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Lian, half-elf rogue/bard

After a few days, I found out most of my companions' names.
Taleck is my friend, a Shoanti barbarian. We work very well together.
Zokrim is a dark grey-skinned man, so I haven't learned much about him.
Vorne is the man I am bodyguarding right now. He has been paying us a gold piece a day, so we will stay with him until he stops.
Sans-Quah is another bodyguard for Vorne. He is another barbarian like Taleck.
Leilani appears to be a celestial angel, and she is a very good healer.
Carmen is an employee at the newly-named Glorious Goblin. I can't tell what she specializes in; I just know she works for the place.

After another seemingly-normal day at the Glorioous Goblin, Leilani gathered us and told us that a man had stolen some gold from the Glorious Goblin. She said that he was camped at an old temple in Riddleport. We went over there. At first I tried to stealth in, but while I was sneaking in, I noticed a man with a crossbow pointing it at me. I then backed away and tried to take a new approach. This time I took the same stealthing plan, but I found footprints leading to the back. I followed the footprints, which led to a tree. As I climbed up the tree, I found a hidden chest thingy full of coins and equipment. I continued to climb up, and I found a balcony. I climbed into it and no one was there. I came out of stealth and signalled the all-clear, and the rest of the party came up.

Once we were all up there, we noticed that there were a lot of pigeon cages lying around. I'm not sure what they were for, but when we went inside we found a sleeping man. We took him prisoner and woke him. He was the man that was taking care of the pigeons. After a few minutes of talking with him, we learned that he was blind, and he didn't think the people we were looking for were bad. I was not sure how he didn't know they were bad. We continued through the next door. We went into a hallway and heard talking behind the next door. I went down the hallway to see whether there was a back way that might allow the people inside to come at us from behind. We opened the door and the people inside attacked us, so there was a big fight.
While I was in the back, two doors opened. They unleashed four people, one of whom was a half-orc. He hit me and knocked me to zero hit points in a single blow and they moved on. Leilani healed us and I could get back up. When the combat with the others was done, I got out of the way. Taleck and Zokrim rushed past me and got into combat with them. Vorne cast Grease and they fell down. At that moment, I noticed that there was an open door that two of them had come out of. It had a ring with two scorpions in the middle battling. Taleck and Zokrim tried to rush in, and they fell on the grease too, so there were four guys rolling around in the grease like lemmings while the scorpions sat there trying to sting them.
The rest of us all went at the ones in the door because the ones in the Grease didn't do much. We were able to take them out, and when we looked back at the greasy place, they were still flopping around like lemmings. After Zokrim managed to shield bash the scorpions a couple of times, we eventually won.

We didn't find the leader, so we set up an ambush for him for that evening. During the ambush, while Leilani, Vorne, and Taleck fought the bad guy, me and Zokrim chased the other two guys upstairs and beat them up. I heard footsteps coming up, so I did what any rogue would do: I stealthed. But soon I realized it was just Taleck, and we came downstairs.

We took all their stuff, sold it, and split up the gold.

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Note: Dictated by Lian's player, who is 9. I love it when kids can tell good stories!

My name is Lian. I was born in Korvosa. My parents were poor, but as I reached adulthood they got jobs in another city and moved away. I, on the other hand, moved to Riddleport to get a job as a bodyguard. I heard that Riddleport was a city with lots of crime and lots of gambling, so it sounded perfect for a bodyguard.

While I was doing one of my jobs, I met a Shoanti barbarian named Taleck. I learned that we made a good team together. He took all the hits and I backstabbed. After a while, I got enough money to get my own apartment. By this time, me and Taleck were working together, so he moved into my apartment and slept on the floor. He slept on the floor because apparently he thinks it's comfortable, and so I just took the bed.

After a while, we heard about an event called something like "Cheat the Devil out of his Gold" at a place called the Gold Goblin, and it was a big gambling event. Me and Taleck went there and it was a big event, there was lots of gambling going on, there was a roulette table that I kept on hearing insults from from an undead thing on the wheel.

We met a fellow named Vorne, and he wanted us to bodyguard him. He said he'd pay us a gold a day, so we took the job. We followed him as he wandered around, playing some gambling games, getting drunk, and so on. We found out that he must be pretty rich, or he gambled a lot, because he hired another bodyguard named Sans-Quah. Sans-Quah hides behind a mask, so you can never see his true face.

After a while of following Vorne around, I saw something roll in from the door, and then a big flash appeared. I was able to cover my eyes in time, but I saw Taleck staggering around. Sans-Quah seemed OK. I was confused until I saw a group of people rushing in towards the pile of gold that was the reward for winning the tournament. I started getting low to get ready to backstab anyone if they came near my employer, Vorne. As I peeked out, I saw a few people, including a grey-skinned man, a few other bodyguards, and Sans-Quah go into battle with the robbers. I looked to see if our employer was OK, but just as I looked at him, I saw a purple burst of magic fly towards the robbers, one of whom looked like a mage. I was surprised that our employer had magic, but at the time I didn't really care. A lady in a top hat who I think worked for the Gold Goblin fired a few shots at the robbers.
I saw the enemy mage start casting up a spell and looking at Vorne, but then, out of nowhere, a girl with wings and dressed in white silk fell down onto the mage and disturbed his spell. By this time, a few of the robbers were running away. I was able to throw my knife at one of them, but the woman robber cast a spell that turned the treasure into a carpet. I'm not sure what kind of spell that was, but either way, I was surprised. As she started rolling it up, I saw Sans-Quah run over and cut her down. Since I never really studied Sans-Quah, it wasn't until this moment that I realized he was also a barbarian.
I saw one of the men start pulling on the winged girl's wing, and he managed to pull her off their mage. I saw the same man that pulled her off put a knife to her throat. Almost immediately, the woman said something in a tongue that I didn't know. And then the man let go. After the angel was ungrabbable, they had no hostages, and their men were at low health, the men surrendered.

After we had taken the robbers prisoner, a man, who looked like he was the owner of the place, thanked us. By this time, pretty much all of the civilians and some of the employees were gone. The man wanted to talk to us, so I just came along, since Vorne was going with him. He started thanking us for saving his establishment, and asked us if we wanted a job. Me and Taleck said, "Yes," the grey-skinned man said, "Yes," Sans-Quah said, "Yes," and the winged woman said, "Yes," and Vorne said, "Yes."

So we are all now working for Saul Venkaskerkin and the Gold Goblin, that he has renamed the Glorious Goblin in honor of the winged woman.