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I'm working on setting up a Fly Free or Die campaign, and as a favor to my players - especially given the new system for earning BP and upgrading ships that's presented in this adventure - I wanted to put the pre-made ships onto sheets for them. I thought that would help them understand how the ships are budgeted to begin with, and get some ideas on how to expand and improve from there.

However, both of the pre-made ships so far seem to break a few rules for starship design, which won't really help me accomplish this. I have a few questions, spoiler-tagged below so as not to spoil anything about these ships.

Ship just got real:
Starting with BD514, the build as described on the inside cover has a couple of problems. The "Micron Ultra" power core doesn't seem to be a valid selection for Small ships (tiny only). Also, even if you scale back to a comparable power core (say, the Arcus Light), the build as described costs 59 BP (it's 60 as written), above the 55 BP limit for a Tier 1 ship - even above the "up to 5% over budget" limit in the new ship-building system from the adventure. It also goes over the PCU limit, with all systems adding up to 81 PCU (even allowing for the 'illegal' Micron Ultra).

The Oliphaunt in book 2 also has the issue where its Power Core is the Pulse Black, a model not allowed on Medium ships (which the Oliphaunt is). It also goes well over the PCU budget, with its current systems clocking in at 129 (compared to a Pulse Black at 120).

My players are also bound to ask how many BP they have with which to upgrade the ship, and so I think it's important to ask how many BP the null-space cargo holds "cost," and whether it costs any power to run them? Given how the holds malfunction during Part 2, I have to imagine they are powered devices.

Thanks for your help!