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Oedii wrote:

I am curious if Paizo has hinted at any new/upcoming publications that will include new classes for the Starfinder game system.

I really like the system and would like more character options!

I think a scientist would be best, it is a core archetype of science fiction.

It's a bit more in-depth than an archetype, it might be similar to the Envoy, but work off intelligence rather than Charisma.

Class talents could work off Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Medicine, or Computers.

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I would have simply given goblins +2 Dexterity (being small and quick), +2 Constitution (to better survive low-hygiene environments) and -2 Wisdom (for the propensity to make themselves explode).

As for secondary traits, maybe make progress more slowly on disease and make them better carriers.

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Dhampir984 wrote:
So this will be the first AP that starts PCs above 1st?

That's a good thing. :)

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Also have to keep in mind that, in Starfinder, all the spells functionally have Silent and Still Spell metamagics applied, whereas in Pathfinder, you needed to invest to get those effects. Getting grappled in Starfinder isn't nearly as bad for most spellcasters as it is in Pathfinder.

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I'd probably be an android Scholar operative with the Explorer specialization.

Android: A lot of people have a hard time reading my emotions, and vice-versa, and I've been told I'm pretty smart and logical.
Scholar: I have so much random knowledge that is not pop-culture, people sometimes do double-takes when I know the answer to something. Of course, it's not actually USEFUL knowledge most of the time, but still.
Operative: Learned a little bit of everything, but did not specialize in anything to be ridiculously good at it.
Explorer Specialization: I like nature, it makes me feel alive.

So, yeah, a nature-loving artificial person.

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I was wondering if there was an error for the CR 3's Aeon Guard KAC. It's round 6 points higher than what is recommended for a CR 3 enemy.

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Luke Spencer wrote:
pithica42 wrote:

Well, since AA dropped in Dec and the CRB in Aug I was hoping they'd keep the pattern and give us a Advanced PG in Aug/Sep and a proper bestiary (AA2?) in Nov/Dec. Then follow that up with a Veskarium or ASE setting book in Mar/April 19 (to complement the Pact Worlds book) and a Magic focused book around wherever the Armory falls in 18, so May/Jun 19.

But that's just how I'd do it if I were in charge. hint to any developers that are reading this. ;-)

AA came out in Oct and I believe I heard/read that AA is gonna be an annual book. I imagine the current release pattern is what to expect for the immediate releases at least (that is, hardcovers at the beginning and middle of the year with an AA around the end)

Personally, I hope to see a scientist archetype, who can "science" their way out of a wide variety of problems with the proper equipment.

Maybe a handheld scanner as gear to help get information, and some exotic effect equipment, such as gravitic pull generators.

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baggageboy wrote:

Barrel roll doesn't bother me, as it's a full 360 and you are doing your gunnery and hits mid spin, timelines are a bit fuzzy in space combat with most of actions actually happening simultaneously. Overall I think the DC updates were good, but I think should values or at the divert action needs an update. Its just too easy to become basically invulnerable.

One thing I'm doing with the campaign I'm running is giving the PCs two ships instead of 1, and lowering the twits for both. This means they will be squishier. If will also mean they need to have a very balanced team, but it also means they can hit DCs easier as the ship tiers are lower. So they get to feel like bosses by pulling sweet stunts, but never get to be too cocky when 2 solid hits could disable one of their ships.

While I GM, I'll more often have the PCs outnumbered (probably 3 or 4 to the PCs one ship) by fast, smaller ships (like fighters or interceptors, maybe 3 tiers lower) using some limited fire weapons (like linked tactical nuclear missiles), and a noticeably larger ship with some direct fire weapons (probably one tier lower than the PCs).

The players won't be able to always redirect power to the same shield arc, and once the enemy fighters are out of missiles, I can probably call the fight, and it's time to roleplay between ship captains.

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Nickela, this is an excellent resource, hat's off to you for making this. I am having so much fun with it!

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Ravingdork wrote:
The ships in the beginning of this video clip were destroyed by graser weapons.

Thank you everyone!

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Having read the Starfinder core Rulebook, I didn't find any descriptions for the starship weapons. I can figure out all thematic for each of them except for the Graser.

It seems like a combination of gravity and laser, with a very short range.

Anyone have any idea what manner of damage this weapon inflicts? Lasers burn, gravity weapons pummel, plasma weapons electrify and burn, etc.

What does a Graser do?