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Starfinder Developer, Paizo

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I'm a Developer at Paizo, working on Adventure Paths alongside Jason Keeley. I've been at Paizo since March of 2018, and was an editor before moving to Starfinder. I wrote Starfinder AP #18: Assault on the Crucible, Pathfinder AP #151: The Show Must Go On, and Starfinder AP #27, the title of which has not been announced as of this writing. I've contributed to the Character Operations Manual, Alien Archive 3, and a lot more.

I earned my Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Riverside, and then taught as an Assistant Professor of English at the College of Coastal Georgia from 2012-2017. I taught writing, British literature from Beowulf to Milton, comics & graphic novels, film, and American culture.

I'm also the author of many RPG products, going back a couple of decades. I've written the urban fantasy RPG Arthur Lives!, for Fate Core; the Super Villain Handbook and The Great Game for Icons, M&M, and many other systems; and I've written material for 3e, Savage Worlds, MERP, and other game systems and companies now lost to the ether but remembered fondly on your bookshelf.

I can be found on Twitter @doctorcomics