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I used to play PFS, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

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Mike Schneider wrote:

(And I so want to play a fancy-pants bard named Lamey McWeakSauce now...)

Too late. I also call dibsies on all use of adamantine katanas in the future.

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Auke Teeninga wrote:
Dessio wrote:
Would a GM be overstepping his authority by allowing one to purchase a Bakery in place of a tavern for the same 5PP, and annotate it on the chronicle as giving benefit to profession: baker instead of bartender?
In PFS that would indeed be overstepping his authority, but for a home campaign he could.

I'm sure you've more experience with PFS than I have, but it definately seems to be unreasonable. I never would have figured that to be something so rigid a GM couldn't bend it to accomodate.

Going off on a tangent, but is there a good thread I can look into to get a 'feel' for what a PFS OP GM is given leeway with? I mean, Guide says a GM should tailor an adventure up or down to meet the unexpected success/difficulty with a party.. but when you can't even make the most trivial of changes, how can you?

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I'm new too but I have been watching pathfinder from the outside for a couple years. I know they have a LOT of adventures, but not sure how many, and of course they do retire some from PFS play.

On the other hand, by the time you hit level 12 you've done 36 adventures, and then you're done. So they don't need all that many more than that in circulation at once, I think

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First of all thanks for the response.

However at risk of sounding difficult or obtuse, I don't see where those resources are saying what you say they're saying.

A thread in the GM forum about the 'pig incident at gen con' however was very enlightening. Although my take-home lesson learned is nonstandard mounts are simply hit or miss depending on what GM you get.

I'm not looking at how to twist the rules, heck I figure 90% of adventures are written in such a way that you'll never get to make use of a mount anyway :) I'm more curious about the role of DM approval in PFS... which it seems is basically hit or miss :}

Tangental forum question: I've been looking at the messageboard settings off and on for a couple days and I'm just not smart enough to figure out how to post as my PFS character.. you know like with the green name? :) Can anyone throw me a bone on that one? :(

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I've perused the PFS playbook but I don't have my own copy yet and so I'm turning to you good forumites for an answer I can't currently find.

Can a cavalier use a mount besides a horse or camel in organized play? APG says a cavalier potentially can with a GM's permission (and probably some handle animal checks).

So where do I stand as a new cavalier? Does a GM have the authority to give "GM approval" in organized play? If so, do I have to get approval from each new GM I may happen to meet? (and keep a copy of a version of horse/camel mount in case one says no)

Furthermore what of the UC beastrider archetype? I can give up heavy armor to get what the basic cavalier gets anyway, without the caveat of "GM approval". Because of the existance of this archetype, I can easily forsee a GM saying no to any special mount without taking the archetype (and its extra limitations imposed). Is that what the intended purpose?

Many thanks!