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Full Name

Jacen "Ash" Teleris



HP: 29/29, - AC: 12/T: 11/FF: 11 - Initiative: +1 - F: +2 / R: +2/ W: +4 - CMB: +1 - CMD: 12, Speed: 30


Oracle of Life/3

1st Level: 3/6 | Channel 2/5 |



Diplomacy +10 | Handle Animal +8 | Heal +11 | Know: Local +10 | Know: Nature +7 | Sense Motive +7 | Spellcraft +8 | Use Magic Device +11 |










Common, Varisian, Sylvan, Celestial



Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 18

About Jacen "Ash" Teleris

This is the beginning...:
of our story. Jacen was born of a very poor family in Sandpoint. His father worked in the glass works for the Kaijitsu family and his mother had passed away while he was being born. Pretty tragic, right? Well, Jacen never had anything else to compare life to, so he was content, though he did go out of his way to study life where he could, often annoying Hannah, the town's midwife and soothsayer, with all of his questions while he was working for her to pay back debts that his father owed her.

The middle...:
...of our story. The second great tragedy happened when Jacen was only seven years old. Often times, Hannah would send him out to look for specific plants, which he seemed to be very adept at. On one fateful day, he was just outside of town, picking herbs and flowers by himself when he saw dark smoke coming from the glass works. When he came back to Hannah's shop, he knew something was wrong. Mayor Deverin and Koya Mvashti were at Hannah's waiting for him. He was in a haze when the mayor told him his father was gone. Another life taken early from him. Koya was going to take him in and raise him, since she lived with her mother in the large Varisian manor.

The end...?:
...of our story? While the third tragedy could have easily been the end of the story, it did not pan out that way. Fate smiled in a different light that day, and Jacen ended up walking down a very different path than many would have expected. At the ripe old age of nine, in the deep of winter, Jacen sat staring at the roaring fire in the fireplace at Madame Mvashti's large manor. It was then that he thought that he saw something dancing in the flames. Was it a tiny dancer? A warrior in heavy armor? Some creature born of fire? To this day, he is unsure what to think of it, but what he has never denied is that he reached out to grasp the image, plunging his hands into flame. As he did, a white light flooded the house, as did the screams of a young child.

When Jacen woke up, he could feel a twinge of pain in his hands, though he could not figure out how he had gotten back into his room. Lifting his hands up, he looked at them and began to sob. His hands were black with ash, looking as if they had been burnt like a bad piece of meat, and yet, he felt very little pain. Holding them up and looking at them quietly, he says nothing for a while before he realizes that there are no blisters either. Sitting up, he winces slightly when he puts pressure on the ash covered hands. As he lifts his hands, he sees very small traces of ash from where his hand had been.

Sitting beside the bed is Koya, a small piece of blue silk being embroidered in her hands, she looks up and shakes her head, "What possessed you, my brave little crazy child?"

Looking over to her, he shrugs, "I saw something strange in the fire and I was curious..."

"I believe you may have found more than you expected in those flames, young man. When I found you, after the bright light filled the room, your hands were already like they are now. They appear mostly if something had healed you magically."

The Legend Continues:
Ash, as he began to be called due to the nature of his hands, found himself more apt at the healing concepts that Hannah, Madame Mvashti, and Koya had all taught him after his accident, going as far as to heal other people's wounds with great ease, sealing wounds, mending bones, and removing aches. Many people think that without his gifts, Madame Mvashti would have passed away over a decade ago, but thankfully for her, Ash was there.

Now that his adopted grandmother has passed on, Koya has decided it might be time to return to the road and his Varisian blood couldn't agree more.

Ash is a man full of life. While he is not strong of arm, he has developed quite a fortitude, perhaps by dealing with the low-grade pain that his hands are in at all times. Beyond that, he is a rather unimposing, bookish Varisian. He has dark hair and vibrant bespectacled green eyes and wears bright silks in shades of blue with white accents. While he is a very attractive man, his strength of will is enough to draw attention away from his lack of physical strength. The most distinctive feature is his hands, black with ash with red, angry flesh beneath it that causes him mild pain at all times and makes it very tough for him to carry a weapon with any skill.

Name Jacen "Ash" Teleris

Human Oracle of Life Level 3
LG, M, Humanoid (Human)
Init +1


AC 12, touch 11, flat-footed 11 (+1 from armor, +1 from dex)
hp 29/29
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4


Speed 30ft

Melee +1

Ranged +3

Combat Options

-3 Dagger 1d4-1
-1 Dagger 1d4-1 (Range 10')


Str 8, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 18

Base Attack +1; CMB 0; CMD 11


Extra Revelation
Selective Channel


Foster Child (Knowledge: Local +2)
Dangerously Curious

Trained Skills

Handle Animal +8 (+3 in class, +1 rank, +4 stat)
Knowledge (local) +10(+3 in class, +3 rank, +2 stat, +2 bonus)
Diplomacy +10(+3 in class, +3 rank, +4 stat)
Heal +11(+3 in class, +3 rank, +1 stat, +4 Revelation)
Knowledge (Nature) +7 (+3 in class, +2 rank, +2 stat)
Sense Motive +7 (+3 in class, +3 rank, +1 stat)
Spellcraft +8 (+3 in class, +3 rank, +2 stat)
Use Magic Device +11(+3 in class, +3 rank, +4 stat, +1 bonus)

Oracle Abilities

Channel 2d6 5/Day
Healing Hands
Life Link


Common, Varisian, Sylvan, Celestial


0 Level Spells: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Stabalize, Enhanced Diplomacy, Spark

1st Level Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Burning Hands, Shield of Faith, Read Weather, Burning Disarm, Detect Undead