Friday afternoon, 2017

Event organized by Paizo Workshop

Crafting and Cosplay

Friday afternoon, 4:00–6:00 pm, 2017 • Cascade 13

Hang out with other crafty Pathfinders, show off your projects, and maybe learn new crafts or techniques in a chill and supportive environment!

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Event # 94587
When PaizoCon 2017:
Where DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Cascade 13
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
Category N/A Workshop
Speaker Judy Bauer, Erik Keith, Joe Pasini
Age Rating Family Friendly
Complexity Not Applicable
Experience Required Not Applicable
Optional If you have a portable project, bring it! Otherwise some yarn, needles, hooks, coloring books, etc. will be provided.

Paizo Employee Managing Editor

Hey folks, I know luggage space is tight with all the books and maps and minis and lucky dice, but I'm planning on bringing some yarn I just destashed to give away, and if anyone else brings extras, we can have a full-on swap. ^_^ Looking forward to seeing what everyone's working on!

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