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Thanks for a great product, but, due to finances, I need to cancel my subscriptions at this time.

Have a great week and thanks again.

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It wasn't a great Monday in the first place (well.. it was Monday), but I lived through work and got home to find that my first edition of Kingmaker had arrived. Unfortunately, someone at the US Post Office hadn't been getting their required daily fiber and saw fit to obtain said nutrients by devouring my book first. I suppose it tasted better than a sustaining spoon, but it must not have been that great because they spit it back out again and finally decided to deliver it, apparently.

Fortunately, Paizo has an excellent customer service department and agreed to ship a replacement even though it they were not obligated to do so. Thanks, many thanks, for making my day better.

You rock!

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I just ordered these and had thought that the coins and such would be included in the PDF. My download, however, only contained the guide to printing them.

Is that correct or am I missing something?

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It looks like the Messageboard Bug got hungry again and ate my last post. My apologies if this is posted twice.

On Sept. 12 I received the email stating that PF 14 was in pending status along with my Campaign Setting. Does this mean that particular shipment is set in stone or will LB2 and PF 15 be added to that order due to the customs delay? I'd just like to know so I can make sure to have the money in the bank when they ship.


EDIT: The first post showed up finally - I deleted it. Thanks.

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Hi, there. I'm looking for anyone interested in either DMing or playing Society scenarios or Pathfinder APs - preferably both.

I'm in the New London area but can travel around CT or RI if need be.

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Er... Um. I was trying to edit my Society character and suddenly I have 4 of them. I had only intended to make 2 at most. Can I get the superfluous ones deleted? I've looked for a way to do it but can't find it.

I'm also mystified as to how I managed to create 2 extra characters though.