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Askar Avari wrote:

I ran the start of this as-written - with the party moving around a large 'farm map' encountering 1-2 scarecrows at a time. While they were kind of freaked out by the first one that ripped itself free and sprinted at them, they quickly learned to simply surround and kill the ghouls who broke free. After that, they started shooting them from a distance - accidentally killing a still-living human in the process.

The screaming that murder caused drew the attention of the ghouls at the farmhouse, and here is where I split things off: the scarecrows all began breaking free, and as the party was met with a large host from the farmhouse, more and more trickled in every turn, attacking isolated party members and keeping up constant pressure.

I also, incidentally, ran the ghouls as Ghoul Unchained Rogue 1s, and the Ghast as like a Ghast Unchained Rogue 3? Making the ghouls more relevant threats does help make them feel like something to be feared after the first one drops easily...

These are all really good suggestions, thank you! I really like the convergence idea, where shooting one of the humans brings on an ever-increasing mob of the Ghouls rushing in from the cornfields.

Also I decided to check out a different VTT and it looks like Foundry can manage the large map with ease, much better than Roll20. So I'm going to give that a shot for this segment.

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Lawrencelot wrote:
What I did to throw the party off is not mention the PC name or initial on the first note they find (in Sandpoint's sawmill). Only on later notes like the one in Hambley's farm do they find the name of the PC written on the note.

My solution was to use the character's initial but pre-sprinkle in a handful of NPCs with the same initial that might be relevant, and it's worked like a charm so far!


In my campaign, the character that's the object of the obsession was a well-loved PC rogue named "Jean" that had incidentally fallen and died in the Catacombs of Wrath. I decided it would make sense that Foxglove would not know that she perished and would still remain obsessed with her. Like others, I thought my party would love the "true crime" aspect of the game, and having her name spelled out on the note would ruin that.

So in Sandpoint I really played up characters whose name begins with J during roleplaying scenarios, like Jasper Korvaski for example, and I just used the initial on the note. During mini roleplaying vignettes I introduced some NPCs like so:
* The party alchemist needed to rent space for his lab, and the only space available was a loft above the Pixie's Kitten. While there he learned of an Osirian courtesan working there named Jeitil.
* The party cleric met a street urchin selling fish who wore a clasp that seemed to be from his village of origin. I named her "Jundri" and she helped drive the character toward Madame Mvashti, saying she had been looking after her.
* The bard learned of a new diva in town after Allishanda left, an elven dancer named Jannae Moonviolet that was going to be dancing in an opera/ballet at the theatre.
* With Ameiko taking time off to mourn her half brother and father and take care of the Glassworks cleanup, Bethana hired a new pretty barmaid named Jarissa. She sticks out because she dresses very conservatively, borderline puritanically, which seems odd for a barmaid. Men leer at her over their cups in the Rusty Dragon.
* I gave Larz Rovanky a blonde and powerfully-built woman working for him, explaining she is a distant Scarnetti cousin named Jazzika. She is his only consistent employee because she takes his foul mood and gives it right back to him. Also gives the characters another tie into learning about the Scarnetti family, which is a little light in book 1.

I am working out a deeper level for the red herrings here; each one needs to be aware of a suitor or stalker of some kind that might fit the Your Lordship persona. So like one of Jennae Moonviolet's co-dancers might be someone that plays a noble in the opera they are in at the theatre. The Scarnetti woman already has noble blood, so that could work. The courtesan could have a regular customer that is an aristocrat, maybe one of Vana Deverin's sons. I don't want characters going too deeply into any of these red herrings, but it establishes that there are multiple possibilities, they need more evidence, and should try to obtain it by following the trail to Habe and Hambley, and then onward.

This all just happened last session for me, and the players ATE IT UP! As soon as they saw the "J" on the note, they all started listing off every J character they knew of, including a bunch of the red herrings, Korvaski, the dead PC, and even Jervas "Chopper" Stoot! It worked better than I could have imagined. It requires a bit of pre-work and patience laying these crumbs in advance, but the payoff is awesome.

Hi all,

My players will soon start the Hambley's Farm section. I'm running the game online via Roll20/Video Chat and trying to figure out the best way to make this a fittingly scary and memorable scene.


Here are my concerns:
* I tried importing a map of the farmland around the house I found online but it's of massive scale and play in Roll20 would be awkward
* Separating out individual ghouls around the farm as the map in the book suggests could turn the scene into an xp-grab, since 4th/5th level characters would have no problem taking out individual ghouls.

Would you run this section (everything up until they arrive at the farmhouse itself) fully theatre-of-the-mind or on screen? Some have said to only use one (or zero) scarecrows and instead have the ghouls descend on the farm en masse and turn it into a Night of the Living Dead kind of scene. I'm not sold on anything I've read yet and just wanted to see if there are any more recent good ideas, especially suitable for remote sessions.

Thanks for any insights!

ckdragons wrote:

This was elaborated on by James Jacobs previously.

Inconsistency of Xin's Seven Virtues of Rules

Excellent thank you @ckdragons!

I noticed an inconsistency that isn't addressed in the Errata and has to deal with the seven sins and virtues. I'm wondering if it has been addressed elsewhere.

On Pg. 75 it says "The...Sihedron Rune...signifies...the seven virtues of rule (generally agreed among scholars to have been wealth, fertility, honest pride, abundance, eager striving, righteous anger, and rest)...."

On pages 416-417 it says the seven virtues are:

Has anyone addressed this?

I ordered some books almost 2 weeks ago and the order still says 'Pending'. I understand delays with the pandemic, but maybe there is some other issue? Apologies for adding to your customer service backlog and hope the staff stays safe and healthy.