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How about forgotten trick?

What Bascaria said, was hoping to pick up a level of sorcerer and get Sage. From there I could Eldritch Heritage more easily for another bloodline.

K, cause I was wondering if picking up a level of sorcerer and getting the Sage bloodline would let me pick up the feats without having to raise Cha for them.

Would the Sage and Empyreal bloodline modify the Cha requirement for Eldritch heritage into Int or Wis?

Thanks! I'll look into ways to work it into a character of mine.

In the group I'm in, one person plays her barbarian as an anti-powergamer. The campaign we're playing in is also a high powered but incredibly hard one, usually, even with our 30 point stat buy and hp doubled at first lvl most fights are a struggle. She still sticks to her anti-power gaming ways throughout a lot of the campaign.

Some examples are her not taking Power Attack just because she thinks power gamers do that, with that literally being her only reason. There are also "covenant items" which are items that level up with us. She has a covenant weapon that she claims to have worked into her backstory, but often uses her claws and bite attack from a rage power instead. Improved unarmed strike is also a feat she picked up even though she has the claws. Pulling out a sling against a boss and then buffing it with magic stone (shes an oread), which could've been done earlier since we knew the boss was there, and missing dismally before charging into melee.

She also counters this in a way by leaving in all bonuses to her rolls and the like from buffs that long expired. This is just as annoying as she also brags about being a long time player and knowing how to do everything. Forgetting other rules and mistaking how many actions she has is another perk of her playing style. We have a new player in the group who is better than her at this in a way. Sadly she is an improvement over the person we had before her. With her though, sometimes it seems like she just plays like that, while other times she clearly is anti-powergaming.

Anyone have tips for how to work with anti-powergamers more easily?

Are the Student of War and Duelist prestige classes the only way to constantly use/add intelligence to AC?

On another note though, what are the most useful items to make adamantine out of that arn't weapons or armor?

k, thanks for the help! I'll get that adamantine reforged into something nice. ^ ^

Can you reforge adamantine weapons into other things?

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Some more information on the campaign I'm playing in. It's a home brew lvl 1-30 campaign with a 30 point buy but is incredibly hard. I'm using a bastard sword since I prefer them over scimitars. Beyond that though. I am trying to figure out some useful ways to build my character. I believe the Student of War prestige class is the perfect class to fill in the last 10 lvls but was wondering if I could get some more advice on this. In this campaign we also get really powerful magic items really quickly and the like to balance the immense difficulty of the stuff we fight so it's safe to assume I'll be able to get any magic item needed through crafting later or by finding an item that is just plain better.

We are currently level 4 and my character build so far is:
Bladebound Magus
Trait: Heirloom Weapon
Trait: Threatening Defender
Combat Expertise
Weapon Focus (bastard sword)

I'll provide more info as neccessary, first time posting here so will adapt as needed.