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Diviri gives you a hard stare. "Any evidence being examined is going to be done so officially and by the hands of a man certified to do so. ."

Diviri is busy scribbling in a small notebook. He looks up to see if you're kidding, then upon seeing you aren't grunts and keeps scribbling. "Even if I cared to I have too much work to do."

That 7 cha at work.

Geoffrey hands the note over, brow furrowed in thought.

The note does not blatantly look like it is from Twainel, but you may make a linguistics check to double check.

Diviri stares at the corners of the room for a moment, then calls loudly for his page. "They keep records of deposits and withdrawals. You can keep the actual items off the report if you wish, but the times are logged." After a few minutes of waiting (and much running on the page's part) a piece of paper is thrust into Diviri's hand. He holds it up so everybody can see it. "Two months ago, one deposit from 9:32 to 9:48. The trip takes up most of that time, so whatever was deposited could be carried in one trip. And here, today. 7:03, right after the bank opened they made a withdrawal and a deposit. Same time frame." Despite his gruff nature and hatred of magic, Diviri seems fairly intuitive for a fighting man.

Diviri folds his arms again. "Was good until today. Damn embarrassing this whole stunt is, one simple trick." He shakes his head. "Bloody magic, am I right? Hang all the mages and the world gets a lot fairer." Heff nudges Dalton and smiles. "The rest of these men yours?" He gestures to everybody save Heff and Rilka. "We discovered what vault they were after, I was thinking about running down there personally, come join me. Have a feeling I might need some help before the day is done."

The surviving robbers are tied up and the hostages all set free. As the last group is exiting, you think you see a short plump man turn and give you the faintest hint of an amused smile - then he disappears into the growing crowd.

Less than a minute after the hostages exit the front doors burst open and the First Guard come flooding in. A dozen knights covered from head to toe in metal demand the party's surrender of arms. They are unwilling to budge on the matter, surrounding and demanding surrender until all of the weapons clatter to the floor. Two of them come forward with multiple sets of manacles when somebody else enters the room.

Knowledge (Religion or Local) DC 15:
The First Guard refers to Abadar being the protector of the First Vault. The fact that the bank's security has been compromised must be a huge embarrassment to them.

The slow, methodical fall of armored boots precedes the opening of the main doors. Behind them now stands a man in helmet-less full plate who must be in his sixties, and instantly recognized as the captain of the guard, Lictor Diviri. He's the farthest thing from a friendly looking man; a hard set to the jaw, multiple scars on his head and neck, and a cold gaze as he slowly sweeps the room. He takes his time coming over to the party, but it looks to be the effect of disciplined and systematic tools of perception as opposed to his age.

Knowledge (Local) DC 20 or Knowledge (Nobility) DC 15:
Lictor Diviri has been the captain of the guard for nearly thirty years. He's not one for public relations, but his ruthless approach to crime was a huge factor in creating the current era of nearly non-existent crime. It's also well known that nobody could best him in a fight since he was thirty, and age has done little to deteriorate his fighting skills.

Knowledge (Local) DC 25 or Knowledge (Nobility) DC 20:
Lictor served ten years in the military and another five in the northern expedition, which was a military operation where Andril attempted to map and colonize the icy northern mountains. Lictor is one of the few survivors of that failed mission.

Diviri eventually stands before you, a frown that seems like a permanent part of his face greeting you all. He makes a small motion with two fingers and immediately a chorus of metal ringing on stone is conjured as the men all step back and stand at attention. He speaks in a deep clear voice, not very loudly but the room seems to fall silent in the presence of his words. "The manacles will not be necessary for these six. Unless they have managed to trick over a hundred citizens then they are the heroes of this fiasco. Continue the sweep." The men all thump a mailed fist on their chest, then continue further into the bank.

Diviri stands with his arms folded, observing you all closely. His eyes pause on Heff and he sneers. "I'm not surprised to see you're involved, but I am surprised to see what side you're on." Heff for once has nothing to say, nodding quietly as he absentmindedly curls a lock of his hair. After a moment the door to the offices opens and a knight of the First comes, quickly recounting everything that can be observed in that room. Diviri nods, dismissing him with another small wave. "Shame you killed their leader, the pawns usually don't know s+~! beyond how much they're going to get payed. So, tell me what happened."

A few minutes into your story a page bursts in. He looks like he has been running, wiping back his sweat soaked bangs as he crosses to you. After a salute he takes out a few pieces of papers "Sir! I got Elgrun to investigate the area. There is some sort of mass scale spell that's an enchantment-illusion hybrid. To the outsiders it appears as if all if well, and anybody approaching the bank feels as if they forgot something and turn around." He flips to the next page, going down it a few lines before continuing. "Tuli has checked the visual banks and reports the had scouted out vault AC687, a very large vault whose owner is anonymous." He flips to the last page. "Uthruk reports no civilian casualties, and the only injuries were minor ones caused by the broken glass." Diviri nods and grunts. "Well somebody knows who he is. Tell Tuli I'm authorizing him to open this vault. I want a detailed accounting of everything behind that door. That is all." The page salutes again and jogs off.