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Xin Shalast, as described, remains sandboxy and somewaht vague... many buildings have basic descriptions but no detailed maps; encounters can happen in most of those. We use battle maps in almost all combat situations in my campaign, and I'm trying to find appropriate maps to use as I get ready to restart RotRL after a hiatus of more than a year...

Which maps have you used in your campaigns for those buildings? Home-made? Salvaged maps from other adventures? Maps packs & Flip-mats from Paizo?

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PFSRD wrote:
Pyromaniac: Gnomes with this racial trait are treated as one level higher when casting spells with the fire descriptor, using granted powers of the Fire domain, using the bloodline powers of the fire elemental bloodline or the revelations of the oracle's flame mystery, and determining the damage of alchemist bombs that deal fire damage( ...) The caster level for these effects is equal to the gnome's level; the DCs are Charisma-based. This racial trait replaces gnome magic and illusion resistance.

This racial trait should also affect the bloodline powers of the Primal (fire) wildblooded bloodline, shouldn't it?

I know it seems evident, but I have not seen this stated anywhere and the good folks at Lone Wolf (with the fantastic HeroLab software) like to have written confirmation of errata; I could not find any for this one.


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I am currently taking my stalwart RotRL party through a little sightseeing of Glimmerhold, where they went through the above-mentioned adventure.

Now, their actions have been instrumental in triggering a small-scale civil war, forcing the Mistbreather dwarves to retreat in their stronghold. This week-end, the PCs will undoubtedly try to raid the stronghold. Problem is, of course, that the stronghold is not detailed (not even mentioned) in the adventure.

Would you people be so kind as to point me to existing products, maps or descriptions that could easily and quickly be adapted to detail this? I really have little time to flesh this out!

An existing adventure, side trek or other similar thing would be best, but even a map (ala map of the week) would be great. Thanks!

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This is meant as a complement to this thread.

I also GM RotRL for a party of six adventurers

Gruk (Borramus Daganor Flamehammer), dwarven fighter
Galstak, Shoanti bard/barbarian
Kravex, half-orc paladin of Iomedae
Harmattan, human druid/wizard/mystic theurge
Drek'Thar, human warlock
Dair Caldrin, halfling rogue/cleric of Desna.

If you are one of my players, read no further!

As I've come back to D&D after a lengthy absence, I had to "relarn" the system. RotRL allowed me to experiment with the many options found in the various splatbooks and third-party products I had access to. Thus, along with increasing the number of opponents and the critters' HP to compensate for my large (and quite capable) contingent of PCs, I used some outside options to "spice up" the adventures.

In Burnt Offerings:

Some goblins had fighter, rogue or scout levels; one goblin was a sorcerer
Lyrie was more of an archaeologist, a Wizard 3/Archivist 2
Nualia had the BoVD feat Vile Martial Strike
Nualia had another ally, a beguiler named Sectrallon, who was Xanesha's spy/agent.

In Skinsaw Murders

The faceless stalkers had rogue levels (one critted the halfling, nearly killing him) and I used this setup.
There were 18 Skinsaw brothers, either Rogue 1/Cleric 2 or Cleric 1/Rogue 2. The rogues were all Vexing Flankers
Ironbriar was a Rogue 1/Cleric 6/Black Flame Zealot 2 (quite a bit tougher than the original)
Ironbriar had a second-in-command named Kwesir, a Cleric 4/Rogue 2 with both Vexing Flanker and Adaptable Flanker
No, I didn't boost Xanesha. At this point, they are supposed to tackle her next session.

Aside from that

Kravex' half-brother is a sorcerous orc chieftain (Sorcerer/Spirit Shaman)
Drek'Thar's nemesis is a beautiful half-elf Swashbuckler/Hexblade, whom he unknowingly got pregnant
Harmattan is being hunted by a Wizard/Warmage because of a book he "borrowed". That book is a kind of Book Of Infinite Spells, inhabited by the spirit of one of Alaznist's best apprentices
Most NPCs have spells and/or magic items from alternate sources.

At this point, I'm looking for more ways to "spice up" the next adventures (we're at the end of Skinsaw). I have thought about

Runehounds from MM3, maybe with Lucrezia
Runeblades from Book Of Experimental Might (Karzoug's personal guard?)
Maybe Eldritch Giants???.

but I'm looking for more.

What additions/alternate options have you used? How have you cranked up the opponents for a strong or numerous party? I need to know!

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In the books, the shortsword is listed as the weapon of choice for clerics of Norgorber. I'd say the war razor (a la Skinsaw Murders) would feel more appropriate... and cooler. Just a quick suggestion!

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I am currently DMing in RotRL (we're about to get to Magnimar in the 2nd adventure). When my players prepared their characters, some of them were kind enough to write down elaborate backgrounds. A couple of those included in their story that the character had stumbled upon a strange item that could very much be much more than they looked, and I had planned on using such items as a kind of minor legacy item, if only to thank them for their background.

However, I have no experience whatsoever in designing such items, especially in "balancing" them so the PCs don't suddenly overpower everything in their path, hence this little call for help.

I have to "create" a kind of brooch, aligned to Desna and primarily a bane against undead, and a mundane-looking spellbook that is more than it seems.

For the brooch, I had thought that it could grant Improved Turning (as the feat) and that a natural 20 on the turning roll would automatically destroy the undead affected by such turning, but I was somewhat short after that. Extra Turning? Prot. vs. Evil?

For the book, I thought it could turn out to be some kind of book of Infinite spells, and/or create random scrolls every once in a while. Again, unfortunately, nothing more precise.

Thanks for your help, I'm in a creative slump right now.

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This island is mentioned in the Gazetteer's Timeline as a place where a gold dragon is conducing some sort of (apparently social) experimnent, yet it is about the only place or event mentioned in that timeline about which I couldn't find any more details anywhere, be it in the Gazetteer or other Paizo products I have. Anybody can enlighten me? Thanks!