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PbP Formatting:
Use present tense, and write in 3rd person.
OOC questions or commentary should always use the ooc tag.

Inquisitor Doom says, "Remember to use bold text and quotes for dialogue!"

Hopefully no one forgets to use italics for thoughts, the inquisitor muses.

When it comes to die rolls, remember to include important mods that you are using, like power attack: [dice=Perception check, busy musing]1d20 + 3-2[/dice]

Dice roller doesn't work in the campaign header, but you get the idea.

My PbP Expectations:

Have a complete statblock in your profile.
You should be able to run your character from your profile. If you need your physical character sheet in front of you to handle your character, it’s not a complete profile. I have no problem with you applying to a game prior to your profile being completed. However, when the game begins, your profile should be ready.

Have a header.
I should be able to see your initiative mod, AC, Current HP, saves, and active conditions at the very least in your header. This is my preferred header format. However, as long as you have the minimum items in your header, I won’t get too picky.

Strange Character Abilities.
Is your character built around a strange combination/ability? Do you have the ability to do something unusual? Is your character built around something that has table variation?

Let me know before it becomes an issue in game. This way, I can learn about it ahead of time. If its something I need a ruling on, I can research it and try to give you a fair ruling.

Post Regularly:
I should be the slowest poster in the group. I expect one post per weekday and at least one post over the weekend. If you are going to be unavailable for a few days, let the group know ahead of time and we’ll handle it. If need be, I may bot you are you may just wander along.

I understand life can get in the way and will work with you within reason. I myself go mountain and rock climbing every few months. If you just disappear for an extended period of time without warning, I may replace you.

I use google drawing and google slides for maps. I expect you to handle moving your character. I realize there are times when one is unable to move their piece due to posting via phone. In your post, please specify your desired movement so someone else can move you.

I am well-versed in the rules. However, I’m not perfect. If you feel I made a mistake, don’t hesitate to let me know. Do so in either the discussion thread or a PM.

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