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I am attempting to use the NPC creation rules to make some CR 1/2 Drow pirates with a CR 2 Captain. The Alien Archive creature subtype rules say that Drow NPC gain all Drow immunities. How do I calculate Spell Resistance for Drow that are not CR 1 or CR 11?

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I am attempting to create some PC race NPCs that are less than CR 1 but I can't find a way to do so. Pathfinder had NPC classes which would allow this. Any ideas on how to do so in Starfinder?

I apologize if this was already addressed in an earlier post.

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I saw the new iconic pre-gen characters at Gencon and was hoping they would be available soon. When will they be available?

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I was just looking at the Pathfinder Society: Secondary Success Conditions Document and could not find an entry for Intro 1: First Steps - In Service to Lore. Do the players get any prestige for playing through that scenario?

(I know that the new a new intro scenario is 5-08 The Confirmation but some of my players have already played through it but haven't played First Steps.)

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Mystic Lemur wrote:
FLite wrote:
Back on topic, wouldn't it be the same as any other masterwork tool, +50 gp, +2 to task, no bonus to use as a weapon? Or are you specifically asking if you can buy a "weaponized" crowbar by applying the masterwork weapon price to an improvised weapon item?
That is, I believe, what the original poster was asking.

Yes, the second question is the one I'm asking what I meant. Thanks for posting a more clear version of the question.

Adam Mogyorodi wrote:
This one has always been pretty up in the air. I wouldn't expect a PFS ruling here, but you could make an FAQ thread on the rules forum and hope for some bites. Ask a very straightforward question like Mystic Lemur's and you have the best chance at an answer from the FAQ team.

Thank you, I'll do that.

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I'm sorry if this has been asked before. Part of one of my player's character concepts is that their character's primary weapon is a crowbar. (The character has the Catch Off-Guard feat.) They would like to have a crowbar that is a masterwork weapon. Essentially it would be a masterwork club that could be used to give a grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Strength checks made to force open a door or chest. Is there a reason their character can't have one made for 305 gold?

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Cool, thanks!

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That's the chronicle sheet for the players. I'm looking for the GM Sheet that gets passed around at the start of the game and all the players put their name, ID number, and faction on it.

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Where can I find the GM sheets for 'Master of the Fallen Fortress' and 'Dawn of the Scarlet Sun'?

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This was my first time playing Pathfinder at a convention and I enjoyed both of the sessions I played through. I would have liked to see more sessions available for starting players but the staff was able to accommodate us.

When will the sessions I played in show up on my character's page?

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CogDissident wrote:

I have a very strange copy of Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross, page 208 is followed by page 129, which then goes to page 160, which then becomes page 241. it is entirely missing pages 209 to 240.

If it helps, I purchased this book at the borders on 14th street in center city Philadelphia. Really, all I'd like is a pdf copy of the missing pages in between, and I can send a picture of the book's missing pages, or just send in the entire book.

By an amazing coincidence, I have just obtained a copy of Prince of Wolves that is missing pages 129-160. They have been replaced with pages 209-240.

I'm going to be at the Origins Game Fair next week and I know that Paizo generally has a fairly large booth there. Would it be possible to trade my copy for a complete copy, there?