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Daniel Araujo wrote:
I'd love to hear from Paizo as well on this subject. This is my first PaizoCon, I'm super excited, but I'd also be very OK with a postponement to a later summer date. If we could have a go/no-go date regarding the Con decision, it would be nice.

I totally agree with you. I called Alaska Airlines and they basically said I couldn't get my money back which I think is BS. That's what I get for getting my tickets before late February. If I could reschedule I would be very happy to go in the Summer.

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Thank you for answering.

Are classes handled the same way? Core only until you get a boon.

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Mowdan wrote:

I am going to ask a separate question, so in the "Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide" on page 7 under step 3, it says the core races as well as kitsune, nagaji, tengu and wayang are usable, but the next part gets me a bit confused, it says other races are not legal, unless the "chronicle stack" includes a race boon.... I think this means you can't use the other races from the other books listed afterwards from the get go, but there is a way to unlock more races?

Not sure what "chronicle stack" is since it isn't mentioned again, but it sounds like something to do with the chronicle reward system form completing scenarios? I haven't even played my first game, just trying to make a legal character.

I was confused about this as well

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Tamec wrote:
JackalofSpades wrote:
What books are we allowed to use for class choices?
Whatever you own that's not 3rd party...


So the class choices are vast and the race choices are limited to the core rule book +4 more from the advanced races guide?

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What books are we allowed to use for class choices?