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Early 30s

About Julian Preston

Generation: 9th
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Experience Points: 2


Physical: (5)
Str: 2
Dex: 4 Feline Grace
Sta: 3

Social: (7)
Cha: 3
Man: 3
App: 4 Unforgettable Face

Mental (3)
Per: 2
Int: 2
Wit: 2


Alertness: 2
Athletics: 2
Brawl: 1
Dodge: 1
Expression: 2
Intimidation: 2
Leadership: 1
Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 2

Animal Ken
Drive: 1
Etiquette: 3
Firearms: 1
Melee: 3
Music: 1

Computer: 1
Finance: 2
Politics: 2


Celerity: 2
Presence: 2

Generation: 4
Resources: 4
Fame: 1
Retainers: 1
Herd: 2
Contacts: 1

Conscience: 3
Self Control: 4
Courage: 4

Humanity 7

Willpower 4

Blood Pool 9

Freebie points: 21/21
2 for Resources
3 for Domain Merit
1 for Retainer
1 for Fame
2 for Courage
2 for Herd
5 for Stamina
1 for Contacts
2 for Blush of Health Merit
2 for Master of the Masquerade Merit

Background Explanations:

Resources: 4 Large inheritance from parents, Runs popular night club in ??

Fame: 1 Among patrons of The Firefly

Retainers: 1 Jennie Lane Bartender at the Firefly, acts as Julian's eyes and ears when he isn't around. (Ghoul)

Herd: 2 Firefly Regulars

Contacts: Sheriff (mortal version) Julian regularly forgets to tally up the sheriffs tabs and gets favors from the force in return.
Domain: 3 Julian's night club (The Firefly)

Master of the Masquerade:
There are many small tics, nervous habits, and
autonomous bodily functions (like breathing) that Kindred
simply forget to do. They can be unnervingly still or forget
to breathe, particularly when they think they’re alone. You
never let down your guard. The act of breathing remains an
unconscious habit to you, and you never lapse into that eerie
statue-like stillness, even when transfixed or concentrating.
Consequently, the difficulties of all Social rolls are lowered
by one when interacting with mortals. This Merit does not
allow you to eat food or benefit from the blush of health
(V20, p. 480) — those Merits are still required to be a true
master of the Masquerade.
Julian spends a ton of time around mortals because of his night club. As a result, doing tings like breathing and blinking have become second nature once again.

Blush of Health

Background Questions
How old are you?
Julian was embraced ten years ago, at the age of thirty.

What was unique about your childhood?
Julian was born in London, England to Johnathan Preston and
Aarti Singh, A british industrialist and daughter of an indian
steel baron. Johnathan and Aarti didn't take much of an active
role in raising Julian and by 10 he was sent off to a private
boarding school in the US. On Julian's sixteenth birthday,
his parents planned a trip to surprise him with a visit.
Their plane was lost over the Atlantic and was never heard from

What kind of person were you?
Growing up, Julian was brash and vain. There weren't many people around
to tell him what he couldn't do and those that tried, generally succumbed
to his charm or were easily bribed.

How did the Embrace change you?
Fairly drastically. Where Julian was once the center of the world,
he had become an insignificant spec in a single moment. Now their
were great and ancient predators around every corner, willing and
able to tear Julian limb from limb. As time went by, reality, coupled
with some martial training from McPhee has done a lot to relax Juilan
and he has mostly regained his self confidence. However, he still
has learned to think before speaking and continues to have a healthy
respect for those he suspects being more powerful than him.

Who was your sire, and how did he treat you?
Julian was embraced by Anarch McPhee, late one night after closing
down the club. McPhee had been around plenty of times before, nursing
the same drink all night and mingling with the crowd. Occasionally, he
would take a guest home with him, but he would always stop to chat with
Julian. Late in the evening (or early in the morning) Julian had sent
everyone home and was counting out his drawer, when he noticed McPhee
sitting at table in the corner. Julian assuming the man had passed out
walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Julian remembers waking up in his own appartment the next night, with McPhee admiring an old wardrobe that his mother had given to him for his dorm space. Julian sat wide eyed as McPhee calmly explained what was happening and what (un)life was going to be like from now on.

Since McPhee's destruction, Julian has kept out of vampire politics, mostly by necessity. He doesn't fully understand what is going on behind the scenes in Chicago and he has no sire t tell him. He leaves his club open to anarchs, and so picks up tidbits of news and info from tem when he can. The Gangrel Lucien also frequents the place, but Julian still wonders why he like to hang around a bar with a bunch of anarchs.
The Firefly itself has flourished under McPhees's tutelage and tripled in size after several remodels and expansions. Julian figures that he knows enough now, to keep that trend going on his own.

Where is your haven?

Do you retain any connections to your mortal life?
Yep, Julian still runs his club and interacts with the business nightly.
His head bartender, Jenni is in frequent contact.

What are your habitual feeding grounds?
Mostly The Firefly, but Julian will hunt anywhere around Soho that
he knows isn't someone else's territory.

What motivates you?
Initially, it was simply survival, over time though, Julian has gained a measure of confidence and has begun to integrate himself into kindred