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NielsenE wrote:
I was hoping to be able to do something like open with spells/storm order FP, then wild shape. So getting to two points before level 8 would be very nice... If its not possible, that's fine, but does seem a bit odd compared to other focus using classes.

This really limits cool possibilities from shape changing. In the play test it was a much larger pool and you could swap back and forth for different parts of the fight.

I really would like to find some use for wild druid but limiting it to 1 per fight feels really bad. I really hope they adjust it somehow.

i was really hoping to see this kick off :( where did CH go?

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Brand new to PbP Role playing just stumbled upon this a few hours ago and spent them reading 42 pages of a campaign lol. I would love to have a chance at joining this adventure.

I do not have much experience with Golarion but i do have the pathfinders rpg book and the campaign setting book both of which i read whenever i have the chance.

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Scipion del Ferro wrote:
I just got my hands on this guy today. Should be a fun paint job. I really need to get some pics of my other Pathfinder minis... Like Karzug.

If you do id like to see them and this guy painted up. Hope to see some great minis painted