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RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

The voting for round four is over. Tomorrow we'll find out who the four finalists are and then (with the notable exception of the four finalists) we will proceed to twiddle our thumbs for two weeks until we finally get to see their adventure proposals and vote.

If you get sick of twiddling your thumbs, please take some time to browse through older submission threads to give your constructive feedback. Many of us who were eliminated have continued to work on our villains, refining them based upon the feedback we have received. That process has stalled as public interest has shifted elsewhere, but some of us are still trying to improve our villains (well, at least I am) and would appreciate fresh input. You might get something out of this process as well: a villain you previously thought terrible might since have improved to the point where you will find it useful for your home game.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people who stuck around long enough to help me make some significant changes in my villain concept: Magdalena Thiriet and Jason Nelson. Thank you!

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Right now I should be working: real work, work on my stat block [just in case], chores, whatever. Instead, I've decided to waste everyone's time with a gag villain thread.

For some reason, all of the feedback for the various villains coalesced in my head and gave rise to this idea for a gag villain. I read a lot of judge comments along the lines of, "Your villain is only ambiguously evil and presents the PCs with cliched moral quandries; we want villains that are truly evil and force the PCs into deadly challenges." I especially got the impression that Clark wanted to see mean villains who are driven by an obsession of some sort, and so I present:

Maetros Skrudge, Aspiring Overlord
Human Male Rogue 1/Druid 1

Maetros is a handsome, charming, well-dressed young man of refined taste and obvious good breeding. He is heir to a once-powerful merchant family in a major port city, but his family's fortunes have been in steady decline for decades: under his grandfather's leadership, Skrudge Shipping dominated the sea lanes, but Maetros' father made a steady string of bad business descisions. At his father's death, Maetros inherited only a handful of cargo ships, but has since begun to build the company back up again. At first he blamed his father for the family's decline, but soon after his father's death he realized the truth when he became the new target for his mother's incessant, inane nagging. In response, he committed his first act of true evil: he sent her off to the infamous "Swettshuap Home for the Elderly," where she spends her waning days churning out bedrolls, travel cloaks, and other sundry adventuring supplies that nobody ever actually gives any thought to. He never writes or visits her, especially not on her birthday.

Maetros wants more than the simple dominance Skrudge Shipping enjoyed under his grandfather: he wants complete and utter control of all of the sea lanes and waterways in the entire world. Although he is a very skilled and ruthless businessman, he knows that business acumen alone will not be enough to realize his dream of global monopoly, and so he has decided to take extraordinary measures: he is training sea-creatures to attack rival vessels so that his ships will be the only ones able to travel safely. He has been secretly training sharks in a hidden grotto outside of town; soon, he will begin trials in the local harbor. If successful, he will move on to more amibtious projects like giant squids. In order to make them more obedient and aggressive, he feeds his sharks with kittens. He steals the kittens from little girls...on their birthdays. If birthday-present kittens are in short supply, he feeds the sharks with rabbits bred for their unusually large and round eyes.

Schemes/Plots/Adventure Hooks

  • Being first-level characters, the party has decided to take on a task with appropriate difficulty and risk: monitoring the petting zoo animals at a little girl's birthday party. They notice a masked intruder sneaking in to steal the birthday girl's new kitten.
  • Maetros sees the adventurers at the local tavern. Being a bit paranoid, he assumes (incorrectly) that thay have come to town for the specific purpose of investigating the recent rise in shark attacks. He hatches an elaborate plot to lure them out to his grotto, sneak up behind them, and shove them into his shark pool. He hires a small group of thugs to attack the party and gives their leader a note with hints leading back to the hidden grotto.
  • The next time the characters travel by water, for whatever reason, no matter how briefly, they are attacked by sharks. Lots of sharks. Even if it's fresh water. After the battle, they find a note on one of the dead sharks, with clues leading them back to the hidden grotto.
  • One of the party members buys a new piece of equipment and discovers a note hidden inside, which leads the party back to the Swettshuap Home for the Elderly, where a deranged old crone tells them the story of an evil young man bent on world domination, but first she chides them for tracking mud inside.

The worst part is, I suspect that Clark (well, lots of people, actually) will probably like this better than my actual submission...

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Gibnem, aka Elric the Miller
Male Spirit

Elric the Miller appears to be a perfectly normal elderly human gentleman of average appearance and modest stature. He runs a watermill which is perched just upstream from thundering waterfalls at the south end of a remote valley. In reality, he is a powerful and unimaginably ancient spirit-being, and those who know his true nature call him Gibnem, although that is not his true name, either. He is bound to the inhabitants of the hidden valley where he lives, and holds great power over the valley and all within it. However, he is compelled to use his considerable powers to the benefit of his people, and cannot leave them without being greatly diminished or even destroyed. The bulk of Gibnem's powers are permanently focused on keeping his people safe and healthy and on causing their crops to grow bountifully, which leaves him with relatively little power for other purposes such as imposing his will. He is also completely unable to wield his powers beyond the physical boundaries of his valley.

Gibnem does not desire to expand his influence beyond his valley, but only to continue his existence indefinitely. As a result of Gibnem's boons, his people enjoy a nearly utopian lifestyle. However, this aid comes at a terrible price: each year after the Rites of Passage, one of the new adults is kidnapped and sacrificed to sustain Gibnem and fuel his powers. Most of the valley's residents are completely unaware of Elric the Miller's true nature, and are equally ignorant of the sacrifices—the missing individuals are assumed to have wandered too far afield and either succumbed to the elements or been killed by monsters or wild animals. Only a handful of elders know the dark truth behind their otherwise blissful lifestyle. Gibnem is unable to directly harm those born within his valley, so the entire process of kidnapping and sacrifice must be carried out by the elders. For Gibnem to gain the maximum possible benefit from the sacrifices, it is important that all of the valley's inhabitants participate willingly, even if in ignorance. As part of the annual harvest celebration, a raft is piled high with produce and sent over the waterfalls at the south end of the valley as a sacrifice to “the spirit of the valley.” Only the elders know that a confused and frightened teenager lies bound and gagged under the huge pile of food. Above all else, Gibnem desires to keep this secret and to keep his people trapped and isolated in their valley.

Adventurers might accidentally stumble upon Gibnem's valley or might be drawn there by a variety of mechanisms either magical or mundane. Once there, they could be asked to help find a missing family member—who happens to be that year's sacrifice. When their investigations would cause them to discover the truth, they would be forced to choose: save the child, or preserve the utopia.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

This is probably a case of "I'm an idiot and can't see what's right under my nose," but I still can't find the submission tool for my round 2 entry. I've looked all over the main page at http://paizo.com/rpgsuperstar and couldn't see anything about submitting my round 2 entry. I even read through the source for the whole page and saw nothing. I've clicked around through various links and sub-pages and found nothing.

The closest thing I've been able to find is a small text box right above the schedule table, which says "Thanks for entering RPG Superstar—good luck!" I remember that for the open call, this box was where the submission tool link was located, and then it switched to say "Thanks for entering..." after I had submitted my wondrous item. Is this where the round 2 submission tool is supposed to be, as well? If it is, something is wrong because I definitely have not submitted my round 2 entry yet.

Could someone please help out the slow guy by telling me where exactly I can find the submission tool? Even better would be a direct URL for the submission page.

Thanks very much!

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 7th
Slot — ; Price 64,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This fist-sized metal cylinder encloses 700 feet of iridescent, translucent thread on a spool. The line can be drawn out freely and can be wound back in with a small handle on one end of the cylinder. One end of the line is affixed inside the reel while the other ends in a crystalline barbed claw that can be attached to wood or similar materials. If the hook is anchored, cranking the handle causes the cylinder to teleport back along the path of the line, taking along any creatures in contact as if by a dimension door spell. Any creatures exceeding the caster level limits are left behind. Turning the handle one full rotation is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity and teleports the cylinder 100 feet. The user may choose to rotate the handle less to produce a smaller movement, in 10-foot increments. If the line is “cut” (2 hp, hardness 10), the cylinder instantly teleports to the location of the “cut” but the line remains intact.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, dimension door; Cost 32,000 gp