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While there are a lot of changes I'm liking, I do not understand the point of Resonance anymore.

When the system was initially described, it was sold as: "Hey, players won't have to keep track of item uses her day anymore!" As of this article, though, we discover that not only is the resonance system going to be gumming up the use of armor, weapons, potions, and pretty much anything else you can think to do... it won't do away with item uses per day. Some items will STILL have "x times per day", which means the Resonance system is just another added layer of complication.

Pathfinder is already complicated enough with spells per day, spell books, learned spells, memorized spells, class resources per day, item uses per day, who knows how many kinds of bonuses, and an ever-expanding list of types of actions, skills, and the addition of proficiency to every aspect of the game. Now we're throwing in a universal system that every player has to keep track of just to make his magic hat work?

I'm sure that there are players out there who are not going to care, or even revel in as many layers of complexity as they can find. At my table, though, I promise this would be the first thing that would be house-ruled into a cornfield.

Or am I misunderstanding the system on a fundamental level?

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Zhayne wrote:
Spastic Puma wrote:
Intimidating Prowess shouldn't exist, and you should be able to use STR instead of CHA.
I could see Intimidate using almost any stat. A display of strength, agility, or toughness can all be just as intimidating.

I know this was done in the Conan RPG from Mongoose Publishing. I forget exactly which book it was, but a rule allowed for any stat to be used for an Intimidate skill check.

Strength - Scare them with your giant muscles.
Dexterity - Overawe them with your grace.
Constitution - Tower over them with your enormous bulk.
Wisdom - I forget...
Intellect - Forcing them to see how insignificant they are?

The details of the flavor escape me, but it was a very cool rule.

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My first experience with the Dungeons and Dragons system was with the Mongoose Publishing version of Conan that was cancelled a few years ago. In that system it was possible to make a Pirate variant whose Sneak Attack damage was changed to Precision Damage, and only applied on successful attacks of opportunity.

Then there was a feat (I believe) high up the tree that made it so any attack against you that failed provoked an Attack of Opportunity. Combined with Combat Reflexes and a high Dexterity score, I had developed a character who could effectively blender anyone who attacked him.

Now I'm looking to create an NPC who works about the same way. So far my search has been fruitless. Am I missing anything, or is this character build unavailable in Pathfinder?


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Orthos wrote:
Those three - four if you include Azathoth - I believe are full deities in Golarion/Pathfinder, and thus will not receive stats.

That makes perfect sense, thank you!

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I'm really interested in the Lovecraftian monsters in this book. My curiosity is how strict they're being with the mythology. Beings such as Cthulhu are powerful, but can be slowed down. Cthulhu is the most famous creaturein the Mythos, but he is far from "invincible". He's a reasonable CR 30, especially considering he was put back to sleep with a boat to the face. Other famous creatures of similar power I'd love to see include Ghatanothoa, Atlach-Nacha, and Hastur.

My question is, will this book consider the beings for whom Cthulhu is often considered nothing more than a high priest? I'm not sure CR 30 would cut it for some of my favorites, such as Nyarlethotep, Yog-Sothoth, or Shub-Niggruth. I mean, if anyone's stat block should read: "You Lose", it's Azathoth. ;)