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I just organized a meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/The-Springfield-LARP-and-Table-Top-Roleplaying-Group/ to link players up with DM/GMs to form groups. If you are looking for a roleplaying group in Springfield, MO come check us out and look see what upcoming events we have or start your own!

I just organized a meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/The-Springfield-LARP-and-Table-Top-Roleplaying-Group/ to link players up with DM/GMs to form groups. If you are looking for a roleplaying group come check us out and look see what upcoming events we have or start your own!

Owner: Ameiko Kaijtsu CG Human female
Personality: Friendly toward adventures, unusual ability for attention to detail and remembering people
Physical traits: (will just use the picture for this one)
About: Left to be an adventurer, saw a couple of innocents and friends killed, and decided she didn’t want to die on an unnamed road. She respects and admires those that can, but she is done with her adventuring.
Helpfulness: free room for a week to heroes. If made helpful, will help fund expeditions/equipment
Description: This large Inn features a large sleeping dragon atop the center of the Inn. Smoke filled with savory spices constantly rises from the Inn. The front of the Inn is a decretive rust colored heavy duty door with a large window to the left. Inside a large central fire pit roars with tables filled with people along the side of the wall and two long tables fill the back of the Inn. Ameiko can be heard in the kitchen talking to Bethana Corwin (NG F Halfling) ensuring the cook is making the food to her standards as one young boy helps clean the tables and two tavern maids deliver fresh food to the patrons. There is a help wanted bulletin as well as any news that the Mayor wants to put up on the local posting board. Upstairs has 7 rooms, 4- bunk beds, 2- up to 4 per room 1-VIP queen bed.
Slogan: “Rest, recover, and eat weary traveler”
Menu: Ale- Twinkling Ale (Seelani), Honey mead (Seelani), Hammer Ale (knight’s mead), Dwarven Ale (imported from 5 kingdoms)
Liquoir- Goblin's Milk (Fermented Goat Milk), Spiced Liquor, Red Dwarf
Coffee- Guardso eliminated fatigue (1d4 hours)
Food: Roast Boar, Reef Claw Cuisine, Dragon Goulash,
Sides: Roasted baby red potatoes, rolls and butter at every table, rice balls
Help wanted: Hannah Valerrin: Pay per dozen herbs (haven’t figured out what type of herb)
Brusazthmus a.k.a “The Mosswood Lurker” – 200gp Sandpoint, 800gp Magnimar, killing/theft/terror
Ranger from stable- 5sp per Goblin left ear
Looking for a female to give tutoring lessons (in a musical instrument/school lessons) to my daughter (The Balwin farmhouse)--- This was set up recently as a false add to lure women to the farmhouse by a sadistic man who murdered the Balwin family male’s and who tortures and keeps the women captured. He has a total of 3 prisoner/toys –Mrs. Balwin, their Daughter Melin, and a middle aged traveler Gladus who saw the add hoping to land a steady job.

Herbo- thanks for the input, I do plan on having a caravan that was present for the opening of the temple have reoccuring NPCs. And my NPC development/number may be high, but this is only if the PCs even go to those area or choose to seek a more in-depth interaction with them. I just like to have everything covered. And if they don't use them then no issue, I will just recycle them in maybe another city they visit!

Selk- That's a great idea about associating the NPCs with an actor, I will have to do that for some of the random NPCs that I need to make on the fly to quickly have a well rounded NPC haha.

Thanks again for the input...I swear I will post my other things...want to write up the militia, the key nobles, Rusty dragon, and the bounty board!

If anyone has things to add please feel free!

Sorry for the delayed response...haven't had anyone comment on my post in over a month haha.

M0bious- thanks for the comments and I will be posting others here, I was deployed to Afghanistan when I was writing this...as you could tell I had some down time! I recently just got back from my deployment and have just been spending time with the family so haven't wrote anything new. I do have The Rusty Dragon complete and will post that in the next day or so. Thanks for following.

GeraintElberion- thanks for your input. I didn't have all my books and most my knowledge of the Pathfinder gods was from memory so my Sisters might not have all the traits of their gods. Look at a Christian minded priest and you will see types of personalities, traits, and flaws. I feel the Sisters are not the ideal/perfect priest, but do have some flaws and allows for some memorable characters rather than a priest the PCs forget the next day. I did make a side note of having Sister Arva having people work off her debt...she can always call on people to do odd jobs for her etc, or be her personal work minon.

From the AP, it doesn't seem like sandpoint is homophobia, just that is can be perceived as scandalous and some might not be as open as others in a small town like Sandpoint. In one of the large cities, no he wouldn't hide it.

For the Armory- I have adjusted the description to not be so armor/weapon heavy and added more of the tannery/ smithing type items. The intent is that the PCs can go to a one stop shop to get all their leather/smithing needs. I agree 50 militia may be to big, so I reduced it to 15. I intend for the militia to be more like background noise to the PCs, such as doing the mundane guard work, protecting the village when the PCs leave, help build any fortifications the PCs want etc. And allow for a strong relationship to be built with the Savah and her daughter.

Bottled solutions- I agree people shouldn't enter and immediately pass out, so I adjusted it to 1D4+1 round to allow the person to exit the building. Also, I lowered the DC by 1 for each adept to enter. DC 8 the first, 7, the second, 6...etc to show them building their immunity to it.

Pixies- Agree, Kaye will hear from her ear/eyes on the street of any potential high rollers coming in and will try to learn their particular taste and adjust herself to fit their needs personally.

Again all I appreciate any feedback. I also plan on hosting my first ROTRL game the 1st week of April, so I am going to finishing my Sandpoint prep in the next week or so.

I can finally respond to the post now since I have finally caught up on the thread! I have enjoyed reading your posts and I am planning on starting my own ROTRL campaign in the next couple of months. I constantly move around every couple of years, so getting a good regular gaming group is hard to come by. I would love to have your players or participate in a gaming session that had dedicated and experience players. I feel roleplaying and character/NPC developement is key to Pathfinder style games. I look forward to reading your campaign updates and wish you the best of luck.

This is what I have for the HAG FISH:
Owner: Jarqie Quinn CG Male Human
Personality: Loud, loves to make bets, puts on charm to red head ladies.
Physical traits: Very tall and large, shaved head, gold earrings in both ears, dark black beard w/ a gold clasp
About: Used to be work out of Riddleport as a bouncer at a bar/gambling establishment. Enjoyed watching the people gamble and have a fun time and dreamed of owner his own type of establishment. Wanted to go someplace that wasn’t saturated with gambling and thieves and Sandpoint was a perfect place.
Helpfulness: Gives fisherman a 10% discount (to encourage spending) and those that drink from Norah. 30% chance he knows a rumor the PCs ask of him and if made helpful will give 1x rumor the PCs have not discovered.
Description: Despite its name, the building is in remarkable shape and wood sign with “The Hag Fish” with “Norah” wrapping itself around the word Hag hangs above the doorway. Inside, Jarqie sits behind the counter pouring drinks or whipping the smudges off of Norah’s tank. A local bar maid balances empty cups of ale and empty bowls of their famous “Fried fish tails” in one hand, while holding 4 overflowing cups of “Twinkling Ale.” There is only one house table that Jarqie runs that called “silver tongue” (basically like Pirate dice). The other 3 tables are whatever the other patrons want to play. Norah sits in the tank and nailed to the side of the wall is a leather pouch with 205 sp in it.
Slogan: “All’s welcomed”
Equipment: Decent Ale, after Chopper killed one of the Knight’s brewery, the ale hasn’t been up to standard and Jarqie started using Seelani’s (CN halfling rog1/exp1) Brew called “Twinkling Ale”. She used to be an apprentice at the Knight’s Brewery and then set off on her own after the murders. She uses superior honey from Brogar Stoutheart (NG dwarf ftr1/exp2) the local bee farmer who showed up to Sandpoint roughly 4 years ago. “Fried fish tail” is a local favorite.
Norah: Fort DC 10 - to overcome the smell- otherwise nauseous for 1d4 mins and -2 on next Fort save
Fort DC 15 – as water hits mouth – nauseous 1d4 mins, -2 Fort save
Fort DC 20 – to drink it all – failure is instant throw up and nauseous for 1d3 days
Fort DC 10 – to keep it down – failure is instant throw up and nauseous for 1d3 days

Aeshuura wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Ahh...forgot about that! Well considering there are half-orcs, half-elfs, I guess it could still work. Maybe that is why they aren't in a more committed relationship. Hmmm...have to think about that one. Thoughts?

Thanks for your input Lloyd. I tried to give the sisters some "other" duties around the village, such as Sister Arva is the town banker, Sister Erica is always teaching and helping at the orphanage etc. But I will look at the other Sisters to ensure they are filling some other role than the working at the temple.

As far as the non-heterosexual population, I think it just allows for more roleplaying and unique/fun scenarios. Also, I was reading a ROTRL campaign post where Shayliss approached a female PC rather than the male PC and liked the spin. Obviously anyone reading this post can simple adjusts to their own personal flavor. The character's sexuality is not as important to me as just having a good background and understanding the NPCs in the town.

For the Curious goblin, what race is Chask? I assume a human male. I enjoy the description of the store sign. I plan on using that store in my campaign if anyone wants to do some research and have maybe some debates with Chask.

Thanks again.

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Hello all,

I am soon going to be running a ROTRL campaign and I really want the PCs to feel immersed in the storyline and feel attached to Sandpoint. I have taken some of the notable Sandpoint locations/NPCs and expanded on them. I am looking for feedback and if anyone has other NPCs/store ideas that I can incorporate in my campaign. Thanks in advance.

SANDPOINT TEMPLE: (I felt that Father Zantus needed some assistance)

Key NPCs:
Father Zantus: NG Human male cleric of Desna 1 A.K.A Father of the North
Personality: Friendly, tired, good hearted, open minded
Physical traits: Young, good looking, always smells like herbs
About: Gay and often has Kaye send men to �worship� on Thursday nights. Sister Sadia knows this and specifically flirts with him to tease him. The townspeople gave him the nick name Father of the North, due to all the women he is around.
Helpfulness: Knowledge Religion +10, Heal +10, 5x CLW potions, 1x CMW, rod of cure disease

Sister Sadia: CG Human female priest of Calistra A.K.A Sisters of the West
Personality: Flirtatious, forward, cougar
Physical traits: Mid-40s, neither slime nor overweight, voluptuous assets, wears form fitting robes
About: Doesn�t want a committed relationship, flirts with all, but picky on who she takes to her bed (CH 14+). Best friends with Sister Gerda and are both open and are always seen together.
Helpfulness: Knowledge local +10, Gather Intel +10, Craft (erotic items) +10

Sister Gerda: NG Human female priest of Gozrah A.K.A Sister of the West
Personality: Open minded, free spirited, helpful to those that are nice to her
Physical traits: 20�s, short ebony hair, tan
About: Loves being outdoors has a bird house she made on the west side of the temple w/ small bird bath. Loves hanging out with Sadia, and finds it fun to flirt with people especially the more shy they get. But has really has no interest men.
Helpfulness: Craft (wind chimes), can understand impressions given off by small birds.

Sister Erica: NG Halfling female cleric of Erastill A.K.A Sister of the South
Personality: Family oriented, anything for the community, not open minded
Physical traits: middle age, modest cloths, hair is covered
About: Loves kids, unable to have any. If not at the temple, she is out at the child orphanage and school. She is always seen at the market place when it�s open. She doesn�t socialize with the Sisters of the West. Maintains a flourishing small vegetable garden.
Helpfulness: Baby Sitting, Marriage counsel, Profession (farming) +14

Sister Arva: LN Human female priest of Abadar A.K.A Sister of the South
Personality: Stingy, calculating, hoarder mentality, friendly
Physical traits: extremely beautiful but dressed down, bright sky blue eyes (Will DC 12 or become fascinated for 1d4 minutes)
About: As a side job she is also the towns banker and can be found in her office with her security guard Brawn (lvl 4 fighter). She is notorious for ensuring loans are paid on time, and secretly uses the Scarnzi to help retrieve money from those that don�t pay. Has sworn celibacy, and is neutral to the Sisters of the West.
Helpfulness: Will give loans 20% rate up to 5,000 gp, Knowledge of Scarnzi, but will not openly share.

Sister Sonya: LG Human female Paladin of Sarenrae 2/cleric 3 A.K.A Sister B!&~%
Personality: Close-minded, rude, bossy, is better than you,
Physical traits: middle age, powerful, left eye burned out and scars around wrist
About: Was captured as a young Paladin and tortured slavers, escaped after 1 month of capture, where all the slaver and the dozen captives were killed. She doesn�t talk about it. Has aspiration to replace Father Zantus as her larger Cathedral in (don�t know what large city this would be) donates the largest amount of money.
Almost always is with Father Zantus unless he sends her away just to get some peace.
Helpfulness: Knowledge demons/planes +14, detect evil, keeps journal on the other sisters.

Naffer Vosk: NG human male,
Personality: loyal to Father Zantus, not so bright, eager to help
Physical traits: old, crippled back and hunches (10 ft base speed), skin is weather worn
About: Use to be thief, got injured on job and found redemption in Sandpoint temple. Takes care of the graves and landscaping.
Helpfulness: Caught Father Zantus kissing a male from Pixies, but won�t tell. Local people +14.


-Temple broken into three sections West (Calistra and Gozrah), South (Erastill and Abadar), and East (Sarenrae and Desna)
-Services: Monday and Thursday � Calistra 1000 and Gozrah 1400
Tuesday and Friday � Sarenrae 0600 and Desna 1700
Wednesday and Saturday � Erastil 1000 and Abadar 1400
Sunday � Independent worship 1000-1600
-Seven stones in the center representing the 7 sins of magic and an old ancient rune that controls the Old Light house fire weapon. Detect magic will show a faint (Abjuration?) magic. DC 35 history to relate to Old empire.
-Each Sister and Father have offices in the corners with SE corner housing supplies and equipment and a shared lounge where religious counsel can be given in private.
-Pillpug drops off a weekly supply of: 5x cure light wounds, 1 cure moderate wounds,

Side Quest:
-Find ways to prove the other sisters/father are unfit to be priest (3 out of 5). Then go to the Sarenrae Cathedral in blank and plea case to stop funding.
-Shadow her and record her activities
-get a petition from the local populace
-From a poor good family
-Sister Sonya hired someone to investigate and spread rumors of the others.

BEVAN�s CUSTOM ARMORY (felt the leather worker and smith should combine into one store where Savah would place custom orders for the PCs)
Owner: Savah Bevan CG human female fighter 2/Barbarian 1
Personality: Straight to the point, loves to talk armor/weapons, honest
Physical traits: Late 30�s Elaborately braided ponytail down to mid back, light brown complexion decorative tribal tattoo in purple ink over her right eye and along her right arm her to give her strength and perception in combat.
About: Came from a Shanoi tribal upbringing and enjoyed her time as an adventurer, but found she enjoyed teaching, training, and the comforts of a warm bed. She is the militia leader for Sandpoint and trains the group of 50x militia twice a month in basic drills. She doesn�t like thugs and is always unsettled when she see�s half-orcs and raises her price 10% to these. She married to Marvel Bevan, another fighter who retired to pursue opening a store and settling down in Sandpoint and has a 12 year old daughter, Sundrah, who helps out in her store. Her Husband was good friends with Das Korvut the smith, but was killed during the Chopper rampage.
Helpfulness: Will be able to find 1D6 lvl 1 fighters to help aid,Knowledge (region +10), discount 10%
Daughter: Sundrah
Personality: Stoic, cold, suspicious of men, but admires strong looking PCs.
Physical: long Jamaican decorative dreadlocks
About: Her Dad died by chopper, because he was unprepared and didn�t have his sword. Sundrah pledged to never be unprepared and carries a small sized Great Sword (her dad�s favorite weapon). She has a tattoo of a red great sword pointing down on her right shoulder outline in black with a blood drop at the tip to represent the Blood that she will spill and save with her sword.
Description: A sideways long sword with a half-plate superimposed on top with the words BEVAN�s Armory dangle from a chain sticking out from the front of her door. As the door opens into her store it hits a bronze bell that echoes throughout the store. The first floor is open with a variety of leather and hide to the left and heavier armor and shields to the right. The walls display an assortment of chest pieces and shields. Savah stands behind a hand carved table that has some very expensive looking daggers and a different size books in a large stack. Behind her a wooden door leads to her room and set of stairs leading to the second floor where the weapons are displayed. Puts custom orders through Das for metal needs and �����_____ for leather needs.
Slogan: �Your needs, our gear!�
Unique equipment: Great Sword with Keen, Cold Iron Dagger +1, Large round Ebony black metal shield, black leather armor set (+4 to stealth checks)

Owner: Nisk Tander NG Half-elf male Alchemist 1
Personality: Cocky, greedy, and unorganized
Physical traits: Bloodshot eyes, very skinny
About: Was raised in Magimar and couldn�t afford to attend an academy so he self taught and was guided by a retired alchemist on how to make potions, but his mentored died shortly after teaching him. He continued on his own and sought to become an apprentice, but after causing a fire at one of the stores is Magimar he was black listed from the city. He went to seek his fortune elsewhere and settled in Sandpoint, where he has more success than failures and he is satisfied with that.
Helpfulness: 33% chance he has ingredient PC need
Description: A wooden alchemist fire flask hangs outside the door of this store. As one opens the door they are immediately taken back by the powerful smell of herbs, chemicals and vials of potent liquid. PCs will make a DC 8 Fort or will fill like they are suffocating. After 1D4 rounds they pass out, but do not suffer any other effects. The store has book cases and shelves littered with all sorts of potions and alchemic concoctions, in addition to the alchemic ingredients. He keeps one shelf in particular which he only give to travelers, these he knows are defective.
Slogan: �All sales are final�
Equipment: level 2 potion spells, and alchemist items. All items bought on �the shelf� are 25% less effective. All other potions have a 10% failure rate.

Owner: Ven Vinder LN male human devote follower of Erastil
Personality: Family oriented and protective, friendly and helpful, weary of outsiders
Physical traits: Old man strength from working all his life, speaks slow
About: Raised in Sandpoint all his life, started out as a farmer then, got into carpentry, decided to get his family away from some of the farm boys and goblins and move into Sandpoint for a better and more secure life. So into his work, that he doesn�t really know much about his daughters, just expects them to work for him and be good kids.
Daughter: Katrine LN human female and
Personality: Friendly, tries to do what her father says, more shy/ on best behavior around Ven
Physical traits: Attractive early 20�s, brown simple hair
About: Tries not to be secretive, but father doesn�t let her date. She actually loves Harker from the lumber mill. They have been seeing each other for the last year, but was caught by her father a two months ago making out with Harker and he forbid her to see him. She still sneaks out and next month once the lumber season is back to normal (only one working lumber mill) they were going to run off to Magnimar and get married. She doesn�t like her sister�s lack of helping out.
Daughter: Shayliss CG human female
Personality: Does bare minimum around store, flirts with elves and attractive women, ignores men
Physical traits: Attractive late teens, bright red hair
About: Sneaks off to worship with Sister Sadia, and is intrigued by the Sister and the god. Wants to leave Sandport and go to a large city and be a follower of Calistra. Loves women and is not interested in a relationship. Knows her sister hangs out with Harker, but doesn�t like him. She is different than her sister and they are distant with each other
Description: Wooden letters read out Family Store over a dust and dirt free entrance. The store is meticulously organized with all basic needs and in like item arrangements. Ven is typically behind the counter with at least one daughter in the room with him (cleaning, dusting) and the other daughter out of view organizing the basement or running errands for Ven.
Slogan: �Quality n� care�
Equipment: Basic food, farming supplies, house hold items, and minimum adventuring gear.

Owner: Cyrdak Drokkus CN Male Human
Personality: Flamboyant, charming, open-minded, always looking for talented people
Physical traits: over-weight, dresses in very fashionable attire,
About: Has numerous contacts in Magnimar and gets well known people to show up to his theatre often. He also runs a local theatrics group called the Sandport Theatre and Thespian Society. He is currently in romance with Sir Jasper Korvaske, which is not really a well kept secret, but one that has the Scarnetti family in an uproar. Manages and oversees the theatre and allows his trusted assistant take care of most of the labor.
Assistant: Lynda Vog LN human female
Personality: always busy/scheduling, orderly, insistent, friendly
Physical traits: Loose fitting top w/ corset and pants and knee high boots, 6ft tall, not very attractive, but has eccentric makeup on that reflects a mood�her version of her war paint.
About: As traveled with Cyrdak for the last 15 years, originally she was attracted to him, but soon discovered his taste for men. However, she is very close friends and balances him. She does his scheduling, manages the 25x Thespians throughout Sandpoint and the daily work.
Description: A Large 3 story building with a dark blue paint mixed with dark wood border make up the Theatre. The entrance is a large decorative double door with a Silver paint trim. A Shakespearian style theatre opens up to a room that can sit over 300 patrons, though most shows a have roughly 100-150 attendants. Each nobility has their own personal box seat on the second floor.
Slogan: �To entertain the masses�
Equipment: vendors with basic snacks, and props/toys, meet and greet the actors.
Schedule: Fri, Sat, Sun 1800-2200 1x show a month for 2x weeks 1GP
Local show favorites: The Barbarian King � tragedy- Most powerful warrior falls in love with forced wife, goes against tribe, he is injured fighting for his honor, she uses witch that kills him, she kills her.
The Rogue and the Ranger- love story- rogue trouble life, ranger fights for her she shows him love.
Magimar Shows: The Tail of Shilo- comedy- Kitsue (shape changer) and his antics in a new world.

Owner: �Lady� Kaye Tesaranie CG Female Halfling Bard 2
Personality: Charming, open minded, intrigued with unique PCs, very protective/cares for her �Children�
Physical traits: spiky short bright blonde hair, likes wearing long flowing gowns.
About: Raised in a traveling carven and was very free spirited. She started her own successful career as a high end prostitute. However, a Halfling didn�t get as much work as some of the other girls. She saved up enough money and got her fellow prostitute and friend to leave and start a traveling service across Varisian. In her travels she picked up more women and a couple of men. However, the threat of bandits, and life on the road took a toll and she decided Sandpoint was a perfect spot with, limited competition.
Helpfulness: Gather information +14, free lap dance for the heroes
Her Children: Bright Green hair Gnome female �Jasper�
Very tall and dark human female named �Sky�
Short athletic with small asset human female �Speedy�
Long flowing brown hair half-elf female w/ perky assets �Star light�
Average girl next door looking human female with short black hair �Wet stone�
Male half-elf, tone body, long brown hair ponytail �Yes�
Large male human, muscular, tan, short brown hair �Great Sword�
Description: A Large 2 story building with its trim colored light pink. No window exist on the outside, but a wood carving of a large cleavage feline laying on its side with the words The Pixie Kitten is placed above the large sturdy wooden door. Inside the smell of perfume and incents fills the air as lit candles flicker behind pink, purple and red cloths giving the room a very exotic and comfortable feel to it. Lady Kaye rest on a elongated leather bench to the left of the entrance surrounded by exotic looking plants. Further down the hall is a small lounge area where a scantily clad female human wearing a practically see through gown stands behind a counter pouring drinks. A small stage is set up to allow for exotic dancing/entertainment, while another female with excessive side boob sits on a pillowed stool and plays the harp. Upstairs hold 6 separate bedrooms.
Slogan: �Your wants will be filled�
Schedule: Closed Wed, 1000-0200 5GP

Owner: Greesel Tenniwar CN male human
Personality: not kind to outsiders, sexist
Physical traits: Obese, mutton chops, dirty/stain cloths, bad odor
About: Long time friends with Jubrayl and used to be an enforcer for the Scarnzi gang. He is old now and is happy feeding his friends and gang in his store.
Helpfulness: only if you are a member of the gang
Description: Worn out building with a window bordered up, and a sign reading Fat man�s Feedbag written over the door. The smell of sweaty men fill the air and a large obese man sits behind the bar counter with always a small snack bag nearby. The furniture is well worn and dented and only 4 tables and a couple of stools. The only entertainment found here is drinking and talk. Used as a meeting area for the thieves guild.
Slogan: �Take your fights outside�
Equipment: cheap ale and food.

This is what I have so far, I am going to be making write ups for the hag fish and the Rusty Dragon in the next couple of days. Again thank you for your time and input. I regret any misspellings and any of my own personal side notes and abbreviations within the post.

Adding to Redchigh's comment on home rules, if you wanted to stomp on then yes I would treat it like a normal attack. However, if you wanted to jump or fall on the target, I would treat it like a falling ceiling trap or similar. The attacker would end up prone regardless of the opponent’s reflex save. I would give the guy you are about to crush a reflex save with a base of 20 assuming the opponent is of medium size and in the prone and the attack is of large size. The modifiers would be:

-5 for standing opponents
-2 if kneeling or crouched
0 if prone
-5 for same size of the attacker, save no damage
+5/-5 for one size smaller than the attacker/defender, save no damage
+10/-10 for two size smaller than the attacker/defender, save half damage
+20/-20 for three size smaller than the attacker/defender, save half damage

1D6 for medium
5D6 for Large
10D6 for Huge
20D6 for Gargantuan
40D6 for Colossal