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KunoichiSong wrote:
Other than Bag of Holding. If possible, i'd like to spend all of the 2500 instead of using 2000 or 1000, but those are welcome too.

If you have Improved Grapple then take Armbands of the brawler for only 500g adds +1 to grapple/grapple defence.

Unless you use a monk weapon then just save the cash for that first belt of +stats or the Amulet of mighty fists etc.

Had a grapple based monk and it's pretty funny, well it was until they house ruled I couldn't grapple and tie up a Gelatinous Cube any more...

The Mortonator wrote:
Lovemuffins wrote:
ooh, shadow walker looks good. I will have a quick look at that, yeah I agree that the shadow is quite OP and they get it at lvl 3.

My bad. I was thinking 4th because that's the ussual "I give up" point for Shadowdancer sadly. Shadow call and another BaB and Shadow Jump are okay. After that point the PrC is ussually useless.

I think there might be a shadow archetype I am forgetting though. There's gloom chemist.... Mmmmm. If you do go Shadow Walker I think they sadly lack Shadow Jump, but there are some Shadow Jump complimenting rogue talents as well as Hide in Plain Sight as an advanced talent.

Yeah agreed lvl4 onwards is pants. Umbral agent also gets shadow jump but that's more caster designed and evil. Not too fussed about shadow jump,it was just the shadow I was interested (for flanking)

Role is melee support as we gave one full out twf falcata slayer, a ranged rogue, a reach cleric/envoy in group and I wasn't interested in playing a caster.

The Mortonator wrote:

Have you looked into the Shadow X archetypes for classes?

I really hate saying this as I absolutely love Shadowdancers conceptually, but there has been a recent influx of archetypes like Shadow Walker and the best, Shadow Caller, that do a great job at capturing the Shadowdancer abilities with much less lobsided balance. The shadow companion at level 4 is, well, str damage and incorporeal. And that strength damage and untethered incorporeal nature has proven to be insane.

But, time has proven the rest of the Shadowdancer to be terrible. I really fancy the Shadow Caller as probably the best way to capture it with less wonky balance.

ooh, shadow walker looks good. I will have a quick look at that, yeah I agree that the shadow is quite OP and they get it at lvl 3.

Imbicatus wrote:
Panther Style is only good if your foes actually take the AoOs you provoke. After seeing your retaliatory strikes used, most non-mindless things ignore your movement and don't take the AoO.

Good point, quite situational for the feat investment.

Ferious Thune wrote:

Here's what my ninja build that uses fighting fans would have looked like, if I'd made her today. The clarification on Greater Feint makes it a better option than Improved Two-Weapon Feint. I went the feint route, because it was thematically appropriate for one of the few distracting weapons in the game.

** spoiler omitted **...

Wow, thats pretty awesome :D

If I didn't need to be more melee focused that would be ideal.

Was considering trading out panther style feats for imp/greater trip and vicious stomp. though not so sure. maybe get those feats later

xDemoquinx wrote:

Here are some builds that i was getting info for

Oh nice, that's the style I was going for, its why I put in a level of monk for Improved Unarmed, would you rate the style feats or are there better uses of those 3 feat slots?

Skyler Malik wrote:
I'd probably advice slayer, with the 1500 gold ioum stone which turns one exotic weapon into a martial. That solves using the fighting fan. If slayer doesn't interest you, could do same thing with brawler or unchained rogue and delve into shadow dancer when appropriate for you.

I like the slayer class, but wanted to go more dex build for more sneak/acrobatic/ninja aspects - Slayer is my favourite class :D

Followed by Swashbuckler (who doesn't love swashbuckling!)

If I was going Str Build I would have hands down gone Slayer route till lvl 6 and then 3 lvls of dancer, then 2 hander and Spring attack chop.

Hi All,

After a tragic sacrifice by my previous character I get to create a Lvl 9 Character for our current game.

I have a concept and a build (mostly) Just need help with gear/feats

I'd like ultimately to end up with a stealthy melee character that uses a fighting fan, also a pet shadow which is pretty swish.

Here's what I have so far:



25pt Buy



AC:10+2(dodge)+5(dex)+3(wis)+1(Deflection)=21(+4 mage armour)
Flatfooted:21 (uncanny dodge)


Fighting Fan:+18/13 or +16/+16/+11 Flurry Dmg:1d4+11(16)19-20*3 crit
Unarmed:+16/11 or +14/+14/+9 Flurry Dmg:1d6+8(13)19-20*2 crit



Traits:Freed Slave(+1 Fort), Carefully Hidden (+1 Will)

Class:Monk-Kata master, Swashbuckler-Whirling Dervish, Shadow Dancer.

Levels and Feats
lvl1 Monk(1):Dodge,HF:Weapon Focus:Fighting Fan,MBF:Combat Reflexes
lvl2 SB (1):Swashbucklers Finesse
lvl3 SB (2):Mobility,Charmed life 3/day
lvl4 SB (3):Nimble+1
lvl5 SB (4):Panther Style, BF:Panther Claw, Dervish Dance
lvl6 SB (5):Weapon training+1
lvl7 SD (1):Panther Parry, Hide in plain sight
lvl8 SD (2):Evasion,Uncanny dodge, Darkvision
lvl9 SD (3):Weapon Spec:FF,RT:Dirty fighting,Summon Shadow, Shadow Illusion

Gear (currently) 46k Max
Ring of Prot +1 (2k)
Belt of Dex +2 (4k)
Gloves of Dueling (15k)
Stalkers Mask (3.5k)
Corset of Vishkana (3k)
+1 Answering Fighting Fan (8.3k)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1k)
Charisma Headband +2 (4k)
wand of mage armour for giggles

That's what I have, never used the panther style feats before and wondered how effective they really are? Kata master is there so my unarmed counts towards swashbuckler finesse, also GM has allowed the use of fighting fan with original monk as unchained gets all Monk weapons as standard.

Thoughts, changes and ideas welcome.