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My Skull and Shackles group is dead set on starting a smuggling business (they've just finished Rickety Squibs) and I've set them towards Port Peril to find potential contacts for smuggling runs. They had Rickety Hake install a 5-foot hidden compartment in their ship during the squibbing,

My idea is to first give them a few leads depending on how well they act it out and/or roll. As they're fresh in the Shackles I want to have the first few tasks to test how they fare, before they can get more profitable and risky ones.

Early runs could be to transport a smaller batch of liquor to a nearby island, with later ones dealing with slavery or valuable and potentially forbidden items and people to/from Sargava, Mwangi Expanse, Mediogalti Islands, Rahadoum or even nations further north.

Have you done something similar? What did you do and how did it go?

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I'm looking to make a few changes to the overall villainy in the AP.

Background: I have two gestalt PCs in my group. A NE Conjurer/Mindchemist and a LN Gunslinger/Cleric. A party that can handle most things (though maybe due to my player's good tactics and course of action).

They've just left Ascanor Lodge in pursuit of the Stairs of the Moon together with Duristan and a few guards, including one or two they hired among Ivanja's body guards (good pay is good pay ^^), while looking for Auren Vrood and his followers.

After seeing this video and also due to one of my players who said something roughly along the lines of "Now we'll take down Auren, who is most likely just a minor piece in the story. There might be a very small chance he's something more, but not likely. It would be cool though" I was inspired to have more continuity in our campaign. Also it was probably his intention by saying just that to put me on this track. ^^;

The idea: We like Auren, and I don't want him to perish with a melted jaw halfway in the AP. However, we don't like plot armor either, and especially not NPCs who dimension doors/teleports away to return later (regrettably a frequent tactic in NPC stat blocks)..

Instead I thought of using another method not often used in the adventures I've read and have Auren use a double (either through magic, a very well made disguise or have Auren never having shown his real face to anyone still alive) to do the dirty work. This can either be a devout free willed follower or a mind controlled soon to die man or something else that fits. Auren will then replace Advion's role throughout the adventure to make it less of a rewrite.

On top of this the real Adivion is most likely the Gunslinger/Cleric's father (or some other close figure…currently in development), who had the fate of a certain character in the last season of Dexter.

Dexter last season:
I.e. very dead and hidden from magical searching (disintegrate?), while Auren has taken his place and looks.

This should hopefully create a bit bigger connection between Auren and the players, and also a stronger incentive to keep following. There was little to no reason for my players to go to castle Caromarc, or even the Stairs of the Moon beyond getting paid certain amounts of gold.

Any thoughts or additional/different ideas?


This order (#1878582) says both that it shipped Saturday (Korean time) and that it is pending, which is it? Did it get split up?

If it is not sent, can order #1945435 be shipped with it? (I tried to apply the holiday discount to this one, but since it was put in the sidecart it seem to have failed).

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In case you didn't read the title, spoilers for Kingmaker: War of the River Kings below.

So my players were rather clever in our last session and took out Villamor Koth, Irovetti and General Jurrg within minutes after they heard their capital was attacked. Irovetti was caught by the new icy teleport spell from UM and met a tragic fate when his Dimension Door activated and sent him straight vest except he was 600 feet up in the air at the time, Villamor was hacked to death and the General was feebleminded (now becoming a potential Magic Jar 'pet' like Drelev). The attacking army was neatly taken care of with the once per year ability of the Oculus of Abaddon. :D

I'd say it was the best session we've had so far, with a great performance from our king during stage 3 of the tournament where he both held a great speech, managed to get Pitax' contender disqualified (she ended up with a score of 117), and spent about 1500 platina to sway the audience' opinion of who had the best performance.

However now I have to figure out how the remaining events in Pitax will unfold without Irovetti's presence. A few Pitaxians saw Irovetti disappear, but nobody knows he's actually dead.
The party has stated interest in taking Pitax city and making it part of their empire, while letting the other cities and the land between them rule themselves.

Currently lvl 13 closing on 14, and I think it would be safe to unleash the events in the final chapter before they're lvl 15, but maybe let them hit 14 first.

I'm thinking of playing up the involvement of the noblehouses in Pitax, but until they learn that Irovetti is dead then I suspect they'll be doing about their business as normal. Perhaps later they can arrange for an agreement with the party and stay as vassals or similar.

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This has gone through many changes and is just part of a map of Golarion that I'm working on in Campaign Cartographer 3. It's not yet finished, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

With the recent annual style by Jonathan Roberts I just knew I had to convert my map to that style, and with Paizo's update to the community map pack I believe I can include the hex map symbols as well.

The Empire is in it's 24th month (finished with Varnhold), but had a break for 5 months where the players weren't present due to a plot related absence (sidetracked to Slumbering Tsar and Demon Within).

The Black line near Brevoy's borders marks off the River Kingdoms (I have mapped most of it, but in less detail).

The very thin white line marks what the Empire considers their land, but have yet to settle.

The hexes do not match the one's in the Kingmaker map because I have this placed in Golarion at a correct angle, and angled hexes make my head dizzy, so I had to adjust the borders somewhat. Also the hexes are 11 miles across because the AP maps don't match the updated Inner Sea map 100% and I wanted that map to determine the scale.

As I don't know how far my players intend to expand I have hexes from the western borders of Pitax (outside of the Stolen Lands) and to the south of Mivon just above the borders of Galt.

The Map

edit: missed an S in the title.

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I've posted this in another thread, but it ended up in the archives.


This is mainly an issue with HeroLab (unless my view of the rule is wrong), but since I haven't found a clarified answer to the issue, it remains unresolved. I've asked about it several times on the HL forums, but it remains as described below.

To make it short: If you put on a head band of vast intelligence or similar item HeroLab gives you more bonus starting languages.

I believe this is incorrect as that's only something you get when you create the character (i.e. at lvl 1).

Any answer on this?
If it's supposed to give bonus languages, then the head bands should, IMO, have that specified like they have with skills.

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Pepero song! (flash video)

Pepero @ wikiepdia.

APG p. 309 wrote:

Sash of the War Champion

The wearer treats his fighter level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of the armor training and bravery class features.

If said fighter has an archetype that replaces bravery, will that also count as 4 levels higher, or will archetype fighters lose out on this?

We've house ruled it in our group that it does indeed work for archetypes (like mobile fighter's agility class feature), but I'm curious if it was intended to do so.

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