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Hey folks, I know luggage space is tight with all the books and maps and minis and lucky dice, but I'm planning on bringing some yarn I just destashed to give away, and if anyone else brings extras, we can have a full-on swap. ^_^ Looking forward to seeing what everyone's working on!

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Those were so cool! She showed us how she makes them at Crafting Circle—she folds the paper up like an accordion, sketches something on the first panel, cuts out the white space, unfolds it, and then fills in the rest of the panels, all different and usually using the cut-out spaces as part of the design (teapot in one panel, breastplate in another, partly furled banner in another.

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1. The PaizoCon patterns will be coming soon to a blog near you!
2. Thanks to all the crafters who came out to show off their skills, share their tricks, and learn new ones! I had a great time hanging out with you all—we've got to do this again next year. :D
3. Aw man, now I'm having Knitting Factory nostalgia...

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Just to let folks know, if you can't make the Crafting Circle (Friday 2–4pm) but want the pattern, after the event ends, extra copies will be available at the registration desk.

And if you're interested in attending but are only available for part of the time, please drop by when you can!

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Crossposted from Dex + Crafts on Ravelry:

1) I'd heard a rumor that there's a dedicated crafting room at Gen Con—anyone know if this is true, and where it is?

2) Any crafter-gamers interested in a meetup at Gen Con? I'd love to see what you all are working on, and trade ideas! I'll be at the Paizo booth until 6pm every day, but would be available most non-Friday evenings.