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Endless Night - DAY 5

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Endless Night - DAY 5

Kaerishiel examines those who have stepped forward. Your commander, who did not hesitate to go into battle himself, who was wounded and even captured (but quickly released by the feat of several fighters) knows each of you. His gaze, stern and calm, pierces like a skillful blow of an elven rapier.

You. You. You. You. He points his finger repeatedly at the four elves, clearly checking with his eyes that the ones he has chosen do not have serious injuries. Then he hesitates a little, examining the remaining ones, and finally points to the dwarf, which causes a slight whisper in the back rows. And you. He once again looks closely at each of the newly created squad of five warriors. Don't drink too much at the upcoming feast... There will be a conversation. But for now, everyone go rest.

He makes a gesture with his palm, releasing everyone…


In the evening of the same day, you are in the Crying Leaf - a small elven settlement located in Varisia's Mierani Forest, outside of Kyonin but very close to the local Aiudara (or "Elven Gate" as the non-elf savages call it). It was thanks to the hunters from this village that the capital learned about the dark elves in the Celwynvian. It was here that the Shin’Rakorath military base naturally appeared. And it is here that the feast is taking place today.

The trees are beautifully decorated with glowing lights of blue, red, yellow, green tones, turning the chosen edge into a fabulous forest. Beautiful, as if weightless and at the same time very organically looking among the greenery, carved tables are decorated with beautiful glasses, jugs of wine and exquisite plates, on which lies the most diverse and refined food. You know that the meal and drinks were delivered from Iadara and this is a very expensive dish.

Laughter is heard here and there. Yes, it is a holiday with bitterness, because each squad lost a lot of fighters. It is already difficult to say exactly how many, because more and more reinforcements were coming. But a lot. This is a holiday during which everyone wants to wash away the horror of what they saw. Creepy demons, the sight of which makes your blood run cold. Stunningly cruel dark relatives, the very meeting with whom was a shock to every elf who saw them. Scenes of the consequences of terrible torture and senseless violence, convinced that dying in battle was a thousand times better than being captured. A constant sense of threat, because this enemy will attack covertly, sneakily and stealthily…

And yet it's a holiday. The elves have a long memory, and they will not forget this secret war in a thousand years. But this same long memory teaches them to treat everything easier, to enjoy the moment, to live in the now. Because if you lose consciousness in hundreds of years of memories, which means losses and suffering too, if you allow memory to take power over reality… This is the end. No, the elf must live now, it is necessary to live laughing and dancing.

Elves drink, ride and play games, often seasoned with illusion magic to simulate a carefree hunt in the paradise gardens of the world they lost, or maybe it didn't exist and they just invented it. It doesn't matter. Everyone understands why the laughter is a little louder than usual, and no one blames anyone. Their few allies of other races somehow try to get involved in this elvish fun, and a sense of martial brotherhood and good wine help a lot in this.

The five of you get together at some point. You do not know what kind of task you are going to do and what to prepare for, but everyone has received instructions from the direct field commander to keep all your goods packed in bags. This can only mean one thing - Kaerishiel will call you either at the end of the feast, or even before it ends.


Please describe in any order:

how do you spend a couple of hours of the feast before you gather at one point;
how you look, behave, talk - in general, your image;
what you say and discuss with your new squad when you meet.*

* by the way, you can decide if any of you were already familiar with someone else from the new comrades ... There were hundreds of you here, so on the one hand, out of the corner of your eye, you saw each other with a probability of about 80 percent (except for the dwarf, everyone saw and discussed him), but did you serve you are in the same squad (let's say it was the usual dozens, that is, the units are not large) it's up to you.

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The battle for Celwynvian has just ended. A long and bloody battle in a war that does not exist for the rest of the world. The ancient city of our ancestors, built long before the Exodus, has now seen another tragedy. Once upon a time, the beauty of our majestic houses, libraries, observatories was destroyed by a terrible cataclysm. Now, once again, the elves suffered here, shedding their blood on the ground and stones to drive enemies and their demonic allies back into the depths of Darklands. We are Shin’Rakorath. We bring light into darkness. Each of us has lost friends fighting these scum. Drow, a mockery of the Elven race. Our shame, our secret and our battle for the future…

We are standing in the main square, among the thousand-year-old ruins. Wounded, and seemingly joyful… But still not too much. And it's not just about the horror of the war with pure evil, not just about our wounds and the death of friends. It's about the expression on our commander's face. Kaerishiel stands frowning, peering at each of us, as if trying to see what is in our hearts. Our commander should be happy about the victory, but it seems he is not happy.

There is a mission. Dangerous and difficult. We will select five guys for it. I'll be honest with you… This is pure suicide. But we absolutely need intelligence about what our enemies are up to. It seems that something big is being prepared, and this attack on the surface was only the first test of the pen. Think well whether you are ready for this. You'll find yourself deep behind enemy lines, cut off from any support and from the sun, face to face with them. Kaerishiel's face contorts for a moment, as if he wants to spit. Everyone here understands him because the very thought of these insane sadists and demon worshippers disgusts each of us. I can't ask you to do that. But those who are ready to give their lives for Kyonin and the Elven race, take a step forward.

There was a long pause. And then dozens of us took that step.


Hello there!

I plan to GM the 4th book of my favorite AP "Second Darkness". This is the best part of this journey and my favorite book as a GM at all. There probably won't be any subsequent books, I want to GM this as an independent adventure, but I will try to make a slightly more self-sufficient ending so that the players have a sense of a completed narrative.

Pros and cons of playing with me:

Pros: I've GMed this adventure (all 6 books of the path) twice already, and both times the 4th book was just a blast! Each time it was 10+ sessions, and players didn't want to leave this part of the adventure and move on with the plot - so fun it was. Plus in general, I am an experienced enough PF1e GM.

Cons: I will be GMing PbP for the first time, and English is also not my native language. It's double the workload, and no one guarantees that I will cope. But I will do my best. In any case, I will not disappear from these forums if it becomes difficult for me, and instead of that I will honestly discuss it with my players.

Game format: standard, at least 1 post every weekday and 1 post on the weekend. But sometimes we will have to switch to a slow mode (3-4 posts per week), I will warn you about this.

Who to create: first of all, someone very native to Kyonin. You are all members of the private military company Shin’Rakorath. It mainly consists of elves, but in recent years they have begun to recruit representatives of complementary races. Half-elves, gnomes from Omesta, and so on. Maybe even a human or a dwarf, or someone touched by the planes etc. In any case, this is someone who proved himself to be a loyal subject of the elven state, race or culture until his/her death. You are quite experienced warriors, you have been serving in Shin’Rakorath for some years, but only recently you have been used for the main task - deterring drow. This is a certain level of initiation, because even in your structure, the rank-and-file of the lower order do not know about the existence of dark elves (not to mention civilian elves, and even more so non-elves). You took part in a bloody battle in a ruined city, destroyed thousands of years ago by the fall of what would later become the Starstone. You were transferred here from other locations using aiudaras and told on the move who you will fight. None of you have ever seen such pure evil before. The drow in this adventure are old-school drow. A real chaotic evil without the slightest urge for redemption. Your battles with them and with demons have made you understand that this is a deadly enemy, and their hatred of all elves deprives any doubts about their intentions and the danger of their plans.

Summing up: your character is someone who could be taken to serve in Shin’Rakorath.

The rules: 20 point buy, no evil alignments, no 3pp (alas, you may not even ask), from the Paizo content by default we use only what is allowed in the PFS (yes, they often ban broken things; but here I am ready to discuss if you want something that is not legal in PFS). You have level 8 and a standard amount of gold.

I will select the players on July 9th and start the game on the same day.

Suggest your characters please! .) I can't wait to see what you bring and I have a feeling that it will be a difficult choice.

I hope this will be the third BLAST and a wonderful farewell to the drow in the world of the Pathfinder. 

ps. Oh, yeah. It's going to be a pretty dark adventure. Your characters will slowly go crazy, corrupt, and so on. Scenes of cruelty, violence, abuse and other things will be moderately present. I'll try to leave it half-hinted, but still… You are really descending into darkness. Keep this in mind when deciding to go there.

pps. By genre, it will be more of a sandbox adventure with a lot of social interactions. Keep this in mind when creating a character. And if you've played or read this adventure before, write about it too.

Thank you for reading this and good luck to all of us!

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Greetings! I never received an order 18677419. On the site, this order has the status "complete".

Can you resend this order with a new subscription book?

Many thanks in advance.

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Guys, Hi! Any news about this order (# 8213646)? It's been two weeks and it's still 'Pending'!

Thanks )

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Hello dears! I need some help.

The general question is 'what happens to the outsider when she dies'?

Let's take azata for example. Is it appropriate to say that azata is the very soul embodied in the form of this outsider? Or she has no soul at all and she is something else? Is there any energy in her that returns to the Elysium after her death? Or is she just dissolves and death is the end of her existence?

Now for a more specific question (rather grim).

My players are on a mission in the Abyss. After battle with one slaver guy they captured Broken Soul azata (alive). Azata is mad and CE. In one moment of clear mind she asked to kill her... Now my players are thinking, what's next (especially our paladin). Players don't have easy options to move between the planes nor they have any spells or powers like wish etc. What will happen with this azata after death? Will she 'fill' the power of the Abyss with her some essence, given her current alignment and in what place she is right now?

And the last question - they also captured broken soul couatl (CE) too. Couatl is a native outsider. Does his 'nativeness' to material plane changes something in comparison with azata above?

Even though the Book of the Damned is my hardcover handbook, I suddenly don't have a solid answers to this questions...

Thanks in advance!