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Going all the way back to the original question....

It would be silly from both a tactical and RP position to turn from the known threat to attack the non-threat, no matter how evil it detects. It's the evil it commits and not the evil it emits that should sway you.

Again, does the paladin understand that the evil creature is temporary and under the control of the summoner?

If this is in an OP event, then you finish the event and then decide if your pally will ever adventure with that character again. If this is in a home compaign, then you have a more serious problem in that your group should have been designed to work together long term.

I've never considered playing a sorceror. I'm too much in love with the multitude of mage options. Having said that, I'm looking at:

"Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell of the
charm subschool, increase the spell’s DC by +2" as part of the Infernal heritage
Spell Focus:Enchantment
'Charm Person' at first level with a DC of 20.

Of course, an actual Cha of 22 doesn't hurt things after you have already charmed someone.

Am I interpreting this correctly?:

Blood of Fiends pages 18-23 are PFS allowable presuming you hold the Tiefling Boon.

The Rakshasa-Spawn trades the standard tiefling ability mods for +2 Dex +2 Cha -2 Wis, trades the Skill modifiers for Disguise and Sense Motive, and trades the spell like ability Darkness for Detect Thoughts. Those things that aren't overwritten or specifically listed as being part of the exchange, (Fiendish Resistance, Fiendish Sorcery, and Languages), remain unchanged.

This looks straight forward to me. Is there something I'm missing?

Hiya, I just tried to call the store where this Saturday's game is supposed to be played. They said Pathfinder isn't played there anymore. Can someone tell me where they moved? I have some friends that I've convinced to come with me and now we don't know where to go :)

Does 'Fiendish Sorcery' still apply if the tiefling is Raksasha-Spawn? In other words, could I really build to an effective primary spell stat of 22 at first level?

bigwave wrote:

Agree with Russell that mustering could be improved a bit. Signage helps - that and someone with a loud voice who doesn't mind telling people where to go. I'm sure we have more than a few of those around. ;)

dave k

Hmm, Art in a costume. That would be worth seeing :)

NM, I found it in the "Additional Resources". Thanks.

Didn't I see a post Monday that said there would be clarifications posted on Wednesday regarding the PFS allowable content in BOF? Can somebody point to that?