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Full Name

Green Beard the Pirate


Half Orc



Special Abilities

Trickery and Chaos (Protean) domains







About Green Beard the Pirate

Ahoy, landlubbers!!!

The name's Green Beard, for obvious reasons. What else'd ya call a half orc pirate?

Ah just signed on with yer Pathfinderin crew, since Besmara's luck left the crew of me last ship. Ah knew tryin' ta raid Chelish ships jus' outside th'Arch o' Aroden were bad news, but me cap'n wouldna listen. Chelish navy shows up, and ah t'was the only pirate ta get away with me life and me freedom. Just goes ta show that Besmara's listenin' to all me prayin'.

So ah hear tell that ya Pathfinderin types go 'round raidin' tombs 'n stuff fer booty all o'er Golarion. So 'stead of signin' on to 'nother pirate ship, ah figure ah'll try this raidin' on land with ye landlubbers fer a bit. Maybe save up me pennies to buy me own pirate ship, 'stead o' followin' some darn fool like me last cap'n.

But afta' ah join up, and ah hear tell that some o' these landlubbers don't wanna let me keep raidin' fer booty, like that pal'din lady. But this fella, Gueril, seems like a fella' ah kin work with, ya know?