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I have noticed that since I responded to a discussion thread in one of my PbP games that my avatar picture will turn into a blue lovable character whenever I type this word in the body of the message(SMU-F). I am wondering if this was done intentionally by Paizo or if it could be a malicious script?

R is the fourth letter of the word that I left out in the word above.

One of my characters uses a Great Sword and casts. Generally this is not a problem as he will shift his sword to one hand to cast and then return his grip on the other hand after casting. However I would like to make use of a Quickened metamagic rod which will be stored in a Spiked Gauntlet with Aroden's Spellsword. Considering that Aroden's Spellsword requires a weapon to be wielded in order to benefit from the properties of the magical rod I am wondering if it would be possible to cast a quickened spell from the hand wearing the spiked gauntlet. Is the Spiked Gauntlet considered to be wielded at the time of casting? I am looking for a RAW answer if possible.

I am just wondering if there is any news about if and when this local website will be restored?