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Full Name

Jax "Boots" Wolfwood


Pahtra Space Pirate Envoy 10 / Soldier 1 | sp 89 | hp 71 | rp 11 | init +14 | perc +16 | KAC 28 | EAC 27 | Fort 9 | Ref 13 | Will 11 | Speed 40







Special Abilities

DV 60, Nimble, Talented, Wary, Skill Expertise (Sense Motive, Intimidation, Bluff), Get'Em, Rattling Presence, Saving Expertice (Will), Inspiring Boost, Double Tap, Coordinated Barrage, Improved Get'em, Seize the Advantage






Absalom Station


Common, Pahtra, Vesk


Smuggler, Musician

Strength 13
Dexterity 22
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 20

About Jax "Boots" Wolfwood 2.0

By his 17th year, Jax has been living the same life only now on his own after leaving the old man some time around his 13th or 14th year. He has now become a handsome young man with a very distinguishable feature. A pair of very fancy boots. He has made a bit of a name for himself amongst some of the locals. A friend to some and an enemy to others.

One day at the docks, Jax was on another journey to see what treasures he could pry from these dumb pirates. He would set up a spot where he could perform his "trade", perch himself atop a barrel and begin to play a song. Any who were drawn in by his performance would either tip him or pay to hear a specific song of a tale. One such pirate by the name of Captain Jivago Sunderland, also known as "Large" by his crew, took interest in Jax as soon as he heard the soothing melody flowing from the strings of his instrument. He asked for a song of one of his tales. Jax asked for Jivago's triumphant moments and he would begin a tune. While reciting the song, he made his way around the crew and captain, singing and dancing around till he vanished without a trace. He had snagged several credit sticks with many credits within, though his luck was not so well earned as he had hoped for not long after his prize, he was found and knocked out for his thievery.

Not long later, he awoke to the presence of Captain Jivago, standing right before him. After a moment of sizing him up, Jivago said to Jax, "I'm going to call you Boots." He explained he was so astonished by Jax's performance he did not even notice he was being robbed. So, not to pass up the opportunity he took Jax under his wing and now became part of the Free Captains. for the next 15 years Jax "Boots" would learn his place amongsth the Free Captains. Diplomacy, Bribery, Interrogation, Commanding and Deceit, these were all the things he would become great at and define him as the man he is today, an Envoy of the Pirate Counsel. Through his journeys, most along side Captain "Large", his time with the Free Captains has lead him to this moment. The Pirate Counsel wants eyes and ears in the Starfinder Society and as a member of the Acquisitives he'd make a wonderful name for himself. Jax has been personally asked by the counsel to undertake this position, for they would not ask anyone else. "Now go to Absalom Station and await further contact. Our hopes now rest with you Captain Jax Wolfwood." Graciously accepting the offer Jax bows to the counsel, "I prefer Boots."

BAB: 8
Cruel Disruption Pistol, Major: Attack +16 Damage 3d6+5 Sonic
Boost 2d6. Roll of 1 results in Damage to self.

Cruel Gale Baton, Cyclone: Attack +14 Damage 3d8+1 Cryo
Deflect, Operative

Mighty Vocal Cords: 30' diameter Shaken condition for 1d4+1 rounds. Will save DC 17 to negate.

Inspiring Boost: 25 or 35 w/ RP, 30 ft

Abilities: Improved Get'em 60ft (move or standard), Coordinated Barrage 60ft (move), Seize the Advantage 60ft (reaction)

[dice=Cruel Gale Baton, Cyclone vs EAC, Cold]1d20+14; 3d8+1[/dice]

[dice=Cruel Gale Baton, Cyclone vs EAC, Cold + Improved Get'em]1d20+14+2; 3d8+1[/dice]

[dice=Cruel Disruption Pistol vs EAC, Sonic]1d20+16; 3d6+5[/dice]

[dice=Cruel Disruption Pistol vs EAC + Improved Get'em, Sonic]1d20+16+2; 3d6+5[/dice]

[dice=Sword and Pistol vs EAC + Improved Get'em, Cold and Sonic]1d20+14+2-4; 3d8+1; 1d20+16+2-4; 3d6+5[/dice]


Acrobatics +22
Athletics +14
Bluf +12 +1d6+2
Computers 1
Culture +7
Diplomacy +18 +1d6+2
Disguise +5
Engineering +1
Intimidate +19 +1d6+2
Life Science 1
Medicine 1
Mysticism 2
Perception +16
Physical Science 1
Piloting +20
Profession (Smuggler)
Profession (Musician) +5
Sense Motive +15 +1d6+2
Sleight of Hand +6
Stealth +22
Survival 2

Feat: Improved Demoralize, Weapon Focus (Small Arms), Double Tap, Mobility, Improved Initiative, Slippery Shooter

Class Feat: All weapons proficiencies and Shields. Weapon Specialization (Small Arms and Basic Melee). Light and Heavy armor proficiencies.



D-Suit III
Adv. Semi auto pistol
Ring of Resistance mk 1
Personal Comm
Starstone Compass
Consumer Backpack
Hygiene Kit (back at ship)
Musical instrument
Everyday Environmental Clothing
+2 circumstance bonus to Fort saves against environmental cold and heat climates and a +2 circumstance bonus to Acrobatics or Athletics checks to stop movement or climb along handholds in zero-g
Travel Outfit (Boots)
+2 miles per 8 hour day of overland movement and +1 circumstance bonus to Con checks to avoid taking nonlethal damage resulting from a forced march
Mk 1 personal upgrade +4 dex
Mk 2 personal upgrade +2 cha

Credits: 11

Carrying Capacity: 5 | 6 | 12
Current 2.6