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Dude these are seriously amazing. Just saved all of them to make use in our game. Many many thanks. If you make any more, please feel free to share them, the community will be super grateful!

Your first suggestion sounds perfect to me. It's relevant to the page in question, which is the key when considering what we need to do.

It's a matter of flow in a turn, so having the kingdom sheet display "claimable hexes and terrain improvements per turn" whilst the city sheets displaying "buildings per turn" sounds perfect. I'd almost suggest that having the "buildings per turn" be viewable on any city sheet would be ideal, so if you were just investing in 1 city on a turn you could see how many you were allowed to build without flicking back and forth.

It's all thinking out loud here, but I like the idea of having things were they are relevant.

I'm keen to hear other suggestions!

T.A.U. wrote:

I'm speaking of some simple formulas cells where you can see how many "New Settlements, New Buildings, Terrain Improvements and Hex Claims" the kingdom can build per turn, without having to go back and forward from the charts, the UR pdf and the kingdom overall sheet.

Thanks again for all your efforts!

I'd like to second this one please :) it is something that comes up everytime we take a "turn". We need to consult back and forth between charts and takes up a lot of time.

I would like to add how I admire how often you respond to this forum as well! It makes it feel like there is a lot of love for this project, and I for one (and my group) am grateful.

Hi Chemlak,

So maybe I'm being a bit dense and can't see it, but my group claim a new hex and add it to the hex total, it doesn't modify the population size, but it clearly states that each additional hex adds to pop based on what type of terrain it is. There is the matrix that adds to pop based on what is in what hex and that'd be fine except that it calculates based on improvements in hexes. If I have 1 unimproved plains hex, it doesn't seem to get registered on any sheet, but should add to population. Does the hex matrix just need 1 additional column stating how many of each hex you've claimed? Or have I missed something fundamental (more than likely).

Ah ok, glad it wasn't just me being a plum. It's understandable about Endowments, they seem fiddly on paper let alone in excel.

I found after converting over from Ultimate Campaign that our Fame was considerably lower and played with the calculation to find out why. I think I spotted it, but I can't tell if that was our incorrect formula. Currently the total fame modifier for a kingdom doesn't include the base 1 + 1 per kingdom size (11, 26, 51, 101, and 201 hexes) so I've just added it in as a modifier. In theory that's a simple If statement though based on Hex number.

Ok so (sorry I did a bit of fiddling to work stuff through) I think there is a cell reference that's pointing at the wrong cell. After working through the fame calculation, it seems to be doing (Law + Society)/10 instead of (Lore + Society)/10 in cell F16 on the OVERALL sheet (I might be wrong!). If I'm right it should be referencing cell J27 instead of I27 on the CITY OVERVIEW sheet. I truly hope this helps and isn't just me stepping on your feet.

Sorry, I thought I read somewhere above that one of the calculations for settlements on different hexe types weren't altering pop, but that was further back than I thought.

How do I show a building endowment from the sheet? I can't seem to find it.

Hi Chemlak, I actually created an account just to say how much I appreciate all the work you and others have done into creating this masterpiece! I've been using the sheet for a month or two, and for what it provides, it's invaluable! It's an unbelievable time saver! We tried the base Ultimate Campaign but felt it had too many holes, since discovering Ultimate Rulership, we've moved over, but it isn't as easy to crunch all the numbers. We bow to you supreme excel knowledge.

I would like to know, is there is a fixed population version on the horizon? I also have players keen to know if there is a "final" sheet on the so they can run their own campaigns with it with other friends. They are all suitably keen to spread this sheet around as well.