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Male Human Urban Ranger 4 | hp 32/39 NL [0] | AC 19, t 13, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +4 | Init +5 (+3 outside Kintargo) | Perc +12 (10 outside Kintargo) | Speed 20 ft. | FE humans +2

About Jack Duncloak

Name Jack Duncloak (aka Danilar Jhaltero)
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 20
Class Ranger (Urban) Level 4
Init +3 (+5 in Kintargo); Senses Perception +12
AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 16
(+6 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 39 hp history: 10/9/6/6
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed 30 ft.
Melee longsword +6 (1d8+2 slashing/19-20) or
short sword +7 (1d6+2 piercing/19-20) or silver short sword +7 (1d6+1 piercing, silver/19-20) or cold iron dagger +6 (1d4+2 cold iron, piercing, slashing/19-20)
Two-Weapon Fighting short sword +5 (1d6+2 piercing/19-20) and silver short sword +5 (1d6 piercing, silver/19-20)

Ranged composite longbow (+2 Str) +7 (1d8+2 piercing/x3)

Special Attacks favored enemy (humans +2), hunter’s bond +1 (hunting companions)

Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +2):
1st-Level—resist energy
Str 14, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 14
Base Atk +4; CMB +6; CMD 19
Feats Noble Scion (Jhaltero; see below for details), Weapon Focus (short sword), Two-Weapon Fighting (B), Iron Will, Alertness (B)
Traits Child of Kintargo (campaign), Friend in Every Town (social), Anatomist; Drawback Family Ties
SKILLS (Class Skills In Bold) (6 class, 1 human/skilled, 2 background *)
(Background Skills Taken: Knowledge [nobility] x3, Profession [gambler] x3)
Acrobatics +0 (+3 Dex, -3 ACP)
*Appraise +0
*Artistry +
^Bluff +2 (+2 Cha)
Climb +4 (+2 ranks, +3 class, +2 Str, -3 ACP)
*Craft +0
Diplomacy +10 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +1 trait, +2 Cha)
Disable Device +9 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +3 Dex, -3 ACP, +2 TF)
Disguise +2 (+2 Cha)
Escape Artist +1 (+1 rank, +3 Dex, -3 ACP)
Fly +
*Handle Animal +
Heal +1 (+1 Wis)
Intimidate +2 (+2 Cha)
Knowledge (arcana) +
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4 (+1 rank, +3 class)
*Knowledge (engineering) +
*Knowledge (geography) +
*Knowledge (history) +
^Knowledge (local) +6 (+1 rank, +3 class, +2 FC)
Knowledge (nature) +
^*Knowledge (nobility) +10 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +2 feat, +1 trait)
Knowledge (planes) +
Knowledge (religion) +
*Linguistics +
*Lore +
^Perception +12 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +1 Wis, +2 feat, +2 FC)
^Perception (find traps) +14 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +1 Wis, +2 feat, +2 FC, +2 TF)
*Perform () +2 (+2 Cha)
*Profession (gambler) +8 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +1 Wis)
Ride +0 (+3 Dex, -3 ACP)
^Sense Motive +3 (+1 Wis, +2 feat)
*Sleight of Hand +
Spellcraft +
Stealth +14 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +3 Dex, +5 competence, +2 FC, -3 ACP)
^Survival +10 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +1 Wis, +2 FC)
^Survival (following tracks) +12 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +1 Wis, +2 FC, +2 track)
Swim +5 (+3 ranks, +3 class, +2 Str, -3 ACP)
Use Magic Device +
* Background Skill
^ Favored Enemy additional +2 bonus

Languages Common
SQ track +2, wild empathy +6, trapfinding +2

Gear +1 breastplate (1350/30?), masterwork studded leather (175*/20), buckler (5/5), everburning hooded lantern (117/2), longsword (15/4), silver short sword (30/2), cold iron dagger (4/1), composite longbow (+2 Str) (300/3), 40 arrows (2/6), Kintargo Blue Book (5/1), thieves’ tools (30/1), hollowed pommel (longsword) (5/-), signet ring (5*/-; inside hollowed longsword pommel), explorer’s outfit (free/8), cloak of elvenkind (2,500/1), potion of invisibility, masterwork silver dagger, short sword (10/2)

At Jhaltero Manor: noble’s outfit (75*/10), longsword, figurine of wondrous power {silver raven}
* free from Child of Kintargo trait

Gold 2 gp
Height 6’0”
Weight 180 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Region of Origin Kintargo, Cheliax
Parents Regions of Origin Kintargo, Cheliax
Deity Milani (?)

Appearance Jack takes pain not to stand out in a crowd. He dresses in drab browns and grays and keeps his mouth shut as much as possible. (Ha!) His brown hair is unkempt and he often has a day or three worth of stubble on his chin.

Personality Jack’s a lot more responsible than he was two years ago. He’s still a friendly fellow for the most part, but tries not to be boisterously cheerful in order to keep a low profile.


Danilar grew up as one of the younger twigs on his particular branch of the Jhaltero family tree. As such, it was understood that no position of true power awaited him unless his elder brothers died off young and tragically. Happily, that has not been the case. Like many maturing young nobles with similar dim future prospects, Danilar lived a life of frivolous irresponsibility, partying and rebelling against the system of nobility that offered them little. During this time, Danilar grew to dislike both the system and many of his fellow youthful idle aristocrats. He became fascinated, however, with the lives and workings of the less fortunate citizens of Kintargo’s other districts.

Although he wasn’t as bad with his wastrel ways as many of his bored elite compatriots, he still eventually came into conflict with his father, who expected more out of his son, even if Danilar wasn’t likely destined to lead his family once his father passed. Things became heated at times, but both men remained honest with one another, and eventually the elder Jhaltero conceded that the family could use more information-gathering resources (one of the family’s fortes) in Kintargo’s poorer neighborhoods. The men agreed upon a scheme that allowed young Danilar to perform a dangerous but valuable task for his family and its business. Father and son orchestrated a very public falling-out, with Danilar being banished to Westcrown. A few months later came word the young nobleman had been killed there during a robbery.

The truth was very different. Danilar trained for two years under the tutelage of a relation, learning the basics of becoming an urban ranger. He changed everything about himself: he cut off his long, perfectly-coifed hair, traded in his silk and velvet clothing for leather and other courser materials, and morphed his vocabulary and mannerisms from those of a nobleman to those of a streetsmart everyman. He learned how to talk like and be at ease amongst the common man, how to ask the right questions without seeming nosy, and how to defend himself when using mere words failed.

Danilar returned to Kintargo nearly two months ago, under the guise of one Jack Duncloak. He rents a small flat in Redroof district not far from the Bleakbridge, spending his days in that section of the city acting as a semi-professional gambler originally from Riddleport in Varisia. Jack’s good enough at this newly-learned trade to earn a small amount of gold each month, but not enough of a windfall to get him noticed by other gamblers or patrons of the gambling halls and taverns he visits.

Barzillai Thrune’s recent arrival and implementation of martial law has severely crimped Jack’s style and work. He still gambles by day, but gathering information subtly was much easier under the cloak of shadow and darkness. Hearing about the impending Aria Park Protest, Jack decided to attend, both to get a better feel for the attitude of the city folk and perhaps to plant his own seeds of resistance. (Reason to Protest: Staying up on Current Events.

Has four siblings (3 older half-brothers, 1 younger sister)
Father alive, mother alive; father’s first wife deceased

Urban Ranger Archetype:

For the urban ranger, the streets and sewers of the city are just as dangerous as the barren wastelands or the deep forests. An urban ranger has the following class features.
Urban Ranger: At 1st level, an urban ranger adds Disable Device and Knowledge (local) to his list of class skills and removes Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature) from his list of class skills.
Favored Community (Ex): At 3rd level, the urban ranger forms a bond with a community. While inside the limits of this community, he gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (local), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks. An urban ranger traveling through his favored community leaves no trail and cannot be tracked (although he may leave a trail if he so desires). At 8th level, and every five levels thereafter, an urban ranger may select an additional favored community. In addition, at each such interval, the skill bonus and initiative bonus in any one favored community (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by +2. For the purposes of this ability, a community is any settlement consisting of 100 or more individuals. The community may be larger than this minimum. Outlying farms, fields, and houses are not considered part of a community. This ability replaces favored terrain.
Trapfinding (Ex): At 3rd level, an urban ranger can find and disable traps, as the rogue class feature of the same name. This ability replaces endurance.
Push Through (Ex): At 7th level, an urban ranger is never slowed by difficult terrain in his favored communities. In addition, he can move through the space occupied by local citizens as if they were allies. This does not apply to creatures intent on harming the ranger. Areas that are enchanted or magically manipulated to impede motion, however, still affect him. This replaces woodland stride.
Blend In (Ex): An urban ranger of 12th level or higher can use his Stealth bonus in place of a Disguise skill check in any of his favored communities. This disguise does not take an action to don. He must make a check whenever someone attempts to pick him out from the local citizens. If his check is successful, he blends into the crowd. While not invisible, enemies do not notice his presence and take no actions against him unless they are taking actions against the local citizens in general. This replaces camouflage.
Invisibility Trick (Sp): At 17th level, the urban ranger can cast greater invisibility on himself as a wizard of his ranger level as a swift action. He can use this spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). This ability replaces hide in plain sight.

Variant Feat – NOBLE SCION
You are a member of one of the significant noble families of Kintargo, whether or not you remain in good standing with your family. Note that the Victocora family has gone missing and its estate recently burned to the ground, so they’re not an option for this feat. Note also that the Delronge, Sarini, and Tanessen families are well known Thrune sympathizers, so that if you choose to be a member of one of these families, you should play an outcast from the family, someone who’s been shunned and perhaps even disinherited from the family for personal or political views. (In such a case, you’d still gain the monetary boon from the Child of Kintargo trait, should you take it. This boon represents all you’ve managed to get away with before being kicked out of the house.)
Prerequisites: Charisma 13 or Child of Kintargo trait, must be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (nobility) checks, and Knowledge (nobility) is always considered a class skill for you. You also gain an additional benefit, depending on which family you belong to.
Jhaltero: You have access to the family’s extensive information network. Whenever you use Diplomacy to gather information, roll twice and take the better result.

Friend in Every Town

You have no problem making friends and learning information from them wherever you go.
Benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus on all Knowledge (local) checks and Diplomacy checks. One of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you (chose Diplomacy). (Ultimate Campaign)