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Very late but leshy spirits can inhabit the leshies made by the leshy ritual in the area. So you can have the party do a ritual to make a new leshy and have the old player inhabit it.
Not sure how this affects class levels though.

Hi all!
In anticipation of the playtest I preordered the playtest rulebook special edition through the paizo store; however when I unpacked it (it arrived yesterday) two corners were quite bent/damaged and look like they're about to split and there's a dent on the top of the book.
What's the best way to report this and (hopefully) get a replacement?

Hello - I seem to have stumbled accross a few bugs with the Pathfinder PRD.

1) If you scroll up on an android device running Google Chrome, the page will jump to the top. (This will sometimes happen when scrolling down as well)

2) In words of power there are a few links linking to the wrong place (I've only been using the Sorcerer/Wizard section, so these notes stem from that).
- Unfetter does not link to the gravity word, but the druid (non WoP) spell.
- In Dimensional Gate the Dimensional word links to the correct place, but the Gate word links to the gate spell (non WoP).
- In Dimensional Jump the Dimensional word links to the correct place, but the Jump word links to the jump spell (non WoP).
- Corrosive Bolt has Corrosive linked to the weapon enchantment, and bolt is unlinked.
- Frost Fingers has Frost linked to the weapon enchantment, and fingers is unlinked.
- In Winter's Wrath the Winter's word links to the correct place, but the Wrath word links to the wrath spell (non WoP).

3) In words of power there are a few broken links, and word descriptors that are missing out on the link that the rest of the word has.
- Stone Wall is not linked.

4) In Words of Power - Effect - Wall Words, Stone Wall's heading is incorrectly styled.

5) In Words of Power - Effect - Acid Words, there are some incorrect durations.
- Corrosive Bolt is written as having a duration of 1 round/level, but the effect states that it only lasts for 2 rounds.
- Acid Wave is written as having a duration of 2 rounds, but the effect states that it should last for 1 round/level.

Sorry if these have already been brought up, but I didn't have time to read through the rest of the posts.


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I don't know how easy it would be to fix this, but on the mobile version the PRD has a strong tendency to scroll back to the top of a page while I'm trying to read an entry. This happens on Chrome for Android and the stock Android browser.

I was trying to scroll through various pages and every time I took my finger off the screen to read something it would stay where I was for maybe 10 seconds at the most before shooting all the way back up to the top. If I held my finger on the screen it would stay longer but would still end up back at the top of the page in short order. It kind of makes the PRD hard to use on a cell phone.

I have the same problem on my android. Scrolling down works fine, but every time I scroll a bit upwards, it pops all the way to the top of the page again.

Having the same issue on phone, strangely not on Samsung note 10.1, both on chrome browser.

Here's hoping there is a fix. It's incredibly frustrating on huge pages like feats and spell lists

I posted on this earlier -- you need to wait for the whole page to load, then it will stop doing that. Also, it seems to behave okay in Firefox.

I've tried that - it even happens after having the page open for 10 minutes.

So... Any chance that there's a stat block on the horizon? I've been playing the class using Animated Object as a base - which gives my constructs a hardness 5.
As I'm in an 'epic' party (where everyone is overly powerful) I think this is ok but I was wondering if that's how they're meant to be played or if they have some form of base armour or something?

Does this contain any content that's not included in the individual pdfs? As I've already bought a few, I'm hesitant to buy duplicates.

I agree with bulldogc's suggestion of the monster stat block style.

The update was successful, I have downloaded it and can see the changes - thanks :).

I've already grabbed Mechromancer and Rogue Alpha: just because of the awesome.

I didn't know about Tinkering 201, I'll probably have a look at it in the next few days-ish.

Thank you soo much for this awesome class!
I can't wait to try it out :) (next weekend, YAY!).

I bought it standalone - also I didn't see the new posts and updated my previous post with a P.P.S :P

Also, I can't see a sidebar - not at the beginning of the invention list, nor during/after the invention format section.
I also cannot see a sidebar near the FAQ section.
Are you referring to the two column layout? Or am I just blind?

I bought and downloaded the pdf last sunday (the 7th) and could not find anything about how many times per day the deploy automation has been used.

I thank you for adding that errata in this discussion, but I was wondering why it's still not in the document?



Aggwaa~ oogle *drool*!
Can't wait to try it out!!!


It is mentioned under Thick Armor that the automaton gets a +1 enhancement bonus to it's natural armour, does that mean that the automaton gets natural armour through some means other than inventions? Does this base ever increase?

Also, what movement type(s) does an automaton have? Automaton movement is never mentioned, however there are pictures of hovering and flying automatons in the pdf.