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Dark Tower

FaffnyrFelix "Lucky Gits" Season

Watch Order:
1st: Sir Rhaym, Reldak Vol
2nd: Ciri, Faffnyr
3rd: Thoron, Slim

Order of March:
Thoron, Fralk, Slim, Ciri, Sir Rhaym, Faffnyr
Thoron and Fralk, Slim and Ciri, Sir Rhaym and Faffnyr with bringing up the rear.

Something seemed odd about this town, Mitra’s Fist. And the tavern they were in, The Overlord’s Inn, was certainly
a bit strange as well. [Everyone in the town seemed to stare at them as they walked through, and he had heard more
than one comment about how they didn’t get any visitors here anymore. He began to wonder if they had made a
mistake coming here, but what choice did they have after their guide had died from a scorpion’s bite and a sandstorm
had driven them into this mysterious mountain pass?

GM Dak - Curse of the Crimson Throne

Atticus Fulvios

Chapter 2: Seven Days to the Grave
Part 2: Outbreak

Korvosa (OLD Korvosa) | Combat Map | Loot & Notes

Starting Day: Wealday, 6th of Pharast 4708 AR
Current Day: Oathday, 18th of Gozren 4708 AR

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