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So, the Core Rules mention things like "Shadow Drives" and using the outer planes to travel faster than light. Clunky, inefficient, and required making deals with certain powers in order to actually use.

So, here's a few thoughts:
1) Is there a reason some groups would continue to use non-Drift drives? The ones that spring to mind are an over-reliance on magic, or an affiliation with a certain planes that makes travel to others painful or dangerous.
2) Can a ship be tracked through the Drift? While traveling through, I imagine once they drop out various divination type spells/abilities and such could become a teleport beacon...

Reason I'm asking is I have an idea for a BSG-style wandering, and I need a reason for them to say "we can't head towards the pact worlds." The idea of leading a new threat (one that doesn't use Drift drive, and may not know enough about it)... Actually, cross between BSG and Halo's Cole Protocol...

So, make sense? Cross between "adventure" and "we need to lose them before we can get home."