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Not even five, to be exact.

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The Mhi-go strikes again!

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

Lets just go to the brass tacks.

Whats your current class, and what are you pondering dipping into?

mmmmm fondu...

Chocolate covered cheese. Wait, what?

Currently I'm a level 7 and just got my third xp point at that level. So I'm going into 8. Considering urban barbarian cause of the controlled rage. Since all the other kids do it.

If you must know how I'm currently built:

(Two Weapon Fighting) Sword Master Rogue
Str: 13
Dex: 18
Con: 16 (14 + Belt +2)
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

My primary weapons:
+1 Agile Shortswords x2

Feats/Talents taken:
TWF, Finesse Rogue, Weapon Training: Weapon Focus, Combat Trick: Double Slice, Quick Draw, Dodge.

I also got a boon that is giving me a free feat which is leaning towards Iron Will. Cause I love making those will saves.

Money has been tight since I purchased my last agile. Since I've had to stay supplied for high tier.

I've got a belt of con +2, cloak of res +1 and spring loaded wrist sheeths. xD;

Woes of being a TWF-Dex rogue and I've only got 5.3k GP to spend after my last game.

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Morain wrote:

if you are just taking 1 level just look at everything on the fist line of the class you are dipping into and add all that to you character. BaB, saves everything. Yes you get the new class skills, but you do not get your favored class bonus for that level.

No you do not get a second first level character feat, you continue the regular progression of getting one feat every other level.

Since I'm Rogue 7/Barb 1 and when I get another level in my main class. I'll get the feat when I'm a Rogue 8 (since it'd be 9 total)?

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My second domain is fire.

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This definitely does enlighten me on the need-to-know basis. Now I'm not sure if I want to keep playing this pc anymore. ):

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Wow, that feels like it severely limits myself in a module that doesn't allow time to sleep.

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My wis mod is 3. So I know I am getting 1 extra spell a day.

But to simplify what I've been using:

1: Magic Weapon
1: Bless
1: Sanctuary
1: Burning Hands (Domain)

But I just don't know how many times I can use each spell individually.

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I've reached level 2 with this pc and ran into issues.

My first encounter with hordes of mindless undead. I am a cleric of sarenrae and have sun's blessing. I've never encountered anything that uses 'Channel Resistence' and upon being advised to channel into dealing full, non-mitigatable damage to them.

My question for this is, does sun's blessing bypass an undeads ability to will save against my channel positive harming damage as well? Cause I did read that it does not allow them to add their channel resist to their save but since I've never encountered undead up to this point. I wasn't sure on anything.

Secondly, not enough spells inbetween each day?

I've finally understood the tables for both my class and the wisdom modifier that follows. (level)X+(wis)+1(dom) = number of different spells I can cast per day.

However, I feel like I'm short-changing myself when it comes to the spells I choose individually. Is there not a base allotment for each spell, like 3+wis?

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Now that I've gotten my feet wet (and dirty lol?) with my first society character. I've been been more inclined to create a new pc for days when high tier tabled is undermanned and low is promising. I've been looking through the ARG and saw the Tengu and immediately fell in love. However, I've heard that majority of these require a chronicle from a Con. Most of the threads I've found are dated and mainly pertaining to those who acquired a chronicle.

So my question is, if any, which races have been lifted from this requirement?

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I've been watching friends play for quite some time now and eventually got drawn into playing. It's super fun (survived my second scenario) but I'm still at that point where I don't know if I'm doing anything properly. My friend is letting me borrow his core book but attempting to understand on my own is...daunting (TL;DR also).

So my questions that I'm trying to have a better understanding of my class is (if someone wouldn't mind dumbing it down):

- Do my Orisons have infinite uses?

- How many spells can I learn after each level? Also, at level 1. (Haven't reached level 2 yet but will by my next game.)

- How many uses of a spell can I cast per day?

- How many skill points am I getting per level?

- Where are these wands of (spell name) people seem to be starting off with? My level of ignorance is making it hard to find.

I feel like the should be more to ask but this is what's been chewing my mind since my last society game.

My character is a Dwarf Cleric of Sarenrae

My Ability Score is:
Str: 11 | 0
Dex: 12 | 1
Con: 16 | 3
Int: 10 | 0
Wis: 16 | 3
Cha: 13 | 1

If I missed out on anything, please let me know.