decisions there, and it becomes a useful skill in it's own right, and meshes correctly with ToB.