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Have you ever seen those old Hanna-Barbera cartoons (Josie and the Pussycats, Jabberjaw, etc)? They were full of traveling bands of adventurers in the form of traveling bands.

I'm not saying you should be that cheesy, but if everyone is a Bard then that sort traveling band, troupe, circus, etc. could be a fun setting.

But if in your setting, even the NPCs are bards, well you could do some sort of BBEG who's trying to steal/harness their "soul music" for whatever BBEG's like to do. You could check out tv tropes for some more concrete examples

Thank you!

While considering buying a pdf version, I had a question.

If I buy the PDF version of, for example, the Core Rulebook, which is currently at 6th Edition, if/when a 7th Edition is published, do I get an updated 7th Edition PDF or do I need to download the 6th to 7th errata?

We haven't decided yet. We're just wrapping up Rise of the Runelords.

I'm attempting to build as optimized a trap-disarming skill-monkey as I can, to fill a role in my home game. As we'll be starting a new adv. path soon. Currently, no intelligence's greater than 10 at the moment for the other 4 players (Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, & Sorcerer), the sorcerer is the party face. We'll be starting at level 1, with a 20 Point-Buy. The closest I've ever come to playing a spell caster is a Ranger (I usually just buffed).

This is what I've come up with so far.
High Points:
-Uses two levels of Paladin Divine Hunter to grab Longbow proficiency, Precise Shot and Divine Grace
-Uses magical knack and the Aasimar Bard Favored Class Bonus to make up for the penalties to CL and Luck abilities incurred by the dip.
-Uses Archaeologists Luck, Arcane Strike, Heroism/Good Hope, to up Hit and Dmg.
-Wear a spiked gauntlet to threaten adjacent squares

Build for Archibald:

Muse-Touched Aasimar
Str 14
Dex 15+2 Racial
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 7
Cha 15+2 Racial

Magical Knack (Bard)
Maestro of the Society
Pride (Drawback to get the extra trait)
Fate's Favored

(Bard Archaeologist 18, Paladin - Divine Hunter 2)
Lvl Class |Feats
1) Divine Hunter |Point Blank Shot,(Precise Shot from divine hunter)
2) Archaeologist |
3) Archaeologist |Lingering Performance
4) Archaeologist |+1 Dex
5) Archaeologist |Arcane Strike, (Rapid Shot via Rogue Talent)
6) Divine Hunter |
7) Archaeologist |Weapon Focus (Longbow)
8) Archaeologist |+1 Cha
9) Archaeologist |Many Shot
10) Archaeologist |(Rogue Talent to get Weapon Finesse or Trap Spotter)
11) Archaeologist |Clustered Shots
12) Archaeologist |+1 Dex
13) Archaeologist |Combat Casting
14) Archaeologist |(Improved Evasion Rogue Talent)
15) Archaeologist |Improved Precise Strike
16) Archaeologist |+1 Cha
17) Archaeologist |Snapshot
18) Archaeologist |(Opportunist Rogue Talent)
19) Archaeologist |Improved Snapshot
20) Archaeologist |

Should I start with Paladin to get the extra hit points (Early), or Bard to get the Disable Device by Level 2?
Will This do decent damage?
Anything I may have missed?