Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Worldwound (PFRPG)

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I've been excited about The Razor Coast since it was first announced so many years ago, but never did pick it up when the Kickstarter launched. I think I'd love playing in that setting!

As for me as a player, I've played a few PbPs before (though not on this site), and I have a couple ideas for characters that I've been wanting to use for some time (e.g. naieve halfling fighter with a heart of gold), but before I start working on a concept to submit for approval, do you have any tips for the kind of personalities, traits, or even themes to touch upon that would fit in this game?

I'd be interested in joining up for some PbP action! I'd probably play something Rogue-like, but if you're full up, it's cool. If you still have some room, however, I can write up a backstory and post it up tonight.