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I'm running Hydra's Fang Incident in June, and I was thinking of making a replica of the "Harbormaster's Pass" for my players.

The scenario describes it as:

...a wooden and brass coin about the diameter of an apple and inscribed with the insignia of the Kortos Consortium. The coin serves as a harbormaster’s pass.

But I can't find an image of the Kortos Consortium insignia. From the Blogs to the Community Use images to the Shared Prep Folder I haven't been able to dig up anything.

If you know what the image is, I'd love to use it. If it doesn't exist does anyone feel creative enough to help me mock one up?

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I understand the link between module length and awarded PA. But earning just one prestige in entry level modules means having to survive two such adventures before accessing the most traditional route to self-sufficient healing:

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Very first adventure in the Beginner's Box has a dragon...
(Oops, spoiler alert!)

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I've considered getting into PvP since it would give me more of a chance to think about what I want to say before I say it. I've seen a few things online like Living Pathfinder

But I haven't seen a PFS-specific game. Let me know if you dig anything up.

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There;s this:

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I have an idea for a character who is a witch class, but thinks he is a cleric. I'll call him Max for now.

His parents were part of a nomadic Cult of Aroden, who travel Golarion looking for information on Aroden and proclaiming his eventual return.
In this environment, young Max was raised to "believe" in Aroden, and so prayed to the absent god and everything.
Something terrible happens to the cult and they are wiped out or something. Soon Max has dreams or visions of a faint ghost of Aroden visiting him and granting him magical powers. "Aroden" leads Max to his familiar (don't know which one yet, but it'll be something he fears or hates). Soon Max discovers "Aroden" has actually given him the power to perform magic spells. Like a cleric. Except instead of healing and helping, all of Max's spells seem to be harmful, so he sets out to learn how to be a threat to the enemies of humanity.
Max will always say he's a cleric of Aroden (who happens to be a de-buffer). But way way back in his mind he *knows* it's not Aroden who's giving him his powers - but he's terrified to find out who or what malevolent patron is giving him this terrible power. And he's terrified one day he'll learn why his patron hides behind the identity of a dead god.
I don't know why he's joining the Society yet, unless it's under direction from his patron.

My biggest question is are there are areas or peoples where this backstory would fit better than others? I'm not much steeped in Golarian Lore.

Also, are there any mechanics problems that need to be addressed? I think the witch class power source is vague enough that this could work.

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions you have.

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Brother Cobalt,
Simply to confirm my POV, I am also a Christ follower.
I don't believe we have any ground to stand on and say we expect people to treat us better, with more respect or love because WE are a Christian. That sounds like the prayer of a Pharisee.
Instead, it should expect that WE TREAT ALL OTHERS better, and with more respect and with more love because we are a Christian.

The only time WE can hold people accountable for their behaviour is when they profess to be Christians with their mouths but not their lives. Read through James again.

Also, as you stated, in scripture we are told we will be persecuted for our faith. It also says to consider ourselves blessed when this happens. I'm sceptical that our Lord who was beaten and crucified on the cross was talking about getting hurtful emails...but maybe I'm wrong.

It's about how we show Christ's love to others, not how we expect them to respect us -- especially considering how many "christians" have given the world good reason to doubt, fear and hate people who use that title.

It is also worth asking ourselves if WE HAVE BEEN Christ-like in our service and love of others - including friends and enemies. I can admit I have not always been good at this, and that's why there is the promise of forgiveness from God--but forgiveness from the ones we hurt must be sought from them.

If you haven't already, I would also suggest re-reading Matthew 5, especially (but NOT exclusively) verses 43-48.

Grace and peace,