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Full Name

Kyra Sief al Kiraan


Human (Keleshite)


Cleric / 2







Special Abilities

Channel Positive Energy. Domains: Heal, Fire. Feats: Combat Casting, Selective Channeling. Skills: Diplomacy 6, Heal 8, Knowledge: Religion 4, Sense Motive 8, Spellcraft 4




Sarenrae (the Dawnflower, the Healing Flame, the Everlight)


Kassen, Nirmathas


Common, Kelish.


Pathfinder Iconic

Strength 13
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Kyra Sief al Kiraan

The background story of Kyra the Iconic by James Jacobs tells of Kyra's origins, and her motivations.

Shortly after the destruction of her village, Kyra was taken in by a priestess of a neighboring village. There she spent over a year learning all she could from them about service to Sarenrae. The priestesses all agreed that Kyra did, indeed, show much promise as a student, and therefore took her to the main temple in Katheer to be considered for training in the priesthood. Kyra was enthusiastically accepted and, as a result, spent most of her adolescent years in Katheer as an acolyte to Sarenrae. She took well to the urban setting of Katheer, learning much from the priests and priestesses of the temple, but also from the lively streets of the city. It was not unheard of to find Kyra mediating a dispute in the markets, or assisting the downtrodden she would come across, on one of her errands from the temple.

At age 18, the priesthood deemed her training complete. Kyra was given a choice of assignment of service to a village, or to begin a journey to enlightenment, a siyahat. Unable to decide, Kyra wandered Katheer considering her choices. She found herself in the harbor district, staring out at the blue sea, when a glaring flash distracted her. Rubbing her eyes to abate the temporary blindness, she looked about to see what could have reflected the light at her in such a way. It was then that she saw a ship moored in the harbor…there was nothing extraordinary about the ship, except for a strange pattern caused by discoloration or wear on its hull. Kyra recognized this pattern as an ankh.

Realizing this as her answer, she approached the captain of the ship and found it was headed for Cassomir to pick up elven goods sent down the Sellen from Greengold, in the nation of Kyonin. Offering her services as a healer and servant of Sarenrae, she set out on her siyahat, which would span over a year and a half. Kyra’s travels found her journeying up the Sellen River, past the faith barges of Xer, and finally to Greengold. There she spent a week with local clergy, exchanging information on their faiths, their culture, and their problems, which she would assist in any way she could. She moved on, visiting many of the shoreline communities of Lake Encarthan, until she found her way to Nirmathas, and the small community of Kassen.

It is here that we find Kyra at the start of the campaign, with the module
“Crypt of the Everflame.”