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4 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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Miserable Old Bitty wrote:
Keep yer darn cats away from my birds!

Oh, my little Tweety can take care of himself, but just in case I showed him where I keep the box of TNT and the unsealed bucket of canary yellow paint.

Plus, you wouldn't believe how many rolling pins I can fit in my purse.

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Slips on dress, puts sun hat on, fans obviously bearded face bashfully, and adjusts melons.

Oh, my word! i sure would like to be included in this here delightful contest!

You are a true gentleman sir!

Have you seen my wittle tweety bird?

Wha- what did you do to my bird! You a%#!+@~! Can't you tell the difference between a bird in a g$$!##n cage and one running along a desert f#**ing road!

You better lawyer up there dick face!