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galvatron42 wrote:
Well, we are new to the Society play and are planning on having our second game this Sunday. Myself and another member of my group have agreed to take turns running the Society games to give both of us a chance to play. My question is regarding how to report these events. I registered our Society games on my profile as a Society home game and have an event number for it. When I am running the scenario, I report it with this number. When my friend runs a scenario (as he will this Sunday), does he report it under my event number or does he have to create his own? I'm sorry if that sounds confusing, but I'm not sure how else to word the question. Thanks for any help you can offer.

I'd have him make a new event under his name just to keep it straight. someone else on here might give you different advice, but I think that would work well. That way it's less "your" society games, and more "This DM's" society game, and "That DM's" society game, with a similar but not identical set of players.

In any case, the reporting is the responsibility of the DM, and you probably don't want your friend using your profile to report stuff!

Edit: What Josh said. As usual.

Tarren Dei wrote:
Josh, I understand that you are swamped but should we still expect to get confirmation you've received something within 72 hours? I've sent the same thing twice since the beginning of March with no confirmation that you got it.

Hey Tarren, I had the same problem. I shot Josh an email at his personal paizo account and he found it in the junk mail folder. Oops. Might be worth trying before he gets around to reading this, though it sounds like his email box is full of volunteer emails too!

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Changes are coming. :-)

Received in the exact tone of someone saying, "The Dark is rising."


Alizor wrote:

While I think the factions meant more in Season 0, as has been said, I do feel a definite difference between characters of each faction. As for some ideas to exploit these more...:

1.Include a faction dependent scenario.

What if you have a group that doesn't have all 5 factions? Or a preponderance of a single faction? (i.e., 4 players, 3 are Cheliax, 1 is Taldor or something like that.

Alizor wrote:
4.two Pathfinder groups are racing against the same thing

Same problem as #1. PLUS this could lead towards fighting amongst the party, which is something that Pathfinder Society doesn't do, could cause anger/bitterness/fights amongst PLAYERS, or evil acts by characters.

Good idea though. Be very hard to pull off for the above reasons.

#2 was a good idea.

Several prestige classes from the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting are listed in Chapter 13 as legal to play, but no mention is made of the variant class features of the base classes in that book. I presume this means that these variants are not legal?

thanks Josh!

James Jacobs wrote:


In fact... for me, it's preferable to get in a manuscript with absolutely NO formatting as opposed to one that attempts to mimic our styles without actually using the styles. We generally supply our writers with blank documents that have our styles built in... all outlines we provide have them as well. But if you're not comfortable working with styles in MS Word, it's probably better to just write without any formatting at all. (Bold face and italics are usually fine, though.)

Well, at least I found out before I sent in my submission. Thanks, east coast snowstorm! A-relayoutin' I will go.

Thanks for the heads-up guys.

Hmm, good points. It can be tricky.

But the intro to Parts 1 and 2 both say that while it's best to play them in sequential order, you don't have to. Haven't checked what Part 3 says, but I bet it's the same.

Plus if you start part 1 with a 7th level character, you'll level out before you get to part 4 anyway. But if you set it up where the scenarios are at different Tiers, a character who starts at 1st level won't have enough levels to play in a higher tier range Part 4 if they want to do all 4 parts of Devil We Know in a sequence.

So I think that this interwoven ones will be more appealing when they're all available (i.e., say in Season 2 when a new player/character can look back and say, "cool, let's run this 4 part series.") On the other hand, if they're memorable and fun, it should be pretty easy to get a refresher course on the plot and importance of any previous ones.

Part 4 will be in April, so it's not that far away.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Paizo doesn't use ALL CAPS for *anything.*

Huh. Well, hell.

I presume that the Pathfinder Society Scenarios use the same layout too, so all those Caps-lookin'-things are also a font/style?

taig wrote:

The idea behind the knowledge history was to show a more "ancient" aspect to the scroll and give arcane casters more of an opportunity to create the scroll. I would have loved a knowledge philosophy, but I didn't want to make up a new knowledge skill up in my item.

I really appreciate you looking at my item and giving me some great criticism. I'll definitely be back for my 4th go-round, and I hope you'll be back next year too. Thanks!

Hmm, I get the background to your knowledge requirements, but most wondrous items don't require much more than a spell and Craft Wondrous Item. Unless it's really tied into the CREATION of the item, I'd leave that out. Having Knowledge (history) doesn't make it easier or not for arcane casters to create it, it seems more appropriate for knowing when an ancient Spirit Scroll is from and who made it, but that's just a normal Knowledge check. It just limits who could make it, and that's already accomplished by spell requirements, so a sorcerer without Knowledge skills would be at a disadvantage to a wizard. Read the items in the Pathfinder book and see which ones have any additional requirements, it's pretty interesting!

Anyway, you're welcome, hope it helped some! Yeah, I'll be back next year too. I'm working on a Pathfinder Society submission now, you got any more of those in mind with the new format?

taig wrote:

Spirit Scroll

Aura moderate enchantment and necromancy; CL 9th
Slot –; Price 6,000 gp; Weight
This scroll consists of two ancient wooden reinforcing rods and a sheet of papyrus; faint murmurs and wispy shapes issue forth from the item. Once per day the scroll generates a fortune, and, when a character opens the scroll and reads the fortune, a related spirit infuses him with a power he chooses from the list below. The effect lasts for 1 day and may not be chosen again until at least 2 others have been chosen.

  • +1 deflection bonus to armor class
  • +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls
  • +2 enhancement bonus to damage rolls
  • +2 resistance bonus to all saving throws
  • +5 competence bonus to a class skill chosen by the owner

10% of the time, a capricious spirit infuses the reader and changes the effect to become a penalty instead. The spirit acknowledges wisdom comes through adversity and, once during the day, allows its unfortunate target to roll twice for a d20 roll and take the more favorable result.

The scroll snaps shut once its owner reads the fortune, but a character can force it open again with a DC 16 Strength check. If he succeeds, the whispers become shrieks, shadows swirl around the character, and the scroll targets him with bestow curse (Will DC 16) which also destroys the item if he fails to save. On a successful save, he may choose an additional effect subject to the above conditions, but the scroll becomes blank and unusable as the spirits depart until the next day.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, heroism, magic jar, creator must have 5 ranks in Knowledge (history or religion); Cost 3,000...

Hey Taig, hope you don't mind me adding my opinions on your item.

I wouldn't have said "item" in the first sentence, you can use scroll again! "...from the scroll."

The usage is a bit overcomplicated, why not just say "once per day the user may read the scroll to gain a fortune"?

If you're going for the randomness of fortune, maybe the 5 options should have been randomly picked each time, but that's rare in wondrous items, and the judges don't like it, and I bet most players wouldn't. So that's probably bad advice. Maybe a starting bonus each time, or 7 different ones, one for each day of the week? Don't know, just thinking aloud.

The 10% part is also complicated. So 10% of the time it is a penalty? I presume the reverse of the 5 listed? You don't say exactly, state it out for the dumb ones of us! BUT then you can reroll? After you're cursed? Um, okay, I think I understand, but that's complicated again.

You're getting the capriciousness of fortune pretty well, but much like a deck of many things, you really have to wonder how many people would actually want to risk it. They want bonuses to stuff, not a 1 in 10 chance of getting screwed for a day. Make sure your item is appealing enough to be grabbed up, not sold off for its gp value at the first chance.

The snapping shut scroll part is cool! That you can do some good stuff with. That seems to be the most "mojo" part of your item, I would have liked to see more with it.

As for the requirements, why knowledge history or religion if you're dealing with fortune? The history part is almost the opposite of future fortunes, though I can see the religious angle if you know something about gods of luck. Bestow Curse is also rough, you don't want to end up making a cursed item on purpose! Go for the gusto.

Hope my unsolicitedness helps some!

Ninjaiguana wrote:


Aura faint conjuration; CL 1st
Slot throat; Price 1,300 gp; Weight -
A bilegrub appears to be a small maggot made of jet. When placed on the tongue, it animates and crawls to the roof of your mouth, where it burrows into the soft palate. Once the grub is attached, its magic imbues your saliva with acidic properties. You are immune to the acid created in this way. The acidic saliva denatures one round after exiting your mouth, and so cannot be stored.

While the grub is attached, each successful bite attack you make deals an extra 1 point of acid damage. This does not grant you a bite attack if you do not already possess one. Three times per day as a standard action, you may expectorate into the eyes of a creature within 30 ft. by making a ranged touch attack. If you hit, the spittle does 1d3 acid damage, and the creature must make a Reflex save (DC 10) or be blinded for 1 round. Finally, the acid can eat through objects constructed of rope or wood. Each round spent chewing at an object constructed of these materials does the object 1 point of acid damage, ignoring hardness.

Despite the unusual method of equipping the grub, you can remove it at any time.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, acid splash; Cost 650 gp

Well, you didn't ask for anyone else's opinion, but I'ma gonna give it to ya anyway!

Well, points for gross. Guh. Yeah, as someone said, this is a classic "no slot" item. I think the flavor is alright, it's just not a tasty one! Nice one on the grub burrowing in. Guh again!

You could have said "carved out of jet" instead of "made of jet" to get across the fact that its NOT an actual grub, but an item that animates up. There were some magicked up real things rather than magicked items this year it seems.

Expectorate is a great word, but it seems a bit high-falooting here. After all, the Giant Slug doesn't have Expectorate Acid (Ex).

Nice catch on PCs trying to manufacture acid for sale. Again, "denatures" might be too much. The acid splash spell acid just "disappears" after one round, that would work here.

Acid splash as a spell is WAY weak for the effect you're getting. 1d3 for one round, but you're pulling it off all the time? PLUS 3 1d3 acid attacks per day? A more powerful acid spell would have been more appropriate (note that I am too lazy to suggest any).

Hmm, but looking at it, these are all kinda minor benefits, though cool ones. How many people would want this? You need a bite attack for one, and it gives little benefit to those who do. So maybe if it did 1d6 or even 2d6 with each spit (the giant slug has 10d6, live it up!). Plus a higher number on the chewing through stuff. The blindness trick is a nice bonus, it is true, but a Reflex save implies you could miss the damage in the first place, rather than shake off the blindness. Fortitude might have been more appropriate, though I can see an argument for Reflex. In either case, DC 10???? Again, way low, it makes the blindness trick almost a negligible effect.

Hope that helps!

Steven T. Helt wrote:

Boots of the Sea Treader

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot feet; Price 10,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Commonly crafted from the hide of an aquatic predator, these boots frequently sport
scales or small fins as decoration on the calf. The wearer of such footwear can walk
on water using her land speed, including charging or running. As a swift action, the
wearer may also fall into the water and stand, upside down, on the underside of the
While attached to the surface of the water (above or below it), the wearer suffers
no penalties to fighting underwater. If the wearer is tripped or fails an Acrobatics check
(as when charging over choppy waves), or is carrying more than a light load, the boots
cease to provide any benefits. Reactivating their power is a standard action, after
coming back into contact with the water’s surface.
Boots of the sea treader confer no ability to breathe under water.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, freedom of movement, water walking; Cost 5,000 gp

Cool name. Nice description too.

The spell name is just water walk now.

Man, I had to look up a few rules on the underwater stuff to see what you were or weren't messing with! Let's see.

I don't know why you threw in the Acrobatics bit, water walk makes you actually walk ABOVE the surface, rather than on it. I guess choppy waves would be difficult ground, so that's kinda clever. Throwing in new rules concepts ain't bad. Charging isn't allowed over difficult terrain, so is your water charge over choppy terrain a new rule as well? Seems like you're tweaking a lot of standards rather than focusing on a single good one. The light load penalty is a nice touch too.

But with the spell, you're not really attached to the surface, so you might be complicating it up a bit. The main tweak on yours is the cool upside down move, but that might not be carried out enough in what you actually said. NO penalties to underwater combat? What about throwing or shooting objects? Or doing that up THROUGH the water? Even freedom of movement doesn't give you those, but your boots do.

Saying "charging or running" implies that you can ONLY do those and a walk. Might have been better to just say "normal base move".

Is it reversible, i.e., to get back on top of the surface if you swift upside down?

Finally, I would have said "underwater" instead of "under water."

Hope this helps some!

Azmahel wrote:

Ferryman's Toll
Aura faint abjuration and necromancy; CL 5th
Slot throat; Price 1400 gp; Weight
This small pouch, which holds two tarnished silver coins, is made of chafed, gray burial shroud, and worn around the neck with a simple leather strip. Some pouches also contain other mostly archaic symbols of life, death and passage such as animal bones, salt or scarabs, but the coins are always present. All items except for the coins may safely be removed from the pouch, but should the coins ever be removed the ferryman's toll ceases to function until they are returned.

The ferryman's toll enforces the natural passage between life and death, and prevents malevolent spirits from returning. It is highly prized by those who fear the wrath of a recently deceased as well as those who battle the undead and wish not to join their ranks should they falter.

As long as the ferryman's toll is placed around the neck of a dead creature it prevents the creature from rising as an undead for any reason. If worn by a living creature, it gains the same protection from rising as an undead should it die, but it is also bolstered against some of their most feared attacks, gaining a +2 sacred bonus on all saving throws against curses and diseases from undead creatures. If the ferryman's tolls wearer is dying, he suffers a -2 penalty on Constitution checks to stabilize himself.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, bleed, consecrate, remove curse, remove disease; Cost 700 gp

Hmmm, you know, I was kind of caught up in the imagery you used for the NON-coin items, those were pretty cool and more evocative for me, since the 2 coins for Charon is the standard Greek imagery. You could have just said "This pouch, made from a burial shroud (nice touch there) contains symbols of life, death and passage, typically two tarnished silver coins, though some may contain animal bones, salt or scarabs." Most items use only one or two lines of description before getting into the rest of it.

The extra stuff about removing the items is interesting but superfluous to your item. You should have clarified if there was a time delay on placing the Toll around the neck of a dead person, like if someone is killed by a shadow, how quickly do you have to put it on them to save them?

Same with the "but it is also bolstered against some of their most feared attacks" part, not necessary when describing some of the extra rules benefits, though it does help be entertaining when reading.

Don't know if someone else got this in an earlier review of yours, but for the nit-picky, there should be a comma separating the thousand and hundred gp values: 1,400 gp instead of 1400 gp.

That's a lot of spell requirements too, I don't know if that's a good sense that you tried to put too much into your item or not, but keep an eye on it.

Hope some of that helps!

Azmahel wrote:

Lord Alvaro’s Most Useful and Dashing Egress Cape

longest name so far.
Make this the Juggernaut's helm and you are in.
Add a bonus to bull rush attempts for extra ice cream.
When not thinking of juggernaut when reading this item I think of this:
I don't know which is more awesome

Ha! Thanks Azmahel, that's not exactly what I was going for, but it's pretty applicable!

And thanks for the keen image flashback! Here's one for you.

Never tell me the odds!

I think what Sean was really trying to tell you is that you can save 3 words by saying your monster has "DV" and "LLV" instead!

As your attorney, I advise you to never take any of my advice.

Thanks for your time, Clark!

As with last year, should anyone care to comment on my item, I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. If anyone has questions about what I was thinking, I will try to explain (but I hope to see how it comes across without the creator process as a footnote first!)

Lord Alvaro’s Most Useful and Dashing Egress Cape
Aura faint abjuration and evocation; CL 5th
Slot shoulders; Price 8,100 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This fashionably cut cape of bejeweled and bright fabric aids the wearer’s movement through windows, stoutly barred doors, or even thin walls. Whenever the wearer attempts to smash or break an unattended object, they treat the object’s hardness as reduced by 5 and add a +5 bonus to their Strength check to break the object. The wearer must move at least 10 feet (2 squares) directly toward the object immediately before each attempt to gain the benefit of the cape. If the wearer successfully smashes the object’s hit points to 0 or breaks the object with their Strength check, they may then move again. Their total movement for the round may not exceed their normal speed.
In addition, the cape grants damage reduction 10/— against any damage caused by breaking the object, such as shards of glass or collapsing masonry, but not incidental damage, such as that caused by falling out of a broken window. After the cape has prevented 50 hp of damage to the wearer, it ceases to function until repaired from its bedraggled appearance by a casting of mending.
Once per day, as a free action, the wearer may shout the proper command, adding either an additional 20 points of damage to their smash attempt or an additional +5 bonus to their Strength check to break the object (for a total bonus of +10).
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, shatter, shield, creator must have 2 ranks in Craft (clothing); Cost 4,050 gp

James Jacobs wrote:

Technically, monsters with racial HD do not lose ability scores for HD reductions. Their HD scores show them as-is at their standard baseline. While they DO gain +1 to an ability score each time they gain enough HD to hit a number divisible by 4 (not by every 4 HD above their starting HD), they do not lose a +1 to an ability score for lowering their HD. Their ability scores just aren't built that way, after all. (And reducing a monster's HD is a kind of strange thing to do anyway...).

Right, I was less wanting to LOWER a monster's HD than figure out what variable went into raising it to the standard baseline.

For example, if I was making a Storm Giant who added sorcerer levels, I would assume that he (hopefully) was a more charismatic giant growing up than most of his race, and so of his 19 HD, would have liked the chance to switch his +4 to an ability score from, most likely, his Strength or Con, to his Cha.

So basically I'm trying to min/max a standard Bestiary monster into a unique one, which is partly done by adding the heroic stat bonuses when adding a PC class (so that I could do +4 Cha, -2 Str). I just wish I knew what was a racial bonus and what was from extra HD (which, admittedly, was only given on "monster as PC" monsters in the old 3.5 MMs).

A Man In Black wrote:
Round 2 rules wrote:
Note that if you hit the Preview button, the message board software will tell you what the word count is for your item, which gives you a chance to edit it down if it's over the word count.
Where does it do this? I'm looking at a preview page right now and it doesn't show any wordcount that I can see.

I've never seen it do that either. What I did was put something into Preview, then copy the version out of preview back into a new Word document and run Word Count on that. So all your bold/italics/etc would show up but the BBCode for it wouldn't. The judges are using Word to do the word count after all.

Nice name, btw.

Cool, thanks!

Right, that's what I figured. My question was if you wanted to strip a high CR monster down to its basics for some variant rebuilding, i.e. a charismatic minotaur instead of a strong one, how to find out where the "extra" ability point per 4 HD was put in. Your point about the even addition helps, but what about 8 HD creature that does NOT have two odd ability scores (and why would it, effectiveness wise)? Then you have an 8 HD creature where 2 points of one ability score were boosted by HD rather than racial bonuses. Any idea how to figure that out? I could just guesstimate (i.e., a minotaur probably drops his bonuses in Str, etc), but if there's a better method I'd love to hear it.

Father Dale wrote:

Yup, every fourth HD would give an ability boost to one stat. Note that an ability increases the monster would have gotten for prior HD that it already has are essentially factored in already. So taking a monster with 6 racial HD to 8th would give it a single ability point.

[stuff cut]...

In essence any NPC or monster with levels in a PC class gets to use the 'elite array' of ability stats. Most monsters and NPCs are based on the array of stats of 11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10. The elite array is based on 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

So for example, taking a monster from the bestiary at random, we'll look at the Minotaur. It has stats of 19, 10, 15, 7, 10, 8. Since this is based on the normal array, we can see that the Minotaur is getting a racial boost to ability scores of +8, +0, +4, -4, +0, -2 laid over the normal array of 11, 10 ,11, 11, 10, 10.

Since the minotaur has 6HD, wouldn't it have gotten an ability boost to one stat that is included in its starting stats? So that one point of its stats is NOT a racial boost, but a leveling/HD one?

Vic Wertz wrote:
On a Mac, the en-dash is Option+hyphen; the em-dash is Option+Shift+hyphen.

Thanks! I was cutting and pasting it from Paizo pdfs for my Superstar entry. This is much easier.

Katharan al-Zawree wrote:

Is there a PFS adventure that takes place in Qadira?

Qadiran adventures include:

#3 Murder on the Silken Caravan

#14 Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch

#21 The Eternal Obelisk - Katheer

#27 Our Lady of Silver - Katheer

#39 Citadel of Flame

Hey Josh,

What do you think about adding a timeframe for when you'd like to see what you are currently seeking? I am mulling around one of the ideas you had up for the last batch of submissions (admittedly, most of those fit into the current 1-7 Inner Sea call), but I didn't see the last call until late December.

And do you have a rough idea of how often you'll be updating the list? Even with the current looser requests, inspiration might be different just based on Tier level or geographic setting.


SirUrza wrote:

Actually it does, the image library is a seperate 2gb free download via bittorrent. I just don't have the link anymore.

Is this it?


The "Mapping Objects" link on there? It's 2.92 gb.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Maybe join a patronage project and get your voice and ideas out there with others working toward a project?

Gah, that's what I've done! I joined 3 patronage projects over the last week. It's like some sort of Paizonian scheme to make me support the growth of the industry!

Great fun so far though. Even just the little bit of creative back and forth and a few compliments make me more riled up to create more. Plus interesting to see how many names from these boards I recognize on patronage projects already!

Eight wizards a circling

Seven rods a parting

Starglim wrote:

Thanks for all the comments so far on my ideas! I'll post some comments on various items in a bit.

Mikhaila Burnett wrote:

Advancing Standard

I like this. It's simple and effective. Were it me, I'd like to see some writeup for the standard's use as a weapon since you specifically mentioned the adamantine spike at the tip.

I had thought about that, but wasn't sure if it would confuse the issue.

The standard's shaft is not a magic weapon, but can be employed as a clumsy sort of adamantine longspear with, in total, a -1 penalty to attack rolls.

(Still might be worth doing in some situations.)

Vladislav Rashkovski's successful Top 32 entry from last year was the Scarlet Legionary Banner, which got a lot of judgely criticisms for including a throwaway mention that a desperate standard bearer could, in fact, use it as a weapon. (Since they felt it strayed away from Wondrous Item towards Magical Weapon too much.)

You guys DID read all the previous years's entries before working on your own ideas, right? ;) I almost submitted one that someone had already done until I did that!

Son of a gun. Finally submitted.

Almost submitted last night, but waited til today and reread through my item again, noticing several interesting things - I had missed part of how to calculate the cost, I hadn't bothered to read a spell's description very closely, and the rules don't work quite the way I thought they did! So, uh, after some MORE tweaking, I have sent in something. Guess I did need most of those 300 words after all.

Good luck everybody! See you on the flip side.

Cicattrix wrote:

Why they should steal the documents if they get officially involved in the trial? This could jeopardize their mission and make them the main suspects for the theft, as being directly interested to make those evidences lost. Well, if the PCs failled the first encounter, the second make sense, but now the last encounter becomes obsolete.

I like the ideea, but I am affraid that you lost something in the 750 words stretching process...

Hmm, good catch. First draft, they were going to sneak in and replace the evidence with forged evidence, which they could then reveal as a fake at the trial. But that's pretty complicated to explain in a short outline, as you said. So I made it a simple theft, I should have left it the first way. Oh well.

But I did think that it was a step in not so much proving Arkis's innocence as making it hard to get him sentenced. I figured the guards could still testify that they had SEEN the evidence, so there'd still be a trial. Bah, you're right. Intriguing is complicated stuff!

taig wrote:

Some of the description was confusing or led to questions. I read the first sentence to mean that everyone knows that Siniana is a wererat. You could remove that clause altogether, since the party won't encounter her in the adventure. "...haughty minor functionary Deputy Sub-Prefect Rostam" had me wondering why there would be a Deputy *Sub*Prefect position. Also, stating that Rostam is a "minor functionary" is redundant. These really are nitpicks, but they stuck out to me.

The biggest question I had was about encounter 2: Why would Siniana have the thieves guild plant evidence when she already had bribed guards? Couldn't they plant the evidence? :-)

I like the idea of the creatures being clockwork creatures, but the flesh golem might be a stretch as a proxy. I know we're restricted by the SRD, and Josh doesn't seem to like us bringing in outside sources.

Hey Taig,

Thanks for looking it over! In fact, I *DID* want Siniana to be a pimping wererat chick, walking around in ratwoman form all the time, covered in silks and jewels. This ain't boring Absalom, this is weird and foreign Qadira. Figured it'd be a little more cosmopolitan (after all, ogre mercs, flying carpets, animated siege engines... Katheer is a bit unusual). Plus I was planning on her showing up to gloat at the trial at the end.

And poor Rostam was a Deputy Sub-Prefect to show that he was in the lowest of low spots on the bureaucratic totem pole, hence making his obstruction of the PCs all the more annoying.

Hmmm, I guess the guards COULD have planted the evidence! But then there'd be no dramatic chase scene! Plus if the guards can truthfully testify that they found the evidence, looks worse. Kinda her whole scheme all along, thieves set 'em up, guards knock 'em down. Guess should have had an anonymous tip from her to arrest the PCs, would have worked better.

I was actually kinda proud of flesh golems as a proxy for clockworks. Both are constructs, has damage reduction, chance of going berserk (malfunction), plus healed by electricity and slowed by fire/cold. Big clanking clockwork, sparks shooting off in every direction, fire or cold heating up or freezing gears. It coulda worked, I tells ya!

Thanks for the encouragement!

Scribbling Rambler wrote:
I also wonder whether the style of your 5 encounters would work as well for organized play as it would for a home game. You have 5 encounters, which break down to roleplay/social, trap/puzzle, chase, combat, roleplay/social. Having that many roleplay and "thinking" encounters works well when you have a group that you know, and that know each other, but often doesn't work as well when you have a group of players meeting each other for the first time.

Well, Josh specifically said that he would like less hack n slash all the time, and some more roleplaying, and this scenario seemed perfect for it. But again, you're right, I didn't consider it in terms of time limit for the whole scenario, probably would have run over the time allowed. I think they could have gotten through some of the encounters relatively fast, but it does depend on the group.

Bah, more smashy swordfights next time! Thanks for your thoughts!

Darkjoy wrote:
Minor presentation advice: I would present the title of the scene before the scene, not after.

Good point, I was pulling off from the way someone had submitted earlier (Steven Helt I think) and he put his rules bits explaining each encounter after the description, but as a header I think you're right, it would have worked better.

Thanks for your review!

EricTheRed wrote:

Wow, Jared. I think that's actually well written.

My only concern/critique would be whether that could all be played out in a 4 hour time limit.

Ha! Thanks Eric, I appreciate that. Now I'm a little more encouraged to do something for the next one! (Though a few extra months of ego-healing doesn't hurt either.)

Hmmm, didn't think about the time limit as pushing it too long. I was even gonna throw in a bit about the dragon and wererat watching the courtroom drama at the end from the spectator benches for some extra tension.

Liked this one a lot, didn't have much inspiration for the Mwangi one.

Well, another no go on my end.

If anyone has the time to give their thoughts on my submission, I'd appreciate it. Also like to see anyone else's if they want to post for peer review again.

Here's mine for 27, Our Lady of Silver.


All of Katheer knows Lady Lujayn Siniana, a preening wererat, as the Lady of Silver for her control of the local silver trade and the copious bribes she spreads across the city. However, her prestige as a merchant lord has recently declined with the rise of a cunning and patient blue dragon named Harabanar. Harabanar’s economic growth is rapidly eclipsing Lady Siniana and his import of silversheen from the distant Keleshite Empire threatens her as well. Unable to challenge him directly, she instead struck at his affiliated merchant underlings. First, she betrayed one of the great caravans to a pack of Kabriri cultist ghuls in the deep desert. She then hired the local thieves guild to plant evidence among several of Harabanar’s subsidiary traders tying them to the cult and the caravan’s destruction. Finally, to deflect attention from her own involvement, Lady Siniana also sacrificed a few of her minor merchant contacts. The Satrap’s soldiers seized all of the implicated merchants and they now face a possible death sentence from the Qadiran courts. Harabanar is investigating the charges himself and already suspects Lady Siniana. As a delaying tactic, he made sure that the first trial would be of one of her contacts, Freseol Arkis. Unfortunately for Lady Siniana, she was unaware that Arkis’s small warehouse secretly conceals Katheer’s Pathfinder Lodge. Arkis immediately sent for help from the Pathfinder Society.

The Pathfinders must prove that someone framed Arkis by navigating past obstinate bureaucrats, breaking into a trapped evidence room, chasing a pickpocket in the stinking alleys of Katheer’s tanning district, and avoiding seductive agents of misdirection armed with clockwork assassins. Finally, the Pathfinders must successfully argue Arkis’s case before a bored Qadiran judge who gives equal weight to both the facts and an entertaining presentation.

Harabanar has used his influence to make sure no outsiders interfere in the trials of the merchants. The Pathfinders must use a combination of guile and charm to convince the haughty minor functionary Deputy Sub-Prefect Rostam to grant them permission to become officially involved in Arkis’s trial.

Bureaucratic negotiation with Rostam (EL -)

The main evidence against Arkis is in a heavily trapped room at the courthouse. The Pathfinders must break into the room while avoiding detection, and open a Qadiran puzzle vault to steal the incriminating documents.

Trapped evidence room and puzzle vault (EL 6/9)

Lady Siniana anonymously pays the thieves guild to slip some Kabriri unholy symbols into the Pathfinders’ pockets, hoping to send some bribed guards to arrest the Pathfinders. A thief named Kamash bungles the attempt and flees around reeking vats of dye in the labyrinthine tanning district. If caught, the Pathfinders can force him to testify that someone hired his guild to link them to the lost caravan.

Chasing Kamash around dye pit traps (EL 5/8)

Worried by Kamash’s failure, Lady Siniana has stationed some entertainer assassins at the courthouse to prevent the Pathfinders from appearing at the trial. The seductive entertainers attempt to distract the Pathfinders with some exotic Keleshite constructs until the trial is over. The constructs are actually clockwork assassins that the entertainers will program to “malfunction” if they cannot delay the Pathfinders. Their first target will be Kamash to prevent his testimony; otherwise, they will attempt to kill the Pathfinders.

Delaying entertainment and 1 clockwork assassin (flesh golem) (EL 7) or 3 clockwork assassins (flesh golems) (EL 10)

Finally, the Pathfinders must defend Arkis in the great Courtyard of Judgment before the judge, Alim al-Mahir. Al-Mahir is a cultured man, and bored by many of the cases he judges. Arkis will advise the Pathfinders that an exciting or entertaining presentation will carry more weight with al-Mahir. The Pathfinders must argue against an underhanded prosecutor, while also entertaining al-Mahir with re-enactments of chases, poetic oratory, and magical enhancements.

Courtroom drama (EL -)

If the Pathfinders convince al-Mahir, he dismisses the charges against Arkis and orders an investigation into the true culprit behind the destruction of the caravan. This will eventually expose Lady Siniana and drive her from Qadira, though she flees to another country to rebuild her wealth and try to foil the Pathfinder Society. Harabanar is pleased with the freedom of his merchants and rewards the Pathfinders for their effort. If the Pathfinders fail, Arkis is merely sentenced to prison, but this still damages the Society’s power and reputation in Qadira. Lady Siniana will not forget their attempt to interfere, and Harabanar may even blame the entire event on the Society.

So the Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting says in its country statistics box (pg. 120) that a notable settlement is Sedeq, population 89,760.

But then the writeups on pg. 121 say that other cities of note are Gurat (pop 8490) and Omash (no pop listed), and Sedeq is a mere settlement.

Does this mean that while Sedeq has a larger population, it is less noteworthy due to its focus on the slave trade and little else? Or is the population number possibly a misprint?

Anyone know?

SmiloDan wrote:

And don't forget Ice Pirates!


How could I, after the terrible case of Space Herpes they gave me?

Best Attribute

Charles Evans 25 wrote:


If Boemundo turns up again with stat block in Round 4, one question I will be wanting answered is do living men who served under him still act as followers and/or a cohort out of loyalty to their commander - loyalty which transcends even the gap between the living and the (un)dead? Did he and does he have the Leadership feat, and if not, why not?

Based on his LIVING backstory, yes he should have it. The real trick is who follows him now? He did nuke a good portion of his elite followers with an out-of-control magic item, then comes back as undead. Good times, henchmen!

Jer wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Why did so many of you go with 23?
My co-submitter and I figured we knew more about Andoran's forests than Taldor's slums. We were going to submit for both, but got a late start and ultimately ran out of time.

The suggestion was the Taldor frontier. Taldor's got a bunch of forests, too!

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
HAW! YIKES! Yeah, we'll fix that right away. Should read "750 gp."

Other, much more minor, thing I noticed:

The hp listed in the scenario for the Tier 1-2 Large Viper Snake in Act 6 should be only 13 hp, not 33 (page 13).

(Is there a better way to mention this sorta thing to you? It's pretty minor.)

Thanks Josh, appreciate the input and insight!

Has anyone tried to develop a Tier-variant for RPing or puzzles or what-have-you (any non-combat, really)?

I was considering adding extra clues on a puzzle section, but that rewards lazy players more than level varities. The real thing would be tied to something that evolves in a character as they move through the Tiers, so pretty much skills or something else in that vein. I think I saw that in a recent PFS, or maybe on one of the board posts here.

Hmmm, really it could just be a higher DC for a skill, so that Tier 1 characters are unlikely to hit it, even if they roll a 20, but a Tier 7 character would often roll it, and so on.

I'll have to think about the RPing bits more, see if I can think of anything for those.

Chris Mortika wrote:

As an aside, I'm curious as to why you're looking at Pathfinder Society adventures through the lens of the Pathfinder RPG Beta rules. PFS adventures are always run under the 3.5 rules-set.

Are you running PFS adventures as part of the Beta playtest?

(Come next August, of course, we'll switch, and the adventures will be run under the actual Pathfinder RPG, the rules for which we don't yet have.)

Because I submitted for RPG Superstar, which does use the new Pathfinder Beta rules, and I foolishly made the leap that PFS did as well. Teach me not to reread the Pathfinder Society Guide over and over! Le sigh, all of my calculations for EL were using the Pathfinder RPG rules! It would have been one thing if that section wasn't in the Pathfinder RPG, but in some later DMG-type book, but when I saw them in there, I went rolling merrily along! Which meant I boosted up a lot of the encounters I developed into an even more deadly stratosphere. Oops.

No problem, thanks for giving us some interesting stuff to read! And being very polite about it all while being pummeled in all directions! I hope you have time to post some more about Veddic before the next round really kicks off (or whenever the judges say you can).

Definitely some of the better descriptive writing of the entrants. Perhaps a bit much in some places, though.

Not sure how you reconcile his kidnapping of performers with his deniability of evil acts. Almost all the rest of it seems like good schemes he could pull off as a cunning trickster, but keeping someone against their will would require a lot of magic, brutal oversight from his henchmen, or some impressive brainwashing. I don't see how he'd have the magic to hold it up for long enough, but the other two would be interesting and darker routes for him. I'm impressed by the methods he has, but as someone else said, breaking them out into plot hooks might have served better. I'd recommend that, with the rest of it turned into more of a description of the carnival he's reconstructing. We get an idea of the interactions he has with people, and the carnage he leaves behind him, but what is he building? Is it a mirror of his first carnival? Darkly twisted? I think that'd be more interesting, as his methods are now taboo, why isn't his carnival?

His self-sabotage is a nice quirk, but holds him back a bit too. If he's constantly rebuilding, that damages his reputation in the long run, and if his charm is all that's holding that up, he won't be able to build a new carnival at some point. ("Sure, I worked with Harp for a season, but then he went bonkers and fired us all. Don't work with him, he's not worth it.") But, eh, he is crazy.

Okay, got a few more PFS to compare Encounter Levels on. Here we go.

11: The Third Riddle ELs:

Tier 1-2: 5, 4, 4, 3, 2
Tier 3-4: 8, 6, 5, 7, 3

12: Stay of Execution

Tier 1-2: 3, 3, 4, 3
Tier 3-4: 4, 5, 6, 4
Tier 6-7: 6, 7, 8, 7

13: The Prince of Augustana

Tier 1-2: 2, 3, 5, 3
Tier 3-4: 4, 6*, 8, 6

*It might be 5, it's 5 in the Act 2, 6 in the Tier listing

14: The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch

Tier 1-2: 4, 3, 3, 4*
Tier 3-4: 6, 5, 5, 5
Tier 6-7: 7, 7, 7, 7

*Again, 3 in the Act heading, 4 in the Tier

So there's a spread on the last 4 PFS available. Again, it's interesting seeing where there's a discrepancy between the Tier ELs and not. Impressed by the steady EL 7 in Grandmaster Torch! But really everything in that one is above Tier level at the lower Tiers. Be interesting to compare difficulty reports from players at the various Tiers to see how this affects everyone. You do have a lot options/resiliency at the higher Tiers, versus the more deadly encounters.

Points to Third Riddle and Augustana for encounters that are 3 levels above Tier for Tier 1-2 and 4 above for Tier 3-4. Good times!

Zombieneighbours wrote:
I know what its like to have your child taken in the night and a mockery of it left in place, a child made of sticks and twine and carved bone, but never know. I know what its like to watch a village's young woman to leave into the wood to drink, dance, and learn the mysteries of old gods. I know what it is like to watch them fall upon my brother, and in their lust and hunger leave, nothing buy blood. I know what it is like to build a house with my grand fathers bones ground for mortar. To drive cold iron nails through lightning struck oak and paint sigils with my mothers blood, so that in the dark midwinter's night, the Unseelie court will not enter my families home. All this and more besides. Hungry men with sharks teeth and black eyes, three woman...

Geez Zombie, remind me not to visit your town!

As I said, I went with 24 because the suggestions gave me an idea. Which I then got rid of. Which I then modified terribly. So I probably should have just done 23 instead!

Some posters already harped on a few of these points, but they struck me as well.

Ed Greenwood called Corey low-level, yet at 10th he's on his way to being pretty powerful. If that wasn't an over-powering mistake on your part, then there's a lot of interesting backstory you could flesh out about how he got to this point. You hint at it a lot, with his strange mutilations to his prey, but the Watch has only been after him a YEAR? If he's going out every night, he must have been doing this a lot longer. Perhaps it would have been better if he was moving from city to city as his crime scenes got too hot for him, leading to a rash of terrified citizens in a string of cities who wouldn't go out at night. Either way, you could build up adventure hooks if he preys on a particular people (such as the poor, foreigners, humanoids, etc.) that would allow that less-protected group to report the murders to the PCs rather than have the watch already after him.

Also, if he is the Bleeder, that only refers to his tactics of slicing people up before he kills them? As a ranger/rogue, it might be more interesting if he just mutilated people on the hunt, but let them escape from time to time. (Wouldn't that make the next night's hunt of the same person more challenging - and more scary to the victim?) He certainly could conceal his identity pretty well. Also, he's slicing people up - what is he using? Does he have a particular murder weapon? And are the missing hand from the guy in the harbor a typical calling card? Or is he evolving?

On the mental level, couple of interesting bits you threw in: his "dark urges" and him killing his parents "without much thought." Either of these could be played up a bit, or combined in some interesting ways. IS he fully under control when he does this? He's seems like a very methodical killer/hunter, but is it due to the enjoyment he got from watching the calf die, or a separate dark urge sending him out to murder? Slightly different motivations. And does killing his parents without thought just mean his emotional detachment, or does he space out during the actual act of killing? Heck, does he even REMEMBER all his killings? Plus he killed them in his sleep. I think you should have played up more of his tactics: does he stalk from the rooftops, only killing helpless people sleeping after breaking in, what?

Finally, interesting about being a bookkeeper. Does he have friends there? Do they suspect him? Does anyone? His boredom at life, he fills by taking a bookkeeping job? Not as a cover story to his murders, but because he's bored? That job doesn't seem to fit his personality, or at least the reason you gave for him taking it. Is there anything else you could play up about that role? Does he pick his prey from customers? Or is it still just a boring daytime job for him? (Or, is he truly passionate about it, and the dark urges something he's battling each night?) If it's boring, why don't you give him a more interesting one, or a series of rotating jobs. The classic clue set up of "Wait, now all the murders are of nobility and Corey just started working as a butler! He was a bookkeeper when all the merchants got murdered!"

Some interesting bits you could have fleshed out more. Bricius grew UP in a logging town. Did anyone he know (family even) cut down the dryad and wolf? How was he not back in touch with anyone, or at least aware enough of loggers getting that deep into the forest near them?

The bit and the beginning were good ("changing you forever"), is he baleful polymorphing anyone in particular (you mention him picking out individuals)? Loggers? House builders? Farmers expanding settlements?

And how is he using his tricks and traps? A lot of the stuff available to a druid can be subtle, but a lot isn't. If he's focusing on cleansing the world one town at a time, if he's succeeding at all (a 9th level druid could do some damage, alright!) then there's at least one devastated town already. Or is he lashing out in every direction, lizardfolk as well?

On the flip side, how is extortion working for him? Not much he needs from civilization, so why not just kill someone? If he's trying to manipulate people into helping him, that adds a layer to him we don't hear about, if not, it's kind of a waste of his time.

Then there's leading lizardmen out to maraude, but the humans are the invaders? There'd have to be some pretty aggressive expansion on the human side to fit that view (I know he's a bit biased). His over reaction will be causing a LOT of backlash, from the PCs and up. How's that going to affect his plan if everyone starts gunning for him? How would other druids react to this?

You've got a few conflicting bits here that I'm curious about. His income comes from providing war supplies, but later on we find out he hates demons and devils. So why isn't he focusing his warmongering efforts against those areas entirely (you mention a shadow war, but he's very open-minded in all other areas, helping anyone, etc.). And if he's in a shadow war with nations, how are they reacting to it? Especially for a secret organization, that seems a bit risky.

It's hard to counterbalance the completely mercenary warmonger with a passionate anti-demon dude without some more reasoning for it, or what he's really up to in that equation.

If he's thirsting for knowledge so much, why isn't his group doing more in that direction? Is that where all his money is going?

As for his crazy head, which is pretty cool, if his bodies have been destroyed several times, then obviously he has a bunch of enemies (especially if he has as long a lifespan as is rumored). How has he avoided them all, especially if he's now pissing off 3 nations? He does stick out a bit! Does he have a stock of replacement bodies that could be destroyed as a pre-emptive strike, or does he ride headless while recuperating from a setback until a new body is constructed? And where have all these fanatical guards come from? I don't see much reason for them to be working with him, unless they're more of his mercenaries. And while the escaping head is pretty sweet once, again I'm curious how he hasn't been destroyed before this, especially with a constant enemy who wouldn't fall for the same gag twice. ("Hmmm, all the guards just ripped off his head and are heading for the exit. Again.")

(Also, look into how to use BBCode tags to add bold, italics, and such to your entry. It'll spice things up a lot and is REALLY important when doing lots of complicated stat blocks next round!)

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