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Usually when people tell me that something in Pathfinder is broken, I argue that the game is so complex that whatever build you can come up with, there has to be weaknesses which can be used by the clever GM or adventure designer. Also, many of the examples here on the messageboards only address questions and examples of rules in terms of combat, which make those examples to some degree arbitrary. One way to deal with that overpowered (fighter-) class could then be to stress role-playing, skill checks, natural hazards, poison, paralysis or other challenges, which doesn’t include combat by any means. So, hitherto I’ve never been especially bothered by peoples argument about something being broken in pathfinder.

This also shows how much I love the game and possible a how naïve I might be – struggling to defend Paizo/PF against whatever argument comes my way. No game has ever been perfect, why should PF have to be? It could be great fun nevertheless?!

Well, now my friend showed me a class build which included “Power attack”, a two-handed weapon, great Strength and the Paladin class. Together with the feat “Litany of Righteousness”, he gave me examples of how his paladin could do more than 200 points of damage to a single foe of the evil alignment. His question was if this combo of class, feats and abilities was a good example of something broken within the game. Of course I started to defend PF by saying something about that the paladin class HAS to have some weaknesses, for example they should be prime targets of someone using mind-affecting magic?

“Really?” he answered, “…but the paladin has good saves (Fort/Will) and can use his Cha-bonus on other saves (Divine Grace), is immune to fear (Aura of Courage) which also expands to his/her allies, immune to diseases and quite many conditions like fatigue or nauseated. The paladin also get some spells when he/she reach the appropriate level.”

I like my friends build and I’d like to think of him as a good player and that the reward for being such a good player should end up with dealing huge amounts of damage and beating the foes. If you are able to come up with a build that wins you the fight, I don’t want to punish my friend for being clever enough to find and use the most favourable choices.

But on the other hand, I want the game to be thrilling and challenging, whatever classes and feats we choose. Right now I can’t imagine an encounter that is truly challenging to a paladin. I can’t see the class’ weaknesses. Can you?

So, I need your help here..how to write an encounter that’s challenging to a paladin?

Thanks in advance!