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Hello friends I am a bit confused, so perhaps you can help me out with this.

So in the guild guide it says for Always Available Items:


You may always purchase the following items or equipment as long

as you’re in an appropriate settlement (see above).

• All equipment listed in the Starfinder Core Rulebook with an
item level equal to your character level + 1.
• All equipment listed in sanctioned Starfinder content with an
item level equal to your character.
• Any equipment listed on your character’s Chronicle sheets
with an item level equal to your character level + 2.
• All items and services purchased with Fame.

but in the following paragraph it says:


Beyond the gear noted above, your character is restricted to

purchasing additional items either from his accumulated Chronicle

The use of beyond confuses me. So does that mean that the above items are Always Available, but in addition to that you can buy items from your chronicle sheet?

If so, does that mean you can buy items from your chronicle sheets regardless of item level and that simply items = to your character level + 2 that are on your chronicle sheet are Always Available? (hence you wouldn't have a limit of how many you can buy?)

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Hello friends. I'd like to pose a question to the floor. Do you feel that the schedule for Season 1 appears to have too many Tier 3-6 scenarios?

I ask because I'm the primary organizer of SFS in my area and I'm finding myself running out of Tier 1-4 scenarios to run (without having to run the same scenario over) and have at the moment maybe 3 players in the area that actually are level 3. Granted I know that if EVERY player makes it to every game they'd be within the 3-6 tier by now but most players I run for generally don't make it to every game.

It looks to be pretty ambitious on Paizo's part to have as many 3-6 tier scenarios slated as they do in Season 1 but I honestly don't see the need to have so many in a system that is just starting out. Especially since some of the later ones are slated to be 5-8, so there's even less space for the 1-4 Tier.

So what do y'all think on this? Does Season 1 have too many 3-6 Tier scenarios?