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I too am curious as to when to expect this expansion...

Heathansson wrote:

...I've seen in the last week on this forum threads about potential munchkin power plays; i. e. specifically:

1)the warlock being in some peoples' opinion a tad imbalanced

My opinion of the warlock is similar to my opinion on psionics.

Psionics use of the power point system enables a psionic character to spend all of their power points on a few high level powers. They become overpowered in a campaign where there are too few encounters in a given game day. Articles on psionic NPCs mention this. I don't see this as a problem for a majority of game masters (in my experience we are a much too viscious lot to let the PCs off this easy.)

However, the opposite situation, too many encounters in a game day, is something we DMs do all the time (we just blame it on the players bringing it down on themselves in our, perhaps overly dangerous, custom game world, and secretly delight in everyone runing out of spells...) this is what makes the warlock overly strong.

If you hate the warlock just lower the number of new encounters per day, add in some travel and they will be wishing they were a sorcerer in no time...

or you could just manage your game well, send them up against monsters that use their tactics and classes against them, and everything will balance out in the end.

Great! :-D
I'm looking forward to recieving it.
Thanks for the update.

Vic Wertz wrote:

We just received the restock of Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, and are now furiously shipping them out. ...


Second that... Let us know...