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Have: Uplifted Bear Boon, Mystical Guidance System

Want: Not sure yet. Make me an offer

So this thread is just build ideas for society that seem fun. They dont need to be viable, but i do want them to have some fun concept or synergies. Currently i have an Uplifted bear mystic who is a Healer and Mind breaker (second connection) and he is called ICB or Intensive Care Bear. I also have an Operative that only uses a bow and shurikens. And to top it all off i just made (probably the weirdest of the bunch) a mystic with the connection in COM with music and he only communicates through harmonica. Anyone have any other interesting builds or concepts?


I have a Ghoran/Formian/Pathra boo. I’m willing to trade. Not sure what i’m looking for though.


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I ended up making a Bear Mystic with empowered healing touch and the Mindbreaker connection and called him I.C.B Intensive Care Bear