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Director Orson Krennic

Template: Imperial Director Advanced Weapons Research

Species: Human from Lexrul

Sex: Male

Age: 51

Dexterity 3D

Blaster 5D + 2, Heavy Blaster 6D+2, Dodge 6D, Melee Combat 4D + 1, Melee Parry 4D + 2

Knowledge 3D + 1

Alien Species 4D, Bureaucracy 7D, Cultures 5D + 1, Intimidation 6D, Planetary Systems 5D +1, Tactics 6D, Tactics: Ground Assault 6D +1, Tactics: Sieges 6D +1, Tactics: Squads 6D +2, Value 4D +1

Mechanical 3D

Astrogation 4D +2, Battle Station Piloting 6D, Battle Station Shields 4D +1, Beast Riding 3D +1, Capital Ship Piloting 4D +1, Repulsorlift Operation 3D +2

Perception 3D

Bargain 5D +1, Command 7D +1, Con 7D +2, Gambling 4D +2, Investigation 4D +1, Search 6D +1, Sneak 6D

Strength 2D

Brawling 3D +1, Climbing/Jumping 3D +2, Stamina 4D +2, Swimming 4D

Technical 3D +2

Battle Station Engineering (A)* 7D +1, Battle Station Repair 6D +2, Battle Station Weapon Engineering (A) 7D, Blaster Repair 5D, Capital Ship Engineering (A) 5D +2, Capital Ship Repair 5D +1, Capital Ship Weapon Engineering (A) 7D, Computer Programming/Repair 5D, Integrated Ship Systems 5D +2, Security 5D +2

(A)* Denotes an Advanced Skill

Force Points: 2

Dark Side Points: 3

Character Points: 8

Move: 10

Equipment: Datapad, Imperial Director Uniform, Modified DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol (+1 to Blaster, Damage 5D +1), Rank Code Cylinders, Secure Comlink

Orson Callan Krennic is a human male who served as Director of the Advanced Weapons Research Division of the Imperial Military up to the beginning of the Galactic Civil War.

Beginning his career as a Lieutenant Commander in the Galactic Republic, Krennic was promoted to Commander and later the fleet equivalence of Admiral upon formation of the Galactic Empire. Persistent and ambitious, Krennic was responsible for the development and construction of the Empire's enormous Death Star Superweapon.

An old friend of crystallographer Galen Erso, Krennic manipulated the brilliant scientist into researching synthetic kyber crystals under the pretext of researching sustainable energy. In reality, Krennic weaponized Erso's crystal research for the battle station's planet-killing Superlaser, hoping this would place him above his long-time career rival Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and win the personal favor of the Emperor.

Krennic was also held accountable for security of the project, quelling rumors of the Empire's secret enterprise for the several decades of its assembly. For these many purposes he commanded a squad of Death Troopers, serving as both a sword and shield when the Director found himself in battle.

During the final stages of the Death Star's construction, the project faced potential exposure in the form of a talkative cargo pilot. Krennic restlessly sought to silence these rumors, ordering the first successful discharge of the Superlaser on the sacred moon of Jedha, where news of the technological terror had reached.

However, Krennic was ultimately unable to contain the project's secrecy, and the fledging Rebel Alliance soon launched an attack on the coastal planet Scarif where data tapes containing a complete technical readout of the station were being held. After Director Krennic failed to prevent the theft of these tapes, Grand Moff Tarkin deployed the Death Star in a continued effort to eliminate the compromised facility. Krennic met his end in this second blast of his own creation, an ironic culmination of his life's work. Soon afterwards, the Rebellion successfully exploited a vulnerability in the Death Star discovered through the stolen plans, detonating the reactor module and leading to the destruction of Krennic's achievement not long after his own downfall.

Death Trooper

Type: Elite Stormtrooper


Blaster 5D +2, Blaster Rifle 7D, Brawling Parry 4D+2, Dodge 5D, Grenade 3D +1, Melee Combat 4D, Melee Parry 4D


Intimidation 6D, Law Enforcement 5D, Streetwise 4D +1, Tactics: Squads 5D +1


Repulsorlift Operation 3D, Space Transports 3D


Investigation 4D +2, Search 5D +1, Sneak 3D +2


Brawling 5D, Stamina 3D +1


Demolitions 4D +1, Security 5D

Special Abilities:

Enhanced Perception: Director Krennic's Death Trooper detail has been trained to read the body language of a potential opponents
to determine if the opponent is about to attack.

Therefore, all members of the unit receives a +10 bonus to Initiative Rolls (this bonus is added to their Perception; see pages 27-28 of Star Wars, Second Edition). If the troopers are aware that the target is hostile and is a potential attacker, increase the bonus to +20.

Character Points: 2

Move: 10

Equipment: Death Trooper Variant Stormtrooper armor* (increases Strength by +2D to resist physical damage, increase Strength by +1D to reduce energy damage, but reduces Dexterity and all Dexterity-based skills by -1D; encrypted comlink), SE-14r Light Repeating Blasters (+1 to hit, Damage 4D), E-11Ds (Damage 5D), DLT-19D Heavy Blaster Rifles (Damage 5D +2), and C-25 fragmentation grenades (Damage 5D +1).

Death Troopers were an elite variant of The Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers. They served as protective details and bodyguards for important Imperial officers and select members of the Tarkin Initiative. They wore black suits of armor and specialized helmets that scrambled verbal communications. Death Troopers were trained in unarmed combat, heavy weapons, and sniping. Specializing in commando missions, the troopers were experts at covering their tracks, leaving little evidence of their missions.

The earliest known deployment of this detail of Death Troopers was in 13 BBY where they served Director Orson Krennic on his mission to find and later capture Galen Erso and would continue to protect the Director until his death on Scarif at the start of the Galactic Civil War.

*Death Trooper armor is much more advanced than the standard Stormtrooper armor. The helmet had a number of advanced sensor and targeting systems to give them total situational awareness of combat areas, enemies and allies. These various upgrades to the helmet systems included a Neuro-Saav macromotion monitor, multi-frequency targeting and acquisition sensors and image-intensifying active pulse emitters. Their armor was also covered by a spray polymer called reflec, which warped electromagnetic signals commonly found in sensor arrays. This made Death Troopers well suited for stealth operations.

In game terms the armor gave the following benefits

+1D to Perception
+2 to Tactics: Squads
+2 to Stealth


Type: Coastal Defender Trooper


Blaster 5D +2, Brawling Parry 5D +1, Dodge 5D, Grenade 5D +1, Melee Combat 4D, Melee Parry 4D


Tactics: Squads 4D +2, Survival 4D +1


Repulsorlift Operation 4D +2


Command 3D +1, Search 5D


Brawling 5D, Stamina 5D


Demolitions 4D, Security 4D +1

Character Points: Varies, usually 1 - 3

Move: 10

Equipment: Shoretrooper armor (add +2 to Strength to resist damage), E-11 blaster rifle (damage 5D), E-22 blaster rifle (damage
5D +1), LXR-6 concussion grenade (damage 5D), Thermal Imploder (damage 7D)

Coastal Defender Stormtroopers, more commonly known as Shoretroopers, are a specialized variant of The Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers, that are trained and equipped for combat in tropical environments.

Stationed at the top secret Imperial security complex on the tropical planet Scarif, Shoretroopers patrolled the beaches and bunkers of the facility. Shoretroopers operated effectively as Sergeants which allowed them to command small squads of regular Stormtroopers.

One of the notable aspects of Coastal Defender Stormtroopers was that the position they serve in was rotational (temporary); subject to rank (skills and qualification) and operational demands (open positions due to mobilization or transfers). On a galactic scale, Shoretroopers as a whole were scarce, as the conditions for necessitating their employment were less frequent, as few stations or garrisons were located on coastal/tropical planets.

Major General Hurst Romodi

Template: Imperial General

Species: Human from Matacorn

Sex: Male

Age: 67

Dexterity 3D

Blaster 4D +2, Brawling Parry 3D +2, Dodge 4D +1, Heavy Weapons 4D +1, Melee Combat 3D +2, Melee Parry 3D +2, Grenade 4D +1

Knowledge 3D + 1

Alien Species 4D +1, Bureaucracy 5D +2, Cultures 4D + 1, Intimidation 4D +1, Languages 4D, Military History 5D, Planetary Systems 5D +2, Survival 5D, Tactics 5D +2, Tactics: Capital Ships 6D, Tactics: Fleets 6D, Tactics: Ground Assault 6D +2, Tactics: Sieges 6D +2, Tactics: Squads 6D +2, Tactics: Starfighters 5D +2

Mechanical 3D +1

Astrogation 4D +2, Battle Station Piloting 4D +1, Beast Riding 4D, Capital Ship Piloting 4D +2, Communications 4D, Ground Vehicle Operation 4D +2, Repulsorlift Operation 4D +2, Walker Operation 5D

Perception 3D +1

Bargain 4D, Command 5D +2, Search 5D

Strength 2D +1

Brawling 3D +1, Climbing/Jumping 3D +1, Stamina 4D +1, Swimming 4D +1

Technical 2D +2

Computer Programming/Repair 4D, Demolition 4D +2, First Aid 3D +2, Ground Vehicle Repair 3D +1, Security 4D +1

Character Points: 11

Move: 10

Equipment: Comlink, Command Rank Code Cylinders, Datapad, Imperial Army Uniform

Major General Hurst Romodi was a male human who served in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars and later became one of the first generals in The Galactic Empire's Army. As an Imperial officer, Romodi was involved in the pacification of the Galaxy's Western Reaches, and took reconstruction measures in the aftermath of the Battle of Ogoth Tiir. Although Romodi eventually stepped back from service, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin coaxed him out of retirement to participate in the completion of the Death Star project. After witnessing the first live fire test of the Death Star's superlaser on the Holy City of Jedha, the general served as an adjutant to Grand Moff Tarkin around the time of the Battle of Scarif.

One of the Imperial Officers seated in the conference room scene in A New Hope is General Romodi. In the novel he actually delivers this key line that is given to Commodore Admiral
Motti in the movie.

"Dangerous to your starfleet, General Tagge, but not to this Battle Station. I happen to think Lord Vader knows what he's doing. The rebellion will continue only as long as those cowards have a sanctuary, a place where their pilots can relax and their machines can be repaired."

- General Romodi's line in the Star Wars Episode IV novelization

There is a scene in Rogue One where an Imperial Command Officer confers with Grand Moff Tarkin, the officer shares the same rank insignia and looks enough to be like the original Romodi that I was fairly certain it was him, I even said 'Romodi!' while I was watching the film.

I have searched the internet and there was no confirmation of this.

Today I got the the Rogue One The Ultimate Visual Guide in the mail.

I was right on the Imperial standard credit, it is Romodi we see in the film.