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Silver Crusade

So looking over the player's guide, I'm getting a general impression that Jade Regent bears some striking similarities to Fire Emblem. The guide suggests that Jade Regent centers on the following:

Minor Jade Regent spoilers for those who want to wait a while to play it:

1. Management of a caravan and resources for said caravan.
2. Multiple NPCs whom characters can form relationships both platonic and romantic. These relationships give both solid role playing and tangible in game benefits if cultivated correctly.
3. It covers a lot of travel and plot elements take place in a variety of locales ultimately settling on relatively small forces confronting large armies.
4. The plot centers around a young noble who finds an artifact and needs to use it to gain a throne that is rightfully theirs but has been taken by force and/or political manipulations.

A number of these are also overall good elements of storytelling and familiar (if not necessarily common) fantasy tropes. Mind you, I'm not complaining in the least and instead think it fantastic if more than likely unintentional. I just thought I would bring this up and was wondering if anyone else had noticed... Either way, this adventure path has me very excited and I can't wait to run it. The first adventure alone has thoroughly blown me away.

Silver Crusade

I'm new to the Pathfinder society and there is a question I have that may have already been answered in previous posts but I have been unable to find clarification on my own. It regards mostly to weapons as I'm interested in weapons that may not be commonly found during scenarios. I am aware that +1 weapons are always available but my question regards anything more potent.

Let's say I want to play with an Aldori Dueling Sword which is a relatively uncommon weapon. I can buy one, get it to a +1 and all that. However, if I want to upgrade it beyond that I've found two possible scenarios that are not directly countered by the rules. The first is that for anything more powerful, I'd have to wait until I found a +2 Aldori Dueling Sword or a +1 Flaming Burst Aldori Dueling Sword (for example) in a scenario. In that case, I find it unlikely at best I'd find more than one and would be better served going with a more common weapon like a longsword. If I do find this upgrade, I can pay the difference of my +1 Dueling Sword and the new one I find but otherwise cannot upgrade it and I have to have a corresponding faction TPA to make that purchase.

The other is that I can get up to a +1 dueling sword, then wait until my TPA is high enough that I can buy whatever further enhancements I wanted. In this case 22 in order to upgrade from my +1 to a +2 or to a +1 Flaming. If this is the case, than it implies I can buy equipment found during scenarios regardless of TPA but anything else would have to wait until my TPA gets high enough.

I wonder if either scenario in this case are correct or if neither. Perhaps both are partially correct. Any assistance I receive would be greatly appreciated.

Silver Crusade

So I've started running CotCT about a month and a half ago and my players have reached the end of Edge of Anarchy. Pardon the obscenely large post. They include the following characters:

Sebastian: TN male half-elf bard 4, dancer, and most urbane of the group.
Also doubles as the voice of reason and master of the whip.

Penelope: CG female human cleric of Cayden 4, master of unusal weapons (Catch Off-Guard), keeper of Majenko.

Ember: NG female half-orc fighter 4, former student of Vencarlo, half Shoanti and master of the rapier.

Baercallad: TN male gnome druid 2/illusionist 2, alchemist, possesses keen imagination, and current keeper of Chiktik, the heroic giant frog.

Ronak: CG male dwarf ranger 4, master archer, Sable Company Marine cadet, and all around fun loving guy.

After the arrest and indictment of Trinia Sabor, the party, having complete trust in her, decides to do their best to set her free from her execution (which they found out about that morning). After throwing around several ideas and finding most of them rather hopeless, Sebastian supposes that perhaps they can enlist the aid of Blackjack to help. With this idea, Ember proposes the following plan.

Baercallad can cast a spell allowing Penelope to trade places with Trinia after disguising her to look like Trinia. After this, Penelope will escape the "bindings" keeping her pinned and make good her escape after Ember, dressed as Blackjack, appears to startle the crowd. Simultaneously, Sebastian with his high fly check (Versatile Performance) will make his way on hippogriff that Ronak secured for him being a Cadet in the Sable Company. Penelope would meet him at the wall while Baercallad used Zellara's Harrow Deck to create the illusion of a multitude (Approximately 100) Blackjacks appearing throughout the crowd and in front of the queen.

This plan goes off rather well, Sebastian dropping the water from Dust of Dryness on her highness as he passed, and Ronak firing smokesticks on arrows into the crowd to cause further confusion. This is after Ronak tricked the Commandant of the Sable Company and Penelope bluffed Archbanker Tuttle into leaving them alone. After all of the confusion, the real Blackjack shows up simultaneously as Ember. He was rather confused by the number of Blackjacks and by the damsel running by him to a hippogrip on top of the wall.

All of the characters make their escape as the crowd is too confused to know what is going on or even notice the real Trinia who by now has cast Disguise Self from a scroll Baercallad provided and allowed them all to meet back at Zellara's where they are currently keeping Trinia. I must say, not a bad bit of rescuing.