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Full Name

Joleesa Morvais




Rogue/Swashbuckler 1/4




6' 5" (Medium)



Special Abilities

Trapfinding; Thrust


Chaotic Good


Calistria, with lip service paid to Cayden Cailean


Opal City


Concordant, Salt, Greenspeak



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Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Joleesa Morvais

Dravid Morvais [More-vay] is a Wizard Merchant, importing spices and exporting tobacco and chocolate. He has a large Plantation Estate on the outskirts of Opal City along the Opal River from which he commands his growing financial empire. Due to his rapid accumulation of wealth and influence, he was granted a Noble Title by the Grand Duke almost 30 years ago.
A cruel man now in his 60's, he still cuts an imposing figure and many a worker has felt the sting of his whip over the years. Just after he was granted his Title, he wooed and married the daughter of another Minor Noble Family, Jalia Carvassi. She was a radiant beauty, but after their marriage, she disappeared from public scrutiny.
Upon the birth of Joleesa, the normally sour Dravid's demeanour turned worse. As Joleesa aged, it became clearer and clearer that the ruddy complexion and wispy brownish hair she was born with were slowly becoming pale skin and vibrant flame coloured red hair. As both Dravid and Jalia had tanned complexions and black hair he was sure that Jalia had had an affair and that Joleesa was not his child. He became increasingly more violent towards Jalia as the years wore on and even started to take it out on Joleesa as well. In fact he became cruel and abusive to the servants and workers as well. His demeanour changed when he was around his peers however and even though they knew he was a hard man, they never suspected the depths of his slide. The sad thing is, Joleesa is in fact his child, the product of a rare recessive gene that both he and Jalia carried.
Given her father's new nature, Joleesa's childhood was not a happy one. She suffered constant abuse from her father (although not as much as her mother) and only grew up with anything approaching a sunny disposition because of the love of her mother. She learned quickly how to roll with his punches to avoid the worst of his punishments. She also learned how to avoid the locks and traps that her father thought would keep her locked up. She frequently escaped to roam free through the neighbouring jungle for days at a time and built up a relationship with some of the local Lizardfolk who would lead her back close to the Estate when they grew weary of her questions.
On her 16th Birthday, supposedly her ascension into womanhood, all that her father gave her was a slash across her right eye with a broken wine glass after it had held one too many drinks for him to handle. Blinded in that eye and shunned by her father after her worth as an arranged wife was now non-existent, she turned to both dancing and blade work to keep herself occupied.
When she turned 18, instead of the inheritance money that her older brother had gotten, she received a demand to vacate the Estate and be gone from her father's sight. Her mother had saved some money for just such an occasion however and although the 900 gold her mother gave her as she left was nowhere near what her brother received, it was enough to commission a Wand Rifle like her father's from the plans she "borrowed". She used the rest to purchase a fine Rapier from the best weaponsmith in town and outfit herself for a life of adventure.
She now spends her time between roaming the jungle, furthering her bonds with the local Lizardfolk and staying in town at her Father's Manor. He is rarely there, preferring to spend his time at the Plantation Estate. The one time he did turn up while she was there, he said nothing: literally said nothing to her the entire two days they were living there together.

She is now starting to prepare herself for another adventure to get back into the swing of things after a couple of months lazing around town and watching the remains of her money dwindle. She is thinking of heading back out to the Jungle to visit some of the local Lizardfolk and see if they need anything done. That is of course if something better doesn't come along within the next couple of days...

Ten Foot Twin Eater
Ten grew up on her father's Plantation as the steward of a Nun. He was made fun of by the other children and workers, but Joleesa took a liking to him and even though there was an age difference, the two became close friends. Joleesa thinks of him as her little brother and feels closer to him than her older brother Callum, who runs the day to day business of the Plantation. When she left, she lost contact with Ten, but has recently renewed their acquaintance after she spotted him in Opal City.

Tobias Marshalsea
Tobias is a member of Joleesa's Sword Circle. She gets on well enough with him, more so than some of the others in the group who are just lazy fops.

Lizardfolk Tribes
Tribe of the Sun: Joleesa trades Potions with this tribe for Chocolate she "borrows" from her father's Plantation.
Tribe of the Clawed Leaper: Joleesa has helped this Tribe repulse Undead attacks on numerous occasions. In return, they have taught her to ride their signature riding mounts the Leaper.

Circle of the Raptor
Joleesa knew of Sword Circles from her Father's association with his own Circle. When she was forced from the Plantation, she sought to join one of her own. She found what she was looking for in the Circle of the Raptor. Named after a quick striking and deadly saurian, this Circle was made up of the disenfranchised youth of Opal City's Noble and Mercantile Classes. Others like herself who had been forced from their families or had voluntarily left them, the Circle was all about finding ways to discredit and annoy their parents. This suited her goals perfectly and although she was somewhat of a loner within the Circle, she stayed a member. Her association with the Lizardfolk was also something she couldn't ignore when considering joining.

Joleesa is someone who definitely stands out in a crowd. At 6'5" she towers above most people, but not only that, her flame red hair and pale complexion contrast markedly with most inhabitants of Opal City.
She is lean. Not skinny, but she has a very tight physique that favours the lithe over the muscular.
Her hair falls to mid back and she commonly wears it either free and loose or in a braid.
Her skin is pale, with red freckles along her arms, chest, legs and across her nose and cheeks.
A black Eye Patch, highlighted by tiny red gemstones covers her right eye, with the straps running diagonally from under her right ear to her left temple. Underneath it, there is a small vertical scar that crosses a milky orb. Her left eye however is a vibrant green colour and it seems to twinkle with mischievousness.
She is most commonly dressed in black pants and knee length black leather boots. She wears a loose fitting red (or white if the occasion calls for it) long sleeved shirt, under which she wears a chain shirt. If she knows she is going to be in the sun for any length of time, she also wears a wide brimmed black hat.
A fine rapier is scabbarded at her left hip and a whip is curled at the ready just behind it. The Rapier's hilt is carved to resemble a large hunting dinosaur. The dinosaur's tail curves around to form the hand guard, with the body forming the grip and its mouth open in a silent roar as it's pommel.
A strange looking weapon, similar to a crossbow with a fine blade protruding from under it, but without the crosspiece, lays in a sheathe across her back.
A signet ring with the Morvais family Crest can be seen sparkling on her left ring finger and a small lapel pin bearing a clawed saurian foot is attached to each point of her collar.

She is a usually quite withdrawn and despite her appearance doesn't like to draw attention to herself. The only people who she has formed any kind of relationship with are Ten and some of the native Lizardfolk tribes who grudgingly accept her assistance in repelling the occasional undead attack and who trade potions with her freely because of this.

Joleesa recently purchased a Will-O-Wisp Flyer and named him Lumien. He can be seen perched on her shoulder, his tail swaying behind her as she walks. She is planning to train him to obey some simple commands in Greenspeak (just like ‘Wheezy’).


Female Human Rogue/Swashbuckler 1/4
Chaotic Good, Medium Humanoid (Human)

Initiative +8; Senses Perception +8

Languages Concordant, Salt, Greenspeak

AC 22, touch 18, flat-footed 16; (+4 armour, +2 deflection, +4 Dex, +2 dodge, + shield)
CMD 20
hp 53 (47)
Fort +6, Ref +12, Will +2

Speed 30ft.
Base Attack +4 CMB +8
Melee +9 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX, +1 Enchantment) Raptorstrike 1d6+3 18-20x2 (P)
Melee +9 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX, +1 MW) Masterwork Rapier 1d6+2 18-20x2 (P)
Melee +5 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX, +1 MW, -4 Non-Proficiency) Wand Rifle Bayonet 1d6+2 19-20x2 (P)
Melee +8 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX) Light Mace 1d6+2 x2 (B)
Melee +4 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX, -4 Non-Proficiency) Scorpion Whip 1d4+2 x2 (S) disarm, reach, trip
Ranged +5 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX, +1 Rifle, -4 Non-Proficiency) Wand Rifle Ray 1d6 x2 (ray of flame)
Ranged +5 (+4 BAB, +4 DEX, +1 Rifle, -4 Non-Proficiency) Wand Rifle Ray - (ray of clumsiness)
Special Attacks Thrust +2d6; Raptorstrike Smite [x][x][x]

STR 14, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 14
SPECIAL ABILITIES Trapfinding +1; Evade +2

Deft Dodger +1 Trait Bonus to Reflex Saves
Rich Parents Base Starting Gold becomes 900gp

Toughness [1st Level]
Agile Maneuvers [Bonus Human]
Weapon Finesse [1st Swashbuckler]
Mobility [3rd Level]
Improved Initiative [3rd Swashbuckler]
Combat Reflexes [5th Level]

Acrobatics +10
Appraise +6
Bluff +2
Climb +1
Craft (-) +2
Diplomacy +2
Disable Device +12
Disguise +2
Escape Artist +3
Fly +3
Handle Animal +7
Heal +0
Intimidate +2
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6
Knowledge (Local) +6
Knowledge (Nature) +3
Perception +8
Perform (Dance) +7
Perform (-) +2
Ride +7
Sense Motive +0
Sleight of Hand +10
Stealth +11
Survival +1
Swim +1
Use Magic Device +10
Armour Check Penalty -1


Raptorstrike (8,320gp)
Masterwork Rapier (320gp)
Wand Rifle (400gp)
Light Mace (5gp)
Scorpion Whip (5gp)

Clothes & Armour
Masterwork Chain Shirt (250gp)
Traveller’s Outfit [Black Pants, Red Shirt, White Shirt, Black Boots, Black Wide Brimmed Hat] (Free)
Noble's Outfit [Fine Black Dress and undergarments] (75gp)
Signet Ring with The Morvais Family Crest (5gp)
Black Eye Patch, bordered by tiny Red Carnelian Gemstones (50gp)

Magic Items
Hooded Black Velvet Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000gp)
Ring of Protection +2 (8,000gp)

3x Cure Light Wounds (112gp, 5sp - 37gp, 5sp each)
1x Shield of Faith (37gp, 5sp)


Wand of ray of flame; 1st (750gp) [49 charges]
Wand of ray of clumsiness; 1st (750gp) [50 charges]

Backpack (2gp)
Flint and Steel (1gp)
Whetstone (2cp)
Waterskin (1gp)
2x Sacks (2sp)
5x Sunrods (10gp)
Silk Rope, 50’ (10gp)
Small Steel Mirror (10gp)
Map Case w/ a Map of Opal City and a Map of the surrounding area (3gp)

Masterwork Thieves Tools (100gp)

Belt Pouch (1gp)
0pp, 0gp, 4sp, 28cp

Dar'mok 'Wheezy':

This large bipedal dinosaur has a crest of brilliant green and blue feathers descending along its spine, widening out into a large circular fan at the end of its long tail. Its two front legs are small and atrophied, but its powerful back legs are corded with muscle and equipped with long claws. Its hide is a dull greenish color, tiger-striped with blood red markings.
A large scar runs across his throat, the product of an attack by a zombie while he was sleeping. This wound means that his breathing comes out as a soft wheezing sound. This does not affect his breathing in any other way and in all respects he is a healthy specimen. This deformity ruined his chances of fetching a good price as a riding animal and so Joleesa's friends in the Tribe of the Clawed Leaper offered him to her, along with the training to ride him, as payment for her help with undead incursions into their territory.
His name is Dar'mok, but she has taken to calling him 'Wheezy'.

Male Leaper
Neutral Large Animal
Inititiative +3; Peception +11; Low Light Vision

AC 16 (+3 DEX, +3 Natural) Touch 13, Flat Footed 13

HP: 32
Fortitude +6, Reflex +6, Will +2

Speed 70ft

Base Atk +2; CMB +5
Melee +5 (+2 BAB, +3 STR) Rear Talon 1d8+2 x2 (S)
Melee +0 (???) Bite 1d6+1 (P)
Special Attacks: Leaping Slash; Pounce

STR 16, DEX 17, CON 16, INT 2, WIS 12, CHA 8

Weapon Finesse

Acrobatics +16
Perception +11
Stealth +9
Survival +11
"Wheezy" has a +6 racial bonus on Acrobatics, Perception, Stealth, and Survival Checks.

Leaping Slash (Ex): As a standard action, "Wheezy" can leap at a foe and make a normal melee attack to deliver a powerful slash with his sickle-clawed feet. If this attack hits, it inflicts 2d8+3 points of damage. He can target a creature up to 10' away with his leaping slash. This attack can only be used when Joleesa is not riding him.

Pounce (Ex): If "Wheezy" charges, he can make a full attack.


This small insectivorous flying lizard has bright green feathers and a bioluminescent tail that glows with a greenish light. The tail is bright enough to see by, but isn't quite as bright as a good torch. His tail and pheromones attract insects to him, which he then eats. This means that Joleesa isn't bothered by the insects common to Mazatil.
Male Will-O-Wisp Flyer
Neutral Tiny Animal
Inititiative +3; Peception +1; Low Light Vision

AC 15 (+3 DEX, +2 Size) Touch 15, Flat Footed 12

HP: 3
Fortitude +2, Reflex +5, Will +1

Speed 30ft; Fly 60' (Average)

Base Atk +0; CMB -2
Melee +0 Bite 1d4-2 (P)

STR 6, DEX 17, CON 10, INT 2, WIS 12, CHA 8

Weapon Finesse

Acrobatics +9
Fly +10
Perception +1
Stealth +9
Survival +1
Lumien has a +6 racial bonus on Acrobatics, Fly and Stealth Checks.

Glowing Tail (Ex) Lumien's tail glows with a green light. This illuminates the square he is in only (5').




+1 Rapier of Dinodoom
3/day as a Swift Action Joleesa can deliver a Smite attack against any Dinosaur of Large Size or bigger. This Smite deals an additional 1d6 points of damage per size category, starting at Large (1d6 Large, 2d6 Huge, etc...).

Wand Rifle
This wooden-barreled device can be loaded with up to two separate wands, enabling its wielder to cycle between them as a free action as desired. The rifle’s slender barrel provides a +1 circumstance bonus on ranged touch attacks with discharged rays. Wand rifles are frequently outfitted with serrated bayonets, which share the statistics of short swords. Using a wand rifle properly (either with a ray or with its bayonet) requires the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. For the purpose of adding magical enhancements, the wand rifle’s bayonet is always considered masterwork. The wand rifle itself is not truly a weapon and cannot be enhanced as one.
A wand rifle costs 400 gp and weighs 3 pounds.

Both of these Spells are coded for a 1st Level Wand
Ray of Clumsiness
Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Range: Close (25ft)
Effect: Ray
Duration: 1 minute
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
Ranged Touch Attack.
The target takes a penalty to Dexterity equal to 1d6 +1

Ray of Flame
Evocation [Flame]
Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Range: Close (25ft)
Effect: Ray
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None (see below)
Spell Resistance: Yes
Ranged Touch Attack.
The Ray deals 1d6 fire damage.
The target must also make a Reflex Save or catch fire, taking 1d6 points of fire damage immediately and then another 1d6 fire damage each round until the flames are put out (DC 15 Reflex Save; Core Rulebook p.444 Catching Fire).